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    Quote from Zakaz

    Such a shame I can't give more than +1 to this post.

    I did it for you :D

    That said, I do agree. Runewords were the devil, and the bane of many an honest player. What I wouldn't mind, though, would be Rune-equivalent "Power Stones" or some such. They wouldn't be massive, strictly equal to Tier 6 or weaker affixes (you know, the same one +58 to a stat falls into) and be unique within each item (so no stacking three on a chest piece), but it would just be more interesting than seeing sockets and thinking of them as just base stats. Heck, you could even restrict each of these power stones to slots which could normally hold the affix, and it would still be a wonderful thing.

    Take for example, right now a Radiant Star Emerald is the only real choice for a weapon (unless you REALLY need LOH for some reason)... but what would happen if a socketed wand could add a couple points of APoC? Resource abilities, lifesteal, CC affixes, Crit rate, Indestructable, Resists, technique affixes, and quite a few others might just prove to be interesting alternatives. Always on the lower end of the spectrum, of course, you'll never be able to make a 70 Resist-All Stone (though you might just get 15, or 25 to a specific resist)

    Let me reiterate: these WILL NOT be able to combine into runewords (not that the 2-3 character ones were very much good anyway), and will never grant an otherwise-unusable ability to anyone. With all of that, though, all the mats needed for them are already in-game (just use the existing crafting mats, and you're golden). It can work.
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    Quote from Kblavkalash

    Holy...... So they completely nerfed WD's to the ground. Everyone who was using zombie bears of bats as main attack gonna start using some crappy skill as splinters and that means overall dps output will be much lower.

    I can't believe this sh*t..

    Here's the thing, though, I vastly prefer tossing a Spider Queen every 30 seconds (or a non-Splinter Dart every 10-ish) than keeping 4 of my 6 skills on cooldown at all times. It means that I can actually use my main cooldowns, and perhaps play with other spammables, instead of having to keep them all locked down.

    I am REALLY a fan of this, if it wasn't obvious. I can go back to my hounds, back to my Slam Dance, back to having two attacks instead of just one offensive... perhaps even back to the Horde of Doom (Hounds-Garg-Army-Handler-Fortitude). I'll just have to play with it for a while to see how it runs.

    To answer the topic question, the five-cooldown builds are gone for good. Good riddance.
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    I know for fact that a vocal few will be disappointed, pretty much no matter what Blizz does. For myself, as long as the changes step in the right direction and keep WDs relatively in step with the other classes (or slightly better on improvements, since they're the least-played class), I'll be happy. Lots of ways to do it, and any one (or two, or seven) of them will end up net positive for the class as a whole.
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