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    posted a message on Public games with barbs and monks(mainly)

    When I'm in a public rift, I kill everything that fracking moves... Don't care what class I'm playing ATM.

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    posted a message on Why do the Diablo 3 devs seem to feel like everything they do is or should be a 1up over its predecessors?

    A: Lore is always a work in progress. Has nothing to do with 1-upping.

    B: As Demious said, it's a tribute.

    C: Stop yelling smoke when there isn't even a fire

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    posted a message on 3 Year Anniversary community buff?
    Quote from curseRichieT»

    I was thinking a fun buff they kinda blew it with Easter where maybe randomized bunnies would appear or you could turn them into such or get a new 1 time bunny vault; looks there's alot Blizzard can do for us - they can do anything its all a question of 'are they actually doing anything?' or expecting us to spend money in the store to get more 'stuff' which this game clearly deserves.

    Lets be honest.

    Player numbers are down.

    Player interest is at a low eb (season 3 is boring once you get all your ww barb needs lol, fuck all the other classes just play barb)

    Other games have more things to offer or are new.

    No. I think Blizzard needs to start fucking stepping up the game here. 426 rift public games / 78 bounties that is not enough to sustain this game!

    Thank you all for your replies, keep posting and lets pus this post up maybe Blizz will chime in. Or not. I don't care. I love this game its fun and boring and requires no effort perfect game for people that are doing other things while playing (like watching kids, watching a movie, girlfriend aggro (on lap yes it can be done), um...yea requires little effort once you get great gear T6 soloing bounties/rifts = game becomes fucking boring.

    But hey, so is life - I happen to be wealthy can't say that about alot of people. Wealth btw I don't have to work, I choose when I want to or I don't. Most times I don't. But not like fucking Royalty wealthly then again thats been losing its appeal lately.

    Anyway eat it, I'm out for a bit. Keep posting lets hope Blizzard comes up with a good Community Buff but you know they probably won't. Expect to be disappointed that why you won't when it happens.

    My twitter @DickLongYo I've been spaming diablo 3, wyatt and josh so far nothing. Please add your voices to the call!!

    Not sure what this rant has to do with the Anniversary buff???....

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    posted a message on Blizzard is gonna get stamped as maker of casual easy games.

    I don't post much anymore, but I'm going to put my 2 cents in..

    First, let's not bring the whole Hardcore/Casual shit into this game. Leave it for the WoW players to debate.

    Second, let's use common sense when we look at changes in the game. Common sense tells us that in order for a game to have any longevity, players must have advancement in some fashion through that game. If you are stuck at doing level 20 Grifts for 5 months straight, I doubt you would enjoy the game much. By letting non season players have access to the previous seasons legs, they have a way to obtain new powerful items that will let them reach the next level. It's not about catering to a certain segment of the player base.

    Last,you have to understand that the "Hardcore" player today most likely will not be a hardcore player three years from now. People's live are constantly changing and expanding. And any smart gaming company realizes that.

    In the end, we are all just people who enjoy the game in different ways and in different amounts. We're all Gamers, and that's enough.

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    posted a message on How I play doesn't affect you...or...Why Diablo 3 is full PvP.
    Quote from Finder

    You see this statement thrown about all the time "it's how I want to play and it doesn't affect you at all". The only problem is...yes it does. This game became a player competition the first time Blizzard added viewable player profiles. Almost everyone looks at them, and yes, you are all comparing your characters to their's. Yes, even without any form of sanctioned competition, the game is full of players vying for the top spot...who has the best gear?...who has the most paragon levels?...who is rocking a full set?.

    So yes, how you play does affect everyone else. If the game didn't have the "showing off" factor, it would have been dead in a month or so.

    I know stating this won't make people stop trying to use that argument, but is shows how silly it is.
    A "Person" is competitive. Your argument loses validity the same way this argument always does. You assume everyone feels and does the exact things you do. Human nature tells us this is wrong. Everyone is different. Everyone has different reasons why, and how they play. To assume that everyone does what you, or what another person does is arrogant presumption. Example, I have NEVER looked at another players profile (negating your mentioned proof). I have had absolutely no reason to.

    Please, provide an example of a time where a player affected your game play? And remember, you changing your gameplay because of what someone else does is YOUR choice, therefor they didnt change a thing.
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    posted a message on How is MF/GF on legacy gear treated in new patch 2.0.1?
    Legacy items are changed. They get 10% of their original stat.


    "MF no longer on items. Legacy MF is reduced to 10% of full stat."
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    posted a message on Happy Holidays

    I wish everyone here at DiabloFans a very Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays!

    You couldn't ask for a better gaming community.

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    posted a message on blizzard a big disappoinment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posts like these are not constructive or helpful in any way. And are not based on the facts present. All the arguments you presented (very poorly, TBH) are the exact opposite of whats actually happening. Loot 2.0 is a vast improvement to what we have in Vanilla D3. The numbers we are seeing on The PTR prove that. The different and unique stats and bonuses encourage different play styles and builds. They bring an actual fun atmosphere to gearing your champion. Build diversity is greatly improved. I am playing builds on my Barb and DH I would NEVER try on live. Monster complexity is much improved. For the first time in a long time, I am actually using strategy on Boss encounters. And even when I die repeatedly, I am having fun. And I find the others in my groups seem to assert the same thing. One group last night pulled two rare groups at once and we had Orbiters,Thunderstorms, Arcane beams, plague pools, and molten pools EVERYWHERE! It was friggin hilarious! We were all running our A**es off trying to avoid everything. We died at least 6 times and we were all laughing our A**es off after in chat. The Op is more then entitled to his/her opinions. But if you are going to come here and bash and hate, then at the very least present a logical, fact based argument. Otherwise, most people here are going to label you as a Troll. And not take you seriously.
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    posted a message on Will this Spec's Handle D3?

    I'm not much of an Intel guy, so I dont have any advice there. (Though I hear the I5 is a very good cpu).

    As for GPU, go with the HD 5670 over the 720m. Slightly better performance.

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    posted a message on Ups and downs announced so far for ROS?
    Quote from Kamisei
    I, for one, am excited, no matter how the game changes, the good players will find a way to advance regardless how it will change. To me it looks a hell of a lot more fun and challenging from the outset.

    Well said!
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