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    Quote from "mockery" »
    A member on the Battle.net forums recently inquired about whether or not people would have to pay fees in order to play Diablo 3 online. Bashiok responded with the following information:

    Bashiok then went on to discuss how some pay-for ideas could possibly work for the game.

    Obviously, none of us would like to have to pay additional fees in order to use Battle.net. If nothing else, I believe anybody who buys the inevitably pricier "Collector's Edition" of Diablo 3 when it comes out should never have to pay Battle.net fees to play the game.

    However, this does raise the question: What special features would you pay Battle.net fees for with Diablo 3 other than the chance to resurrect a fallen hardcore character? Is there anything that you feel would be worth spending a little extra cash on to make the online gameplay more interesting?

    Ridiculous, nothing more to say. Industrialize, industrialize, industrialize.. can't things stay pure? Pay for this, pay for that. What happened to pay for the game, then deal with everything yourself, the old natural way? Paying for ressurection.. why play hc..

    I think I pretty much just wrote what everyone here already said, just wanted to express my own rage.
    now that that's done, thanks.
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    Awww.. I liked the 09 09 09 assumption... fits diablo prefectly..
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    Quote from "nefaust" »
    While there is obviously going to be an amazon type ranged class, probably with some light melee skirmishing abilities, the name could be anything. My personal favorite is nomad, marauder strikes me as more of a pillaging barbarian-type warlord.
    Other, if more generic, posiblities include bandit, ranger, or thief. But thief seems to have fallen out of favor since about 2nd Edition AD&D in place of rogue, which is already taken in the diablo universe. /$0.02

    Agreed. Ranged is one of the three major Prime Classes in the old rpg games.
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    Quote from "Azylium" »
    I still think we can all safely agree that the biggest problem with D2 stats was that you didn't pick stats because it improved your characters abilities, you picked it to use gear (Vitality being the only exeption to this, because you needed it for life, which in turn = survivability). That gear, in turn, improved your abilities (Just the mindset of using only enough stats to use gear tells us how poor increases stats gave). So whether you guys want auto-stats or hate them, I think all of you want the stats to make a bigger difference on your character than they did in D2. For example: Willpower now giving extra spelldamage is one of those attractive things. That way, maybe a Wizard would have invested in Willpower, had there been manual stats.

    Considering the above, I know what you mean Doppel. You used stats for gear, and that lead to everyone wanting one particular piece of gear, which in turn took away all customization (Not exactly, but for the most part). All this because stats were worthless for actually making your character stronger (once again, except vitality). Though I do still believe that if there is something ultimate, the freedom to customize is gone, cause you have to use that alternative to be able to be good.

    And even if they make several "perfect" choices, it will still be more limited than auto stats give. The more they control in their developing of the game, the more balance they can achieve, thus giving us more options to experiment without necessarily fucking up. They could never hope to balance the game if they let us put our own stats (look what happened to D2). Then we'd have to wait 5 more years for the game.

    I just realized, we can argue all day about whatever is better, but the stats will still be auto. Blizzard has already stated that, and I'm confident they have good reasons. I'm not really against manual stats, I just like the possibilities of auto-stats more (Possibilities as in: More focus on other things than stats, which no other player will notice anyway).

    Sorry to tell you guys, but you're all wrong. There are other diversities in making builds according to stat points- there is an entire world of ES sorcs who rely on their Energy to be their meat shield- Actually be their "alternate" vitality. with 95% dmg taken to energy, and having about 5-6k mana, they are almost unstoppable.

    So yeah, this is another point why stat allocation should remain in the hands of the players.
    Auto stats are just for lazy people.
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    Quote from "darkjay" »
    hmm which build... :)

    ok lets see lets see

    How to Own Ubers EZ...
    Smiter Pally:
    helm: guillumes face 15 ias jewel
    wep: light saber, great cheap wep for a smiter... if u want get 2 bers and 4 shaels and make ur own... it owns ubers ez lol
    armor: preferably a coh but a rattle cage will give great cb
    shield: exile... bout 4 sojs for a cheapo on us east... this will save ur but
    ammy: highlords, 20 ias +1 skills... if having truble go mara's
    rings: ravens... this will ensure max block
    belt: nosfuertus or a string... for ias
    gloves: laying of hands or dracules... either work
    boots: gores

    20 fanacism
    20 smite
    20 holy shield
    20 defiance... i put remaining points in here for def bonus

    with this build you will have 100% cb and u will reach the smite ias breakpoint

    str: as much as u need with gear... generally 120 will work. but it depends on ur charms
    dex: enough to get max block with holy shield... i belive i have 75 or something
    vit: rest
    energy: none

