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    posted a message on Life on Hit and Attack Speed?
    I got a simple question for the experienced Diablo 3 players;

    Does Life on Hit increase/decrease based on your weapon's attack speed, or is it always the same regardless of weapon speed?

    I am looking for a new set of weapons for my characters (Hell levels) and i wanna make sure i get a good amount of Life on Hit stat since i mostly do public multi-player games (where monsters are really tough).

    However, if Life on Hit is the same regardless of your weapon's attack speed, then getting 2 weapons with maximum attack speed seems the most suitable for using Life on Hit stat?
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    posted a message on Rookie barbarian looking for some advice.
    Thank you for awesome replies :)

    If anyone has any more answers or suggestions, please do post em :)
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    posted a message on Rookie barbarian looking for some advice.
    My barbarian just reached Hell difficulty and i am getting pretty much owned.
    I read guides on official forum and diablofans (as well as some videos), but i would still like to see more information from the experienced barbarians around here :)
    Instead of posting my gear and what-not, i would like to ask you veteran barbarians some questions, so i can understand this class better..

    What are the advantages of using a 2 handed weapon?
    What are the advantages of using two 1 handed weapons?
    What are the advantages of using a 1handed+shield, aside from more armor?
    Of the 3 above weapon comboes, which does the best in Hell/Inferno, and why?

    Is there a specific point when Life Leach (life steal?) becomes better than Life on Hit, or is Life on Hit still superior?
    Having 2 weapon gem slots when dual wielding (compared to one gem when using a 2handed) seems unbalanced to me, or am i missing something?

    How do abilities like Cleave, Whirlwind, Furious Charge, Seismic Slam, Rend (and all the others) scale when using a 2 handed weapon, and how do they scale when using two 1 handed weapons?

    I am fairly new to the barbarian class, but to me it seems that pretty much all barb's abilities do much more damage if you are using a 2 handed weapon (for the same time and fury cost) - especially abilities like Rend and Seismic Slam?

    To me it looks like that 2 handed weapons are oriented in favor of using strong abilities, while using two 1 handed weapons seems like it is meant for "auto attackIng" (cleave/frenzy/bash) enemies to death - or am i wrong?
    I am really confused about which abilities scale better with 2handed and which go better with dual wielding?

    Thank you for reading and helping out!
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Patch Coming Soon
    My PC has a 6+ years old Intel CPU, 3GB of RAM and my GPU is NVidia 460.
    I am able to run Diablo 3 at medium/high settings without any issues.

    A friend of mine has a 2010/11 PC with an AMD CPU and GPU - and he is having a lot of issues like stuttering.
    To me this looks like a problem with AMD components, which is very common these days (battlefield, skyrim etc...).
    Although AMD is known for having very bad software/drivers, perhaps you will find a solution on their website.
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