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    posted a message on Needing some one to help me level up

    hit me up if you are on NA servers, season sc. ysoserious#1818.

    ill help ya lvl & gear up

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    posted a message on Message from European Clans (About Botting)

    I've seen posts like yours frequently, and out of a matter of simple curiosity i'd like to know.... why are you here. it is one thing to provide constructive criticism for a game in the hopes of making it better... but to post on a diablo forum that the game is dead, and the community is terrible... seems kinda pointless. I dont play wow - never did much for me. But I dont spend my time on the WOW forums insulting the game or its player base. If you truly do not enjoy this game - then remove the fansite from your bookmarks, and move on. There are plenty of things to do on the internet other than insulting strangers, and a game that - contrary to many toxic posts i see - is still alive and well. I truly do wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and hope that you are able to surround yourself with what makes you happy - instead of posting on a forum for a game that clearly does not.

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    posted a message on Auto close on Infernal Machines?

    i dont remember exactly when, but i do remember seeing a blue post about this some time ago. seems like it is on their radar, but i'm not too sure if any updates have been given recently on the idea.

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    posted a message on So I made a real-life Diablo 2 axe -

    very cool bro!

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    posted a message on <dfans> recruiting

    Hey All - the <dfans> clan is currently looking to replenish our ranks. We accept players of all skill levels. Our only requirements are that you are an active sociable player.

    Feel free to send us a clan invite request, or send me a PM at ysoserious#1178.

    While this post is geared towards the NA servers - there is also an EU Dfans clan

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    posted a message on Season 11 Food/Drink prep!

    nice! i'd get another bottle of jack though :)

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    posted a message on So, how do you feel?

    5.) Birthday is today, and this annoying of attitude of theirs that keeps manipulating people out of capitalism instead of passion really ruined my day. I lost my respect for Bli$$ard congrats from a long fan.

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    posted a message on Carries For Charity

    Hey all - I am currently participating in a charity to raise money for suicide awareness, and am looking to help folks in game in exchange for a small donation. I ran a similar type of thing last summer and was able to raise over $250 from diablo players I was able to reach through this website. - please note - I received approval from the mods before posting this thread.
    This fundraiser is for NA servers, Softcore, Seasons..

    Please read below for some FAQ on this...

    1. Is this a scam.

    -google 'overnight walk' - it should be the first thing that comes up. check it out for yourself before donating (as you should do with any charity)

    2. What charity is this? How do I donate

    This is a charity to raise awareness for suicide prevention. It is an overnight 16 mile walk that will take place in Washington DC on June 17th.

    click here to -- Donate To the charity

    3. How much are you asking - and for what....

    - whatever you can spare is fine. I'll help with powerleveling, speed leveling low paragons, season journey, ubers, or whatever else I can.

    4. How do i find you -

    - add 'ysoserious#1178'

    5. Why this charity?

    - suicide is a problem that does not discriminate - impacting all races, ages, genders, military status, etc.

    - Although we will not likely get rid of this crisis, it is something that we can help get under control.

    - I have come across far too many people in my travels that have either considered it, been impacted by it, or whom I have lost forever because of it :( This charity is about spreading awareness to help fight this problem.

    6. The journey so far...

    - last time around in NYC - I was able to raise $1,109.00 - due in large part to contributions made by diablo members. Even though it did end up pouring rain the entire time - the entire event went of great.

    - my first donation received this time around - a surprising $100 - was given by a fellow diablo player.. who is now considering signing up for the San Diego walk themselves!

    - there is quite a bit of time before the event... and while I will not spam message boards with this, I will periodically check in with some progress updates.

    Thanks for your time,

    Any further questions, please feel free to private message me on here.

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    posted a message on Quickest class to do journey before season ends?

    if your on na servers i can give you a hand burnin through most of it


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    posted a message on New to the PC community

    Welcome -

    I'm always happy to help people out. i'm on the NA servers - you can add me if you'd like ysoserious#1178. Ill be happy to powerlevel, gear, or whatever else you need.

    I play season, not hardcore - and am on daily.

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