    Killing ubers:
    i havent tryed to solo them yet... everytime i have some help from my lvl 90 barb with a lvl 40 bo and shout... basically you wanna go in portal run to the top then go to the east of trist.. run in between the two houses and hit meph... it will take 30 seconds to kill meph... the barb was only thier to keep the bums off me while i killed... when u get to diablo you may have truble with his summons... they do alot of dmg, as long as u get life tap on them and have some1 to distract them it will be ez as cake
    i have done 6 uber trist runs in under an hour... took longest to switch chars and id the torch in a full game

    I may wish to show my own version, which never failed me before:
    helm: guillumes face 40%ed/30cr jewel or [email protected]/15ias
    wep: Hmpf.. not lightsabre ofc ^^ Lastwish PB
    armor: Coh. Nothing else
    shield: Exile is an option, but Zaka gives great block/resis/sks.
    ammy: Mara's. Resis = god.
    rings: raven+wisps. Abs is everything.
    belt: Dark disciple's ([email protected], some str/dex) or Dungo.
    gloves: 20ias / 10cb / dual-tripple res / some str adds crafted gloves
    boots: goblin toe = 25% cb.

    As for the defiance skill, I didnt max it at all. I went for 10 hard points into "Resist Light" as they gave me +5 to max light passive resistance.
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    Everything is very beautiful.
    Keep up the good work updating..
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    Quote from "kefka666333abc123" »
    Lol yup......But you should be using griffons..........

    It really depends on the rarity of the attribute combination that the rare circlet can give you. Some can be as godly as **** and easily own any griffon.

    Quote from "AngleWyrm" »
    Complexity is an amazing creature: Take a look at this promo for Heavy Rain. At first it seems like the promised land -- until you see the little "click X now" buttons appear on screen. Then all of a sudden it looks a lot more like that 1983 coin-op arcade laser-disc cartoon Dragon's Lair.

    I worried that the transition to 3D would cost the game, but I have some faith. The Wall of Zombies spell, Mirror Image spell and Time Bomb spell are beautiful works! But there's something else to consider, and I don't mean pulse-pounding pacing: Have you played Age of Conan?

    One of their worst enemies was complexity: It was much too difficult for the team to engineer the player's timeline of experiences. They attempt to sell loot on a time-card basis (see Perfect World for a better business model) but lost control of loot table organization.

    But enough background, on to the meat of the matter: Auto-Assigning Stats. I come down completely in favor of this, and here is why: Stats become a more detailed version of the player's "level".

    Instead of a sword needing a level-12 player, it needs a level-12 Barbarian or level-20 Wizard. It gives meaning to the choice of Barbarian or Wizard -- a transfer of decision making, not a removal. And the level of information is presented directly to the player, but more importantly it is also presented directly to the designers. They will have it available at the first level, and so less errors due to head explosion.

    I hope that it helps design loot drops, so that creatures can use their loot.

    Complete agreement here. Thumbs up.
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    Quote from "Doppelganger" »
    I don't think the staff will be used as a melee weapon (if the concept art correctly portrays it), most likely (s)he will be able to wield a "magical" staff (boosting skills, giving certain powers, kinda like the fetishes of the necro) and a dagger to lash out in close combat.

    It could also be used for offensive capabilities, e.g titan quest- mages using a skill called "ternion" which can only be used while wielding a staff.

    and for everyone out there- a staff in plural version is more staves than staffs. ty.
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    Quote from "nesnora" »
    Barbie with a spear? This looks ridiculous.

    Ugh Blizzard, grow up and try something we haven't seen in video games.

    Hey, give them some credit for D2 preservation.. they took the Stygian doll and upgraded it to a full char :P
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    Quote from "tents" »
    Ok, as i was "scanning" the internet for diablo3 news, i came to a diablo 3 fan site called Maxfreak.com and they posted the following news on their site.

    "Now, prepare to be surprised by some of the reasoning behind this “news”. Diablo 3 release date has been a hot topic and we’ve all heard the usual Blizzard rhetoric that Diablo 3 will come out WHEN the game is ready.

    First, some background: a guy who played Diablo 2 for years got a DOL rune and experimented with it until it crushed the game. He got an error message … a series of meaningless numbers. Or are they?

    64 69 61 62 6c 6f 20 33 20 20 30 39 2f 30 39 2f 30 39.

    So why is this significant in ANY way? OK, this is the geek part: 64 69 61 62 6c 6f 20 33 20 20 30 39 2f 30 39 2f 30 39 is hex for : Diablo 3 09/09/09. That means that if you translate the hexadecimal code, it gives you Diablo 3’s release date.

    Now, the critical part. How likely is that Diablo 2 developers knew in advance when Diablo 3 will be released? NOT LIKELY. At the same time, if I were head of development at Blizzard and I was a bit of a numerology freak… I’d pick EXACTLY this date. Why?

    Well, it’s pretty obvious. 09-09-09 represents 666 if you turn it upside down. The number of the beast! (cue the Iron Maiden song here)"

    Ok, i admit i have no experience with hexidecimal stuff at all, so i haven't checked if the hex code is actually the same as the release date when translated. Also i think it's quite stupid, why would blizzard do this?
    The latest diablo 2 update was quite a while ago, so they had to know the release date of diablo 3 at that time, wich sounds impossible in my ears. And how could messing around with a dol rune give such an error in the first place?

