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    Hey man I have a really important question to ask. Im 100% not judging your knowledge because this is an outstanding guide.. Im just wondering why resolve over transcendence ?? As of right now Im not at the 800+ mark for LoH more like.. 500.. BUT.. i feel like its essential for me to have that heal per spirit spent to survive sometimes.

    I would love to hear your reasoning! Thanks for this guide man its been super helpful.
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    Alright guys.. so as you all know there is no defined way to play as of yet. Im sure were getting closer and closer everyday to some theory crafter figuring out the perfect numbers BUT as of now I havnt been able to find that.

    I would love for some of you other tanking monks in Hell or even Inferno to look at my build and let me know what I should potentially be doing differently or what you would swap.

    Heres the Build:

    I feel like my passives are solid because I feel like I am out of spirit quite often and I have RIDICULOUS AS with two 1H weapons and fists of thunder. But I would much rather be using the Resists Passive and maybe the Self Healing Passive. Also not to sure if I should be using a different mantra like dodge or conviction.. but once again the extra Spirit regen and Life regen is amazing.

    As far as gear goes. I stack nothing but Dex and Vitality and have two 1H with 100+ Dex and Vitality on both.

    Overall stats are as follows.

    24000 HP
    1900 DPS
    2200 Armor

    I feel like my DPS is a little low but.. im only lvl 51 and am sure to get better gear as I progress through hell.

    So far.. with this build I honestly can tank pretty much everything with the exception of some stupid rares with walling or jailing because you just cant get out of their damage if shit turns for the worst.

    Thanks for any input!
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