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    Quote from GT4

    Besides the OP having ridiculous gear, here's something to consider:
    Diablo is actually one of the bosses with the lowest auto attack DPS in the game. Most DHs don't know this but if you ever did Diablo on a melee character, you'd know his DPS (and moreso his damage per swing) is actually lower than that of quite a few trash mobs, even non-elite ones. It was obvious you'd eventually replace SS with SP once you have the defensive stats, but it's still not permanent while farming and more importantly, it doesn't allow you to tank high damage enemies and especially not affixes either.

    A small comparison:
    Using my Monk and a full tank build (even though I'm not usually doing Diablo with a full tank build - since he hits like a wet noodle I usually do him with a full DPS DW build), he hits me for roughly ~8-12k in P1. There's quite a few trash mobs in Act 3/4, especially when rare or champion, that can straight-out one-shot me (with ~36k HP) using the same build.

    After the patch, it may also work out well for champion/rare packs. However it also needs to unless you want to farm ridiculous repair costs.

    Diablo's DPS is fairly low this is true. He does hit somewhat hard though. There are certainly mobs that hit harder than he does, like the pony's who hit for about 2x his damage. I can still tank those with gloom up. My gear has also gotten a lot better since that video. With my cooldowns popped I can usually tank longer than my monk friend, who is full tank specced at 63k hp, 2k+ hph, can't recall resistance or armor, but he can usually tank everything in the game without taking any damage with the exception of beams/firechains/fire. Obviously you cannot tank everything.

    You are also very correct about the next patch. Mobs are going to hit for less, but still 1 shot glass cannons. Glass cannons can no longer have Tyriel kill stuff they can't kill. I guarantee you my repair costs are much lower than glass cannons as well.

    Also sorry for not responding to questions, I thought this thread died :(.
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    Mark Diablo and use Bat for hatred regen, so you spend the majority of your time shooting rapid fire.
    The reason I picked entangling shot is because of the amount of hatred regen you get. I think it takes about 6 - 7 shots to get full hatred back.
    Use shadow power anytime you are about to take damage.
    Use shadow power when the clones spawn. They hit harder than Diablo does.
    Right Click the boss.

    Rapid Fire:
    Rapid Fire works very strangely with Gloom. When I first used it, it felt like the leech wasn't working at all, so I scrapped this build. I would just use gloom while using rapid fire and I wouldn't regen any health at all. I thought to myself, "Yay for Blizzard, another broken/bugged skill". Later on I did some act 4 with rapid fire with the piercing rune and I noticed something strange. If you use rapid fire after gloom you get the leech, but you also keep it for as long as you are channeling it. For example if I use rapid fire for 30 seconds after using gloom you will maintain 20% life leech even after gloom has gone. It seems like it counts the entire channel of Rapid Fire as one shot. After that I revisited my idea of using it on bosses with ballistics. SS is kind of crappy now and night stalker seems really nice with decent crit chance, and super fast attacks. Put that together and you got yourself a cheesy build for killing bosses.

    Story Mode:
    Going through the game as a Demon Hunter, has always been very scary. You never know what is going to one shot you next. The fallen, the flying sprer, the random bird, or half the time you don't even know what you died to.

    Because of this, I decided to make my demon hunter as tanky as possible, so I never had to run back for 1 minute at a time, to a probably reset blue or yellow pack again. Don't get me wrong, I still die, but no where near as much as in the past. I can actually use potions, and my mercenary is a very good healer.

    At first building resistances, armor, and life was very discouraging.It just seemed to have no effect, but I kept on going in hopes of some sort of returns. When I survived my first fallen hit I was filled with joy. Then came surviving a spear throw, and a fireball. That made my day. The biggest survival I can think of is the birds, that used to hit me for 160k damage. They hit me for about 15-25k now. As I was going through this, I realized why not give my old friend Shadow Power and Gloom a try on Diablo. It took a few tries to get the timings and other things right. My dps is still not where I want it to be, I am still using a bow I got about 1 or 2 weeks ago. Most of my gear is worth more than my bow, which is really sad.

    On a side note, its always nice to tank mobs longer than actual tanks :P.

