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    Also, to answer the question about why IB processors are running hotter than SB processors:

    Ivy Bridge processors run hotter than Sandy Bridge processors WHEN OVERCLOCKED but run cooler when sitting at their reference clocks. However, Ivy Bridge processors have a higher thermal limits than the Sandy Bridge ones (iirc, Sandy Bridge tops out around 90 C while Ivy Bridge tops out 105 C). The next to best solution is to get something like the H100 from Corsair and set it up in a push/pull configuration (two fans pushing air through the radiator and two fans pulling air). The BEST solution would be customizing your own watercooling system, which can be very expensive. My i7-2600k (Sandy Bridge) runs at 4.6 GHz and doesn't make it over 38 C when all 4 cores are stressed (as in running Prime 95).
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    Quote from Siaynoq

    Moderate settings? You're kidding, right? With raided 560's? Did I just misunderstand you or something?

    Edit: Sorry, I get it now. I didn't realize what the hell puppy was at first.

    I see your edit, but to ease your concern, my SLI 560s can run WoW, LoL, Diablo 3 and Skyrim at High, Ultra, High and Ultra High (respectively) simultaneously...at 75 C haha.
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    Case: INWIN Dragonrider
    PSU: Thermaltake Black Widow 850 (TR-2)
    CPU: i7-2600k OC'd to 4.6 GHz
    Cooler: Corsair H100
    RAM: 16 GB Corsair XMS3
    GPU: Nvidia 560 SC x 2 OC'd (SLI, overclocked past the EVGA overclock)
    SSD: Patriot Wildfire 120 GB
    HDD: Hitachi 7200 RPM 2 TB
    OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit

    This is done up every so often by Chaud over at mmo-champion.com. Puppy would run any game such as Diablo 3 just fine on moderate settings.
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    Quote from Phlo

    i remember many situations in world of warcraft where the authentication servers were down, but not the actual play servers.
    if diablo servers are organized the same, you app might have a "sound" option, if run in the background of a diablo game, to warn not to disconnect.

    probably useless, but i guess that would be the kind of "functionality" that would qualify as "need" instead of "want".

    In order to login to Diablo 3, you have to go through the authentication servers (i.e. the part of your login that says "Authenticating"), so that would be a nice option to have.
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    I need it, but I can wait for you to port it to Firefox. My girlfriend uses Chrome and I see no major differences between it and the new Firefox 13 to warrant me switching over (as the only reason I ever considered moving to Chrome was the saved pages when opening a new tab for quick navigation to your favorites, which was implemented in Firefox 13.)
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    Quote from Cyeron

    the form y = a * b^x

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    Quote from Mormolyce

    WoW's combat table is additive (1 roll), so it is in fact technically possible to become unhittable to physical attacks. From the front. And it doesn't cover magic attacks. However there isn't currently enough avoidance on gear for you to do that in Cataclysm. There are no hard caps only dimishing returns (which makes it impractical not impossible).

    The term "unhittable" as it applies to WoW doesn't necessarily mean you NEVER get hit, it means you never take a full hit from a mob. I.E. because WoW has a combat table, where boss hit chance is 102.4% (or some asinine number) against someone with no avoidance/block, you can effectively push their hit chance off the table by stacking avoidance/block to 98% (because all bosses have an innate miss chance of 4.5%). The take away from this is that you need dodge/parry/block/boss miss chance to add up to 102.4% to never take an unblocked hit.

    The problem with attempting to apply this to Diablo 3 is that we don't know if mobs have a a combat table but we can assume they do considering how combat works from a coding standpoint. The problem is, after that assumption, we have no actual evidence or data to support any claim about how that combat table works.

    Obviously, getting to 75% dodge/block is a laudable accomplishment and would definitely make surviving/farming inferno (and any content released after the fact) much easier. However, this seems only something truly possible with a monk, considering several factors:

    1) The damage trade off. For a monk, stacking dexterity not only increases survivability and damage, whereas for a Barb, it does poop outside of dodge chance.

    2) Soaking up "stat rolls" on gear with a crap ton of dexterity, block, res all, phys res means no IAS and very little LoH. That means not only will you take a long ass time to kill something, you may reach enrage timers on some mobs, depending on how good your gear really gets.

    I am not saying it is impossible, but more impractical to go for broke. I am sure it can be accomplished, but I think your stat allocation would be better spent finding a mix that allows you to drop a few defensive abilities (which would be the goal of a build for this type of gear) in favor of picking up a few more damaging abilities to make things die a little faster.
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    My favorite thing with NT is getting the missile dampening affix on an elite mob and watching 5-6 NTs hit it all at once.
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    Quote from Grimace

    I played diablo 1 and 2 religiously, delving into the story and game play with the passion of a zealot. After playing d3 with the same passion...this is game feeling completely unfinished.

    The story and campaign mode are a blast. The execution of this leaves MUCH to be desired.

    I also played D1 and D2 religiously. D1 and D2 both used an exponential experience model, where each level increased the xp by a formula (just google diablo 2 experience). In D3, it looks as though that was tuned down some. Also, the max level caps were available at release for D1 and D2 (50 for D1, iirc and 99 for D2), whereas for D3, they made it so you would cap early.

    There are probably several reasons for this, but I would venture to guess it is so you don't outlevel an expansion. That way, when they release D3's xpac (which they probably will), you can actually have a challenge, instead of smashing through Na'Krul/Baal in a day after the xpac is released.

    Quote from Grimace

    - This game has very little shelf live. Especially for $60 USD. Level 60 cap. I've already maxed my character THREE DAYS after the game came out. It took weeks to level in D2 and thats something I greatly enjoyed. You're hard work showed when you were the ONLY level 99 out of your friends.

    -Blizzard said it would takes MONTHS to get to inferno. Many people, including myself, have beaten most of it.

    -The auction house is COMPLETELY messed up. I've spent gold an received no items multiple times.

    -Your character HAS to use certain skills or you will die. The monk only HAS to go healing or you wont survive inferno.

    I feel like if blizzard opened up a bigger beta, these issues and many others could have been resolved BEFORE the game was released. Blizzard severely underestimated ( or just ignored) it's gaming community.

    Your character HAD to use certain skills to make it through Hell in D2 (hammerdin anyone?) or it was exponentially more difficult. At the same time, as Blizzard recently stated, the way people were making it through Inferno was NOT intended. The AH does suck, and needs to be fixed, but nothing is EVER perfect on the release of a game.

    We as gamers (those of us who have played games and remember D1/D2) have matured and expect a lot out of a game. However, D3 is fine as it is. Spending 100+ hours in a game is not the intended purpose of a game it's first week. They EXPECTED MOST people to take their time, not rush to the end.

    Now that the gamed mechanics (force armor/smoke screen) have been fixed, everyone should be on a mostly even keel (except Barbarians) when it comes to Inferno progression. Btw, I play a DH.
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