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    posted a message on Blizzard is ramping up efforts, yet another Banwave on US Servers

    Thud had features which I would love to see in the game, XP/H, DPS/DPM, Damage calculations for skills.

    Blizzard is very strict about not wanting to provide players with extra tools, their in-game Toughness and DPS calculation is often terrible for new players. You see people stack it their DPS to 2m, but they do less than 1/5th the damage of someone knowing to stack particular items and have a sheet dps of 500k.

    Bliz should look into what GGG (Devs of Path of Exile), adding features of the popular HUD into their game because they saw players WANTED them. Yes, within reason they shouldn't add things like Map hacks or tools that track mods locations on the map. But compromise, look at what things would benefit the game.

    And before anyone attempts to accuse me, I don't use THUD. I can just acknowledge that various features would be a nice QoL update.

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    posted a message on Account banned when i've never used 3rd party software
    Quote from PALSTERNAKKA»

    It wont. They are not going to unban anybody no mather what. I guess hes point was to spread awerness about what is happening.

    We are in the situation where anything can get you banned and theres nothing you can do.

    Num lock can get you banned (read the automate part TOS),

    Playing in same group with somebody who uses cheat can get you banned. (their Exploitation Policy says :

    Accounts participating in exploitative behavior are suspended or closed based on the severity of the offense.)

    Hell there is even the part that says they dont need any reason..



    Num lock causes your game to spam a button while you do nothing. You can walk away and it will still go off without ANY interaction.
    Playing in a group where someone exploits say, xp/blood goblins/gold is where you get banned along with them, I've played with botters and found out later because they're banned but my acc is still fine.
    No shit, if you're exploiting bugs you'll get banned, with the recent firebirds bug I noticed what was happening and went back to tal-rasha because risking my acc for something that was clearly broken isn't something i wish to take.
    The part about any reason is more to say that if you ask why you're banned they do not need to explain it to you. Yes they COULD ban you for just logging in... but that is so unlikely you're better off just buying lotto tickets.
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    posted a message on From Paragon 38 to 1800+ in 1 Normal Rift....
    Quote from eple»

    Just like pc version is infested with cheaters of all kinds, bots, huds, d3helpers and whatnots.

    Except on PC, if you join a public game the worst you'll find is a botter which you can report and potentially get banned. While if you play on console, if you join someones game you risk having your paragon increased to the extremes.
    It's absurd to say "just play with friends" if you don't want it to affect you, why don't people use the same shit with PC version when people use a HuD or bot "oh well, just don't join public games"
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    posted a message on broken promises; what does "consectuive non-critical hits" mean.
    Quote from dragonold103»

    ok, well I been using the ring but I do like 10-20 critical hits and I still don't get the 100% critical damage.

    I guess it base off what the game think, when I should get the 100% Critical damage.

    You seem to be confused, the ring doesn't give you 100% crit damage, it increases your crit CHANCE from what ever % to 100. So if you only crit 5% of the time, when it procs you gain 95% crit chance for a total of 100%, so you will ALWAYS land a crit while the buff is active.
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    posted a message on Possible way to solve botting

    OCR - Optical character recognition, has existed for a very very long time and is VERY effective.

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    posted a message on Paragon 10000!
    Quote from Skelos_bg
    where you can actually have fun with your friends instead of grinding that X paragon levels per day like a mad man to use this for 1 week before end of season/era.
    You really shouldn't try to dictate what others consider fun.
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    posted a message on PvP in Hardcore.

    Would be awesome, I would play a season if PvP on HC ment death

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    posted a message on Best way to farm paragon levels in 2.3?

    Fastest way is Grifts, with 4 players.

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    posted a message on Death's breath goblin maybe?
    Quote from RRenaissance»

    Quote from Alexander_2306»

    Has anyone ever wondered why unique mobs dont drop Deaths Breaths? Maybe let them drop more then a regular elite, they are unique after all..

    I've been wondering about this as well. Maybe it's because they usually pose less of a challenge compared to elite packs?

    Mostly it's because bots would farm the easier purples that always spawn and take like 10 seconds to get to.

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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo
    Quote from Willemh»

    Quote from Skelos_bg»

    Quote from Willemh»

    Nah, I simply do not believe that Blizzard can't detect and ban the large majority of bots if they would make it one of their priorities. The thing is, they dont. Apearantly they feel the issue isn't important enough to spend sufficient resources on. That is the key issue. Not the fact that any of these bots are undetectable. Believing that is just plain stupit.

    If the bot is written good, there is no way a software could detect it. In online poker for example there were major problems with bots generating more than a million from rakeback (percent of money a player receives based on the generated rake) while being breakeven (breakeven means the bot doesn't win or lose anything with rake included). And guess how they caught them: The other players suspected it, observing and seeing identical patterns in the bots play style. And we are talking about a lot of money here, not the desire of some dude to be part of a leaderboard with nicknames. So catching bots is very hard. And if the bot is custom made, you can forget about catching it at all.

    The design of Diablo 3 should not give botters any advantage over the normal pool of players. That's the only way.

    Ye ok, funny man. How are you comparing a bot thats written by 2 guys in their spare time in a few weeks time with a super sophisticated poker bot.
    You know how companys like Riot, valve and the game smite countered Map hacks, by hiding crucial information from the client so that nobody can see it unless the server sends that specific information. Same shit is being done with bots, long gone are the days where downloading something provided the entire package. Authentication and encryption is how they hide a lot of the workings of a bot.

