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    Torchlight 2 is better than D3 in many ways IMO, played beta from both so I can say that. People saying differently has misunderstood the spirit and soul of Diablo 2, the fact that they removed the skillpoint system made it boring. I lost the good feeling that Skillpointbuilds gave me when a insane build was fun and awesome. You could choose a class and play it diffently every time, try doing that with a level based skill unlocksystem.
    The pet mechanics in Torchlight 2 is allso a factor that makes it a better game. You can sell the loot you dont need through your pet, you can teach it spells and have it as a secondary inventory and in TL2 you can make it buy simple stuff for you too.
    The loot motivates you to level up because it gives you item that is so epic but just out of reach, everytime you then get it you find a new item and you get motivated again.
    The classes feel great and skills look awesome, armor and weapons are "out of this world" cool to look at.
    Torchlight is without multiplayer but Torchlight 2 has singleplayer(offline) and Lan/online COOP with up to 4 players.
    Torchlight 2 is less than half the cost of D3 and with 1 extra game in the bag its worth it.

    Torchlight 2 is the Diablo 3 us Diablo 2 fans were hoping for and D3 failed to be. Dont see me as a fanboy since im a fan of D3 but as a different game then Diablo I would never call it Diablo 3.

    Prepurchase Torchlight 2 and get torchlight for free on steam. $20 well spent and they realy deliver teh gane fans want instead of tweaking it to their own needs like Blizzard did.

    And D3 fanboys I know that you hate TL and TL2 but thats because you are blinded by smart commercials and cheap tricks. Blizzard is merged with Activision this should tell you all there is to say. TL is made by the dev team from Diablo 2 the best ARPG to date, Blizzard ruined their product so now Runic games is ready to avenge their franchise HAHA XD
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