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    You bought a single player game for 60$ 3 years ago. Played around 1000+ hours and still demand work on it? You know that those people are not charity. Fact that they are still doing something is amazing. Is not like there are bugs to fix, you just complain thay they are not 24/7 service like WoW or PoE. Well i got some news to you: this is one time buy game with no microtransactions in it. Do you complaim that Last of Us is not having monthly balance patches? Do you complain that Skyrim is not being developed anymore? No? So why the holy f you complain about devs who do charity work for you 3 years after buying the game??? Play something else jeez

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    Hey man. What abouy treating this game as any other game that you paid for once and not seeing it as ongoing free service? This is tripple a standalone game as far cry, assassin creed, starcraft etc. Play through it once, twice maybe three times and move to another if you are bored with it.

    It is not wow it does not have to have end game

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    Quote from Mr29cM»

    f you think that the Necro DLC is too expensive or can't afford it, just don't buy it. It's not like Blizzard put a gun to your head or something. It's just like everything else - you have to compare the price to the estimated non-monetary benefits you gain from the purchase and then decide whether you find it worth the money.

    P.S. And if you want to complain about your country getting an unfair price... I've found that the average monthly salary in Australia is like 6000-7000$ - the DLC costs you like 0,3% an average monthly income. In my country the average salary is about 4500 of our currency - about 1100 euro per month. To compare, people in richer countries like France or Germany earn on average about 2500-3000 euro per month. And guess what, my country got exactly the same price as they did.

    In France or Germany, the DLC costs about 0,6% of their average monthly income - which, by the way, is still comparatively more than (2x more to be exact) than it does in Australia - whereas in my country we have to pay about 1,36% of our average salary for it (that's like 4,5 times more than in Australia). So, next time you want to complain that your country got shafted on exchange rates, check some data first - because from what I see, your country still has it considerably cheaper than ever the richer countries from EU.

    You're right Australia is still the lucky country compare to Europe...with all the Terrorist going on!

    Dont even want to compare prices and exchange rate. All Im saying is $22 for a single char is abit much.

    Try to calculate this like this - how much do you pay for blockbuster movie in cinema? Or how much do you pay for a six-pack of beer? paying 22 for something that will give you at least few hours and possibly hundreds of hours of fun is not much.
    If you are young and still go to school, you can always wash someone's car or catch some 1 day weekend work - it should be more than enough
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    posted a message on Necromancer Class - best jack-of-all-trades class in D3

    Hello all,

    Don't know if this will be treated as spam or not but I just want to share what I think about Necromancer because I did not feel that kind joy in Diablo 3 for a long time. Necromancer feels good from the very beginning of leveling. It is not stiff like Crusader, 'heavy' like barbarian, 'glassy' like Wizard or DH and specialized like Monk. He is jack-of-all-trades. Perfect in single target, aoe and survive. He also feels so fluent in gameplay it is amazing. I'm lvl 25 right now and I'm having a blast playing campaign again. He feels bit overpowered, which is good, I want to feel overpowered on normal and bump difficulty until it feels challenging.

    Does anyone else have a blast with him? BTW: I did not read any guides, watch gameplay etc from end-game content.

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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo
    Quote from negailestingaz»

    Let me try to explain why i think i did not do any crime. It is as simple as this at leat in my mind.

    I probably in total killed like 50 monsters while trying this, while wasting hour in dying like an idiot preparing to try it.
    I would kill this these monsters with or without this effect anyway
    I did not by any means get any advantage of any sorts by doing that over anyone unless someone here thinks killing extra 50 nmonsters is advantage.

    I did not ruin any of you or anyones game play
    I did not affect any leaderboards or my statistics or my gear or any effect of any sorts was the result of me trying this
    I did not use this repeatedly nor did i care about it i tried once and forgot about it
    (until after they released hotfix and someone asked on chat if bug still active and i went to test if its fixed already)

    I get the whole idea of what is fair and unfair and i actually when i was trying, felt this is just plain stupid, why it is allowed.

    I probably would be OK with the ban itself (like hey dude here's the lesson for you)
    But i totaly not ok with them removing my leaderboard achievements. Which is damned hard to do and Which has nothing to do with it no direct or indirect correlation except the fact that they want to figure out the way to make punishment harder or something i guess?

    I like the fair play and i think the fact that they addressed this issue is great. The fact that they actualy went after people using it is great.
    But why they hell they touched those who tested it once or twice without doing anything with it.