    Some bots still use injection, which CAN be detected, if they find the method of which they're hooking into the client. The problem with this, is so many things actually attach to the client, one way you can see this is load up cheatengine, it automatically hooks into all programs and when you start WoW up, it is detected and you're told to close it. But you can't do that if it doesn't actually write to the memory that is actively scanned.

    I know a few Runescape bots that use a method called Reflection, where it literally is a very advance color bot that clicks on specific colors and has ZERO interaction with the game besides that.

    It's not just an easy throw money to find solutions. Looking at patterns COULD lead to banning bots, but any smart person wouldn't bot 20+ hours a day for 4 weeks straight.
    Just look at the most popular bot for WoW, blizzard had to take them to court to attempt to shut down the program because they have so much trouble detecting. They used some hotspot methods which caught people in MoP but that was quickly fixed and botters were back again. They caught people in WoD because of the rotation bots and kick bots which have inhuman reaction times (~50ms reaction to kick).

    It's just not as easy as people think it is, throwing money at it won't solve it. I'll look forward to you actually scripting, implementing and showing the results of these so called easy methods to detect bots.
    [tinfoil]It's so easy guys, even a chimp can do it, but clearly bli$$ are just lazy![/tinfoil]
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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo
    Quote from Willemh»

    Quote from AlucardTnuoc»

    Also ITT, people expect not to be banned for obviously abusing a bug. Lesson learned, if you want to "see" what an exploit can do, watch youtube vids or streamers who decide they want to roll the dice with their accounts.

    Check playtime this season, if more then 20 hours/day over the average of 4 weeks, instaban. Check sessions for keyboard input, if 10+ hours without a single minute without keyboard input, instaban. Monitor movement in town, if running the exact same pattern from the vendor, to the rift portal, to the blacksmith, to kadala for 10+ times in succession, instaban. Monitor targeting inside rifts, if never 'miss-clicking' air instead of a monster for 1+ hour, instaban. Monitor the use of potions, if never using a potion above a certain treshold for 100+ potion usages in a row, instaban. Monitor the use of certain skills, if never using skills like smokescreen of spirit walk above a certain health treshold for 100+ usages in a row, instaban. Monitor movement in specific rift maps, if taking the exact same route at the start of certain maps, 100+ times in a row, instaban.

    This are just things I can think of in 5 minutes of brainstorming. You simply have to find the things a human can't do and a bot can. If you would put an actual team on it to work on it for a week you could come up with so many more factors that show non-human behaviour. If you're telling me blizzard cant write that, then I have to respectfully disagree with you. They could, they simply decide not to put effort into it.

    Banning someone because they play too much is out of the question... who are you to say "oh gee, this guy plays to much, must ban him" Also, not hard to script in a god damn pause for bots, simple wait function with a random integer.
    I would be banned for the "always pressing keys", I've gone 14+ hours for 3 days in a row when the season started. It's easily done if you don't drink too much liquid.
    After I finish a rift, I always close, salvage/repair, kadala(after 3-4 rifts), ID, salvage, deposit, open new rift. I would be banned.
    Targeting can be done with shift clicking, which doesn't require you to actually aim at a monster to hit them with it...

    Thresholds for abilities/potions have a "use between 50%-70%" Instantly counters all of those points.
    When I get particular rifts, I take the SAME path, Bots are more likely to take a more randomized pathing due to well, not wanting to trigger hotspots, something they already do in WoW which bots already counter by having randomized waypoints.
    Anything a human can do, a bot can be programmed to do. What you're suggesting would catch so many false positives that it's not worth the time to sift through it all. People generally don't grasp what is actually needed to catch bots/cheats but will always complain or tinfoil their opinions as to why blizzard isn't doing it.
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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo

    ITT people assume it's easy to detect 3rd party software but aren't able to offer their solutions. If you think it's easy, write the software yourself and prove it, make some big $$.

    Also ITT, people expect not to be banned for obviously abusing a bug. Lesson learned, if you want to "see" what an exploit can do, watch youtube vids or streamers who decide they want to roll the dice with their accounts.

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    posted a message on Broken Promises struggles with any build

    You have to sacrifice really strong stats if you don't run BP, both rings/necks are the main concern, much rather run BP and have CDR/CHD/ELE on neck than to replace one of those with CHC.

    Also, pushing 61-62 with BP and I still need a better fist, 2.1k with 80% palm.

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    posted a message on Soft Cap on Resistances?

    Res/ar have DR, the more you have, the less it reduces damage per point. This is why Res is so strong on armour characters and vice-versa.

    With your Barb, you're waste set already reduces damage by 40%, and with the nice regen from WW and rend, you get all that health back easily.

    Different playstyles, different strengths.

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    posted a message on wtf?!?! plvl req for torment difficulties...
    Quote from pricecut»

    My only problem with this change is that Paragon level does not equal gear. RNG = gear. This season I reached para 257 with my barb and still couldn't handle T3 because I just couldn't get anything to drop. I could go into a TX game, but i'd be useless because RNG just didn't work out. It is why I stopped playing this season because i was frustrating being stuck against such a stupid wall that literally only LUCK could fix.

    Not sure if you know, but you can do T6 with crafted yellows... So no, you're not completely stuck behind RNG drops. Do rifts, bloodstones - kadala for targeted upgrades which help smooth out the "This item won't drop" problem.

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