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    posted a message on Is possible to add PvP to the game? YES!

    The only way i'd enjoy PVP in this game would probably have to be a very PVE oriented way. Something like hero/tower line wars maps from Wc3 where you send units (in this case demons etc.) at your opponents until they kill them and or enough get through.

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    posted a message on Headphone Suggestions

    I'm using the Steelseries Siberia Elite Prism (long enough name for ya?) they're also a great headset i'd reccomend, even over astros that i've owned.

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Stream...failing at it, it seems!
    Quote from Synapse88»

    Hey Synapse88 here, i have been streaming on Twitch since February. I started streaming Diablo 3 shortly before Season 3. I have a total of 37 followers on twitch and I gain 1-2 new followers a week if that. I'm not begging people to come watch my stream for pity but more along the lines of what can I do different. There are roughly 30-40 different Diablo 3 streams going on at once maybe more, so when I start streaming I'm way at the bottom of the list. My wife supports me and is always in my stream boosting me up to 2 viewers instead of 1. (I know there are lots of grammar errors within this, please don't judge or hate on that I know internet trolls who love to bash on people who are horrible with grammar.) Back to my rant ( lol ), so please helpful tips would be great also anyone think maybe I should switch to Hitbox I am not sure if I should considering how small the viewer counts are. I actively post on twitter my handle is @synapse_88 and my twitch link is www.twitch.tv/synapse88 please check me out some time. Also please give helpful tips not useless internet bashing thanks so much!


    First off, the part you're gonna hate most. Use multiple paragraphs when you're typing something like that, it looks like a big boring block of text especially with lots of ()'s in it.

    As for the streaming thing, you gotta keep at it, switching to Hitbox might help but remember their viewership is also lower than Twitchs'. I can tell ya now I've never been to Hitbox to just check out random streamers (not that I really do it with twitch much either but every now and again).

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    posted a message on Morticks Still dropping on console
    Quote from bologna89»

    Wasnt actually trolling, I thought i had the right answer

    You did somewhat, as you are on console. Your characters and everything are indeed not connected to Blizzard and are able to play offline due to them being locally stored. However this does have a problem when Blizzard deploys Hotfixes as consoles don't have a real way of putting Hotfixes out like PC does. The following might help you if any of it applies to you.

    Please note that since these changes were deployed as a console hotfix as opposed to a full client patch, there are some key differences of which players should be aware.

    Parental Controls:
    PlayStation 4 users who are Parentally Restricted will not receive these hotfixes. In order to modify Parental Control settings for the PS4 console, please refer to Sony's Support Sites:

    PS4: https://support.us.playstation.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5097/~/ps4-parental-controls

    New Gaming Sessions:
    On the PS4 and Xbox One, users may be required to play online* in order for the hotfix to be saved between gaming sessions. Ultimate Evil Edition games created on one of these consoles while offline may not have these hotfixes enabled.

    On the PS4, users will only need to download and install the hotfix file once while signed into their Playstation Network account. After the hotfix file has been downloaded and installed, no additional steps will be required. The hotfix will remain active even if subsequent games are created offline.
    *It is important to note that this is not a change to Ultimate Evil Edition’s optional offline play mode. Ultimate Evil Edition games created on Xbox One which were previously hotfixed, but are no longer connected online can still be played as normal, but without the hotfix change.

    Users on both platforms must be signed into their respective PlayStation Network or Xbox Live accounts to be eligible for hotfixes (PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are not required, however). The hotfixes will automatically download in the background when you progress to Ultimate Evil Edition’s Main Menu.

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    posted a message on Morticks Still dropping on console
    Quote from Sewiru»

    It's hotfixed on PC, but not on console.

    It was actually day one on PC but Hotfixed on console.

    "To correct this, we recently issued a hotfix for PS4 and XB1 to disable Mortick's Brace from dropping. This hotfix is now live for both platforms in all regions. (Please note that the hotfix will not remove any existing Mortick's Braces from players' inventories; it will only prevent new versions of the item from dropping.) We may revisit this item in a later patch."