    Also if they would jusst simply put a message when logging in something like "DO NOT test this cause its not right" i would think twice even before trying it.
    Guess what, they did not. And i dont really use any forums i just login to game and play it. And nothing in game warned me of possible consequences.

    So yeah i dont feel i did any crime. But its just me and i am bias so as i say forget it.

    U blame blizzard for not warning you that exploiting have consequences?

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    posted a message on How do I build an understanding of Diablo III?

    There are some kinds of databse for Diablo 3, from the Character Calculators (that gives you basic ideas of stats and how they influence your character) to Diablo wikia and excel charts (or sites like http://d3resource.com/critcalc/). All you need to do is ask uncle google.

    However, despite of how many websites you visit you need to know few basic things - there are always some kind of hidden mechanics behind numbers. Best example is dimishing returns. I would recommend you to start with understanding what it is and how does it affect games in overall. This is the hard basic knowledge that will give you the power of recognizing what is better for your character.

    example: In Diablo 3 you have statistics like Dodge / Damage reduction (Armor) / Damage reduction (Resistances) / Cooldown reduction

    all of these statistics are extremely important and all of them are affected by dimishing returns. It means that the more of statistic you have, the less it gives. If you have 50% Cooldown reduction and get item with 10% cooldown reduction you will only get about 5-6%. Same with armor and resistances. It's never good to have like 3000 resitances but 2k armor or 20k armor but 300 resistances (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xRpZ3DhzMhan7GH_GNFggeFEV5Is4O9WwAKmIioN3p0/pub?output=html). Finding how dimishing returns work will let you know how to get maximum toughness and DPS.

    Here you got a great basic about armor and dimishing returns in D3:


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    posted a message on Blizzard announces "biggest presence" ever at gamescom 2015, but no Diablo III
    Quote from soulzek»

    Quote from zultore»

    they are probably holding the big expac announcement for blizzcon this year.

    'big expac'?

    new act

    new class

    new areas

    new items

    Bored Since '12

    And what more do you want? Free houses and cars? This is Diablo, expansions are about new classes, acts items and areas. If you ever played the Diablo franchise you wouldn't expect more from it than this.

    Kids nowadays.

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    posted a message on PSA: Just to clear some confusion

    "I'm just gonna play another game, probably Path of Exile Beta later today when it comes out"


    "Being a D3 streamer as your full-time job is probably one of the most tedious games to stream since you have to put in extraordinary amounts of time to stay relevant to the game, where-as in other games your actual skills or entertainment value as a person will be bigger factors resulting in less time consumed."

    You know that both games depends on farming items more than skill? You bash D3 for it and then you say that you are going to play the game that is about grinding as much as D3..


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    posted a message on PSA: Just to clear some confusion

    Hey ruks, just don't mind those people, they are just so into this 'i don't care' behavior that they care about not caring too much. They repeatably says 'why should you care' 'just let it go' and 'get a life' by replying to your posts 50 times per minute. And i thought that 'i dont care' means that someone really doesn't care and just ignore the topic at all. Meanwhile they say that they don't care and try to force you so you 'don't care' as well.

    Well we do care. We care about the community and Diablo franchise - after all this is the page that is devoted to diablo community, if you don't care about it just freaking go away. Call it pathetic but it's insulting to me when people that calls themselves 'pros' and 'competitive' turns out to be cheaters and exploiters that aren't even man enough to bare the punishment but they try to explain themselves. Saying that 'I've cheated because game sux' after playing it for freaking thousands of hours and making a bit of money from it is just cowardly and childish.

    MC cheated because all of them did? Really? Just to remind you the #3 DH EU Natalya85 post:

    "They even ask for it in their clans i mean.. srsly? And because of those same people others assume that everyone who's in the high grs exploits, which hurts all the other legit players like myself.

    (...) Not gonna drop my principles even if it's only a game."

    You can be competitive and not cheat at all. It just depends on you.

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    posted a message on PSA: Just to clear some confusion

    Man, i though he did it to point it out to Blizzard. Or cheated because everyone did and he was forced to do it to compete... but now he did it also for shit and giggles. Damn, he had few reasons. Now I understand that.

    He was bored of the game after PTR and cheated for some fun. But just because he was bored and burned out didn't mean he was not ready to compete so he had to exploit because everyone did it. And by doing so he did a great job by pointing it out to Blizzard. So he was the ultimate victim of the system here. The game was so boring he had to exploit to make it fun. And even if it was fun enough he had to exploit because other did it. And even it the game was fun and other would never exploited it he HAD to do it to point it out to blizz.

    He completely HAD to do it and he is the victim.

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