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    So, everyone keeps talking about how blizz knew about this during the PTR and did nothing about it, but can anyone post an actual link to a PTR post that mentions this? or maybe even a link to some high traffic forum somewhere that mentions it? I only see a flood of posts recently, none during the PTR time. The oldest thing i see on the forums mentioning any exploit is on 4/02 and that post doesnt even mention blood shards.

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    +1000 to this! I tried the audio thing and it helped about 10 frames or so but was still sitting under 25 in combat. Im thinking its either the trilinear filtering or the hardware class. Whichever it is, i dont drop below 50 now! Yay!
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    So in an effort to help other players avoid scam trades, I spent an hour or so whipping up a quick page that allows you to post a user that others can rate if they had a good experience or not, with the results of likes/dislikes right there. I started it off by adding myself. Since i rarely trade with people, feel free to like/dislike me all you want.. Although you can only like or dislike a user once.

    This is a pretty simple page atm but thats partially because I wanted it to be, and I only had an hour or so today to work on it. All you do is just submit a users btag and then you can like or dislike once it gets approved. There are no comments currently because I didnt see a need for someone to say why they liked/disliked a trade, but if enough people like this then I may add it later.

    To reduce the number of trolls and people trying to mess with it, I am limiting the number of players you can submit to 5 (temporarily). I also have it set up to be approved by me(also temporarily). I will check and approve legit entries very regularly for the next few days. Once there is a good number of submissions, I will probably remove the approval.

    If there is enough interest, I plan to make it look a little nicer and add some more features. If you run into any errors or have any questions/suggestions. Feel free to post here!

    Page is here: http://enspired.us/d3bay/index.php
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    posted a message on Trolling friends on Diablo 3

    Quote from Valaran

    Quote from Diktat

    I second that... wat?
    ... What the hell?

    Im going to assume its cause we aren't as stoned
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    Yeah i just ignore the user reviews. I don't really care about the critic ones either but they rate much more fairly. I too was a bit irritated at first that i couldnt play for the first day but I also know I would be able to soon and could live with that.
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