    It shouldn't be dropping on console anymore but there was some setting that could have stopped the hotfix from getting you I remember them saying.

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    posted a message on The Tale of Mortick's Brace
    Quote from silvah1337»


    How we Barbs feel right now :(

    Don't understand why they removed the bracers, They where not that powerful. Or?

    I donno man, I got lucky enough to get a pair of them yesterday on console before they were removed... and they are kinda lifechanging (as in you live when you are in WOTB)

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    posted a message on Datamined - Selfies...
    Quote from Doez»

    Don't discount the stupid crap people beg for, even though it should be obvious for April Fool's Day. With its implementation in WoW, don't write-off the idea of it creeping into D3 with enough crying from the masses. I sure as hell don't want it though.

    It's one of those simply don't use it things if you don't like it. Like the Auction house you didn't have to use RMAH or otherwise. For the most part the back end of the twitter system is put in place anyways and would just need to be changed slightly to work with Diablo.

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    posted a message on Would anyone want to help me level up my character?
    Quote from AlucardTnuoc»

    PC, xbox, US, EU, Asian.

    These are some things we need o know.

    I'm assuming PC since he gave his battletag, this is posted in the NA Looking for group as well so you should have all the info ya need :)

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    posted a message on Money money mooooneeeeey
    Quote from vinnehehe»
    Im starting to believe there are no grifts on console....

    That would be partially true and partially false depending on what console you are playing on as well as the version of Diablo 3 you have purchased.

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    posted a message on Kadala is not based on RNG?
    Quote from Bernardo79»

    Bad troll is bad...

    Glad we're all on the same page here.

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    posted a message on Male Barb is Gay?

    I'm not entirely sure you understand the meaning of gay.

    Homosexual =/= crossdresser.

    With that said, it's not odd in games for pieces of legends of past's armor to come into the hands of a player. In case of a barbarian wearing a powerful piece of armor granting great strength... who gives a flying fuck if it was originally meant for a female if it fits wear it... better than a loin cloth.

    For a real world example a shipping box is meant for shipping... not a cat bed but IF IT FITS IT SITS.

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    posted a message on Josh Mosqueira rift boss :D
    Quote from Chia_Like
    first time i've ever seen anything like this, anyone else had this?
    Google tells me it's legit and is just a very rare occurrence. Apparently get a FoS for it.
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    posted a message on Good going Blizzard.
    I'm completely missing the part where they took out the campaign and you could no longer do it in seasons or.... are you choosing not to do it and instead doing adventure mode.

    It sounds much like the later and honestly like everyone else is saying here we have played the campaign easily 10+ times each especially players who played more during launch to get through normal/nightmare/hell/inferno on multiple classes. I really don't want to be forced in doing it again.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition PS4
    PSN: EsgVyce

    Could use friends who actually play enough to get me gifts :P as well as people to play with.
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    posted a message on Tasker and Theo
    Quote from AeneasBK

    All credit to ArchGaden for the thread on US forums : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/13021802473

    The Tasker and Theo gloves (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tasker-and-theo) get their name from a pair of true heroes.
    "Theo DM (2009–2011), was an English Springer Spaniel who served as a bomb detection dog for the British Army whilst stationed in Afghanistan. His handler, Lance Corporal Liam Tasker, was killed in March 2011, and Theo died hours after, following a seizure. The pair had set a new record for bomb finds during their time on deployment. Theo was awarded the Dickin Medal, also known as the animals' Victoria Cross, in 2012."
    Words cannot describe how awesome that is. Thanks for that Blizzard. And thanks Tasker and Theo, for being awesome and saving lives.
    Found it interesting; anyone know of any other named items with real world relevance?
    While I don't know of any in the Diablo universe. World of Warcraft is however filled with them.

    With that said, this is another awesome thing Blizzard has done to commerate things forever in video games.
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