    Entangling Shot / Justice is Served
    Rapid Fire / Fire Support
    Preparation / Focused Mind
    Marked For Death / Mortal Enemy
    Companion / Bat Companion
    Shadow Power / Gloom
    Passives: Archery / Ballistics/ Night Stalker

    Life: 53712
    Resistances: 602/572/606/672/605/572
    Life Steal / Life per Hit: 0
    Life per Second: 89
    DPS (Non SS, Merc or Steady Aim) 73577.6
    Dexterity / Dodge: 2404 / 44.04%
    Armor / Damage Reduction: 3547 / 54.18%
    Health Globe: 5440!!!

    Coming Soon

    Q: Do you have gloves and rings with IAS/resist/dex/vit!?
    A: I wish I had those gloves that are on the ah for 50-60 million with IAS/Crit Hit/Dex/All Resist/Vit, My gloves are missing the attack speed.

    Q: PS: you said those birds hit you once with 160k now with 15-20k... is this with shadow power or without?
    A: That is without Gloom.

    Q: Btw I can see that you have a few pieces with +armor on them. Do these make any difference?
    A: Yes, at some point armor > resistance in terms of damage reduction. Not point per point, but you get a lot more armor than you do resists on gear.

    Q: How much gold did you spend roughly?
    A: If I were to estimate my gear I would say about 80 million gold. The bow and Vit/Dex ring was given to me and I found the quiver. The rest I pretty much bought on the AH

    Q: How is this for farming, say, 5stack siege/azmo? Do you still need the shadow power or do you change specs for that?
    A: It works fine, you can tank a lot of packs. You will also usually be happy to see spear throwers, since they are very easy to kill. On a side note, you do feel immobile, and you will die just because you think you can tank everything and start feeling too lazy to actually kite.The only times I miss SS is during Siegebreaker and on Azmodan. Well, I did tank Siege, but its somewhat risky. If I had more gear I could tank him without worry. The Azmodan fireballs are a different story, you actually need to move out of them. The pools obviously don't hurt much. Another thing I would mention is that if feels like the old SS because you get 3 seconds vs 1.5. The only problem is that you can spam it, so I would be careful to not accidentally dump all your discipline spamming shadow power. I did try farming Act 4 with this, but Act 4 has so little return on effort. I was hoping Diablo would drop something useful, but he has the same loot table as everyone else.

    Q: I've posted with a question about making money on another thread, but I'm incredibly poor and can't afford better gear. How did you make your 80 million you spent on your spectacular gear?
    A: I farmed act 1, than farmed a tiny bit of act 2, but most of my farming has been done doing SIegebreaker/Azmodan. Initially when I did get to act 3, my group just farmed first 2 parts of Stonefront. Then I accidentally found out that Tyriel was killing mobs for me. This was before everyone knew about it.

    Q: so this is also your spec to farm? how do you deal with those elite packs without ss (im so used to ssing out of "oh shit situations", cant imagine not having that)? simply tank (w/ gloom constantly up) and shoot? Does that work for tower/azmo runs?
    Would you say that perfectionist is a must have for that build?
    A: You can tank a lot of packs with Gloom, some are just mean though. Say jailer + vortex + firechain + lazers. Gloom is still a damage reduction and the beams still hit extremely hard. It depends on packs. Some are easier with SS some are easier with gloom.

    Q: did you try classic ss/prep/bat spec with your gear? if yes, how did that work for you - do you actually need the 65% with so much resi/armor?
    A: I did play the ss/prep/bat build, and I still sometimes do. They both work well. I did my first Inferno clear as glass cannon. It was not fun, and it was very painful. I just tried my best to try and figure out a better way to do it, because getting 1 shot by everything is probably not the way the game is supposed to be played.

    Q: Since you can take a couple of hits with this build, what can you say about using Fan of Knives/Retaliate? It seems like a nice addition to your build if you can make a spare spell slot.
    A: It's not a bad idea, but I enjoy vault so much. I did find an amazing skill for glass cannons, which is funny and sad at the same time. Spec into Grenadier instead of steady aim. On my char I have had it explode for as much as 650k. That was back at 150k dps.

    Q: How long have you played so far?
    A: It says 540 hours, but I leave the game on when I sleep. I would guess about 250-300.
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    40009.54 without SS
    Also the quiver has 5% Increased damage of Elemental Arrow.
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