    To be honest i'm pretty sure it's all made up, but i'm just checking it and seeing how u guys think about this.

    Allow me to assure it for you- it's all made up.
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    Quote from "Ferret" »
    Yes, but almost every character class has the same priorities once the target gear has been made available.

    Glass cannon or survival build, can be applied to both builds. Difference would be Str requirement for Java and Dex for Bowazon. The main preference was in nearly all cases was still Vitality, which has nothing to do with class-specific stats.

    While my stats may have probably differed from WW barbs (for gear requirements), they were identical to most other caster builds from all classes. In fact, my Hdin, Trapsin, Sorc and WCBarb all used the same gear, and had identical amount of stats invested across the board because of this. This speaks even less for diversity and importance of stat distribution.

    D2 didn't offer what seven classes should have in terms of diversity. There were two major stat preferences - no max block and max block. Any other kind of differences were made accountable to gear requirements only. The way D3 looks to be set up, it will make each class unique instead of making all classes similar except for gear required stats. Since Blizzard will set up the auto distribution logically, a Sorceress won't be running around with a War Maul in hands, and a Barb won't use gear that is normally ideal for caster classes. On the other hand, Blizzard won't give classes skills they can't use because of this limitation. In other words, each class plays differently and hence the game becomes more diverse.

    No, Diablo and WoW are completley different in that aspect. Some things can be taken, this one can't be taken 1 to 1 from WoW. Diablo's bosses are more accessible than in WoW, were it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to multiple hours to reach a boss for loot. A Diablo player will go back and try again if soemthing didn't drop, a WoW player just realized he spent multiple hours for nothing, and has a timer to keep him from doing it again until the next day at the earliest. PLUS - WoW bosses do drop specified loot, but even from here its usually from a pool of 4-8 items. I had to spend a few weeks waiting for my Feral Druid's staff to drop although I always killed the required boss. World drops are horrible way to get gear in WoW, but a good unique is always "just around the corner" in Diablo.

    Your rhetorical sarcasm just doesn't make enough sense to be funny to those who know how Diablo differs from WoW, and for those who don't know, you're just creating a hate towards a game they have never played. Good job!

    Quote from "PPsyche" »
    One of the main point of RPG is building your character the way you like it, the more diversity, the more you are attached to your character because it is just the way you want it to be. Taking out custom stats, you decrease the pleasure of player to be different from others and to be able to build his character the way he wants it. Which is not good thing imho.

    About "being screwed if you not properly distribute stats points", well, it is not like you will play D3 only with 1 Barbarian character for example. Ppl will try different builds and will take different approaches to how to beat the game or to play certain class. I dont see a problem with making a new character just to try something new.

    I should give you a thumbs up for the nice attempt to divert my sayings here, and almost everything regarding d2 aspects you've mentioned according to your own characters/gameplay are either false or lies made to make your point across, which I still didn't quite understand, whatever that was. There is no hate here, only depression towards the inevitable modernization Diablo has to go through, as well as other games which I will not bother mentioning now, having the endless list in memory..

    But all the same for me, as prattle like this from people like you only makes me smile from time to time.
    You've earned it, nonetheless-> a thumbs up!
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    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    Meanwhile, in the Blizzard HQ..

    "So, the game is finally done. What do you guys think we should do now?"
    "Dude, are you kidding? We're gonna play the friggin game!"
    4 days later
    "You think we should take a break?"
    "What, I can't hear you. The awesomeness is too loud."
    4 weeks later
    "Hey man, I just realised people are getting a bit starved out of information right now. You want me to post a release date?"
    "No man, I don't got time for releasing the game now, I'm having way too much fun playing it. Just post some crappy screenshots and old artwork on the site or something"

    True story.

    Failed story, more like it.
    However, there is a misunderstood delay between information releases. Might imply on inconsistency in development, might not. The only thing that we could do is wait, and complain some more.
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    Quote from "Eldius" »
    Well, the screenshots are nothing new (for the most part). However, the artwork doesn't disappoint.

    Agreed, very detailed.
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    posted a message on Bashiok On Diablo 3 Stat Points.
    Everything in d2, and I mean everything, was and is based on the characters prime stats. It is not only essential, but crucial to allow the player choose his own stat customization be applied in order to create a well oriented character, e.g- the huge differences between a d2 bowzon and a javazon, the even bigger difference between an everyday ww barb vs a bo-stun caster barb, etc.. everything depends on the stats and the way they are divided accordingly- items, skills, pvm, pvp, simply everything. Taking that away will only result in taking away yet another heartpiece of the originality that is Diablo, in general.

    What's next? Auto-Drops from boss monsters like in WoW?
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