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    from the beginning of time to the end of time!

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    the holy damage you are talking about is the elemental type of the weapons damage. if you roll it away you will literally do no damage at all.

    You should not do it. In general the type of element can be neglegted. There are only some cases where this is important.

    The only way to have int dmg% and CDR and a socket on a weapon is to use ramaladni's gift to get a free socket, thus you have 3 free stat slots + the weapon damage.

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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack
    Quote from AtACarnivorus»

    Quote from PupkynV»

    Quote from AtACarnivorus»

    So if I want to compare real DPS change of my char when i decide which item is better for me, I have to leave Diablo and use 3rd party tool - d3 planner, and it`s legit, but if i`ll get the same info from thud overlay - i`m a cheater.
    That`s because of useless ingame UI i see many novices with crazy low real DPS and crazy high ui-displayed DPS, and they can`t get the point why I`m oneshotting everything while they don`t do any damege at all.

    That's right. That's the legal way.

    Although you are on the same side as the TOS you see that this stance is incredibly shallow minded right?
    because its one thing to defend from this position if you truly think that is how it should be.
    If you think its a cheat because its not on par with the rules statet in the TOS - thats ok
    but if you think it is a real difference (independed from what the TOS says) to get information in an overlay or via a 3rd party web site , then i just cannot follow you.
    As someone else said, the fact that its realtime for these particular stats is irrelevant because you would only check those stats in town - nothing gained grift wise.

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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack

    the map hack is the most important and only tool in grifts which helps to clear it significantly faster

    You can so much easier judge if its worth to spend time killing the mobs on the screen or not . that saves actually time in grifts.

    All other stuff is eye candy which nobody really needs. except for maybe the elite affix stuff + the danger circles for ground effects.

    I agree with you that not all components of thud are a cheat. However the one which is clearly a cheat - the map hack - helps the most.

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    look.. we are not arguing pro cheating. we are trying to discuss and analyze how we could make botting less attractive thats all.

    why do you want to stop this discussion?

    guess iam talking against a wall with some people here..

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    but i want my stuff :D

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    posted a message on when seasons ends: a bunch of questions

    follower stay on the followers which equipped them. they are part of the character and those get converted to non season - as does the follower.

    Only items in stash get send via mail

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    posted a message on From Paragon 38 to 1800+ in 1 Normal Rift....

    lol rencol is trolling.

    there is no thing like flagging account as hacker

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    iam totally on your side bagstone, however others have other oppinions.

    Your argument is undeniably correct - and i cannot see me not agree with this argument - and its implication, that it's hard for me to understand how others can ignore this problem or argument against it.

    This seems to be the case for you also since you wouldn't repeat yourself ;)

    The problem is many people cant see more than their own little world. If its not affecting them (by not pushing leader boards) the argument is invalid. That is their point of view and how we perceive it. However what they really mean is: is does not affect them and thus they dont care.

    You cannot help someone who does not want to be helped. He cannot see his advantage in changing the situation. So why try to convince a lost cause?

    You made your point, its valid.

    But sadly its really not affecting the larger part of the playerbase. So , yes, the problem is not realized in the major part of the community so blizzard does not think its a problem.

    Just take hearthstone as an example: i !think! that every registred user in this board has at least played hearthstone, and 50% who are regular posters have also been rank 20 or higher in hearthstone.

    However with rank 20 you already are better than 50% of all players.

    So with this in mind, how representative is the discussion in this board in relation to the playerbase? non existent.

    And even here its only a few people who are saying its affecting them.

    That is because one reason: There are only a few people competing for the high ranks really doing this extreme paragon farming.

    I would say that its not more than 500-1000 people globally who are really trying it.

    How i get my number? Each leaderboard has 1000 places, 80% of them are happy with rank 200 >1000

    why 80%? well because iam easy 200 and i dont care to do more.

    Its not like i have a chance with a job and a girlfriend etc etc.

    Would I like a chance to be participating in the top 200 ? yes of course. But this is not because the game is limiting my possibilities.

    Time is the limiting factor now.

    And paragon gives people with time an advantage.

    Thats all thats to say. D

    Ultimatley this thread is about changing the game in a way to give people with a real life the opportunity to compete in d3.

    Bagstone, its us who are whining that there is a problem with paragon, not them being ignorant of a problem.

    We care, but we cannot totaly forget our own advantage. I already said, its a problem but would you still see this as a Problem if you had 24 /h a day for playing d3? you would jump the advantage train at level dem shit outta dose paragons:D

    I would..

    So if you say: why are all people ignoring this problem, ask yourself. would it be still your problem if your personal circumstances changed? (e.g having no real life anymore)

    So its not a flaw of the game, but a result in the inequality of reallife - everybody has different amount of times.

    That being sad:

    its all not counting in bots. BOTTING HAS TO DISSAPPEAR.

    But this problem still exists without botting., but without botting i wouldnt see it as a problem. Because well if gabynator had to be 24h before his pc since theres no botting, he would forget to eat, that would be nice.

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    posted a message on The terrible lag on Blizzard's servers!!

    i guarantee you that there will be no patch to resolve this before the next season, because its not easy to fix.

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