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    Quote from head0r»

    i wouldn't count set dungeons, empowered rifts or buff bars as content. you don't really create something meaningful which then translates to a more interesting story for a game.

    So, following this train of thought - the armory and crafting mat UI also aren't content, just small QoL additions.

    uhm, yes? you really wouldn't count them as content as in "enter a whole new zone with new horrors, discover a village teeming with quests and rich rewards an uncover a sinister plot below the graveyard!", would you? it is some interface fluff.

    Quote from Shapookya

    Quote from head0r

    i wouldn't count set dungeons, empowered rifts or buff bars as content. you don't really create something meaningful which then translates to a more interesting story for a game.

    set dungeons are content. It's just not grind content.
    the thing is: same mobs, same maps. one life, victory conditions to be met in a time frame. it is content for a few hours until you have the wings.
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    ah, alrighty then. thanks! though it seems we could get rid of the cube altogether and incorporate the recipes in the crafting pane.

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    if blizzard did the same thing with rift keys, there would be no problem whatsoever. but since you seem to have to fish for a suitable / beatable / record worthy GR, they should think about eliminating the need to fish and let the GR keys remain the way they are. how they would do that is beyond us and maybe them, too.

    about the crafting mat storage: do i still have to open the pane, take out everything for a cube recipe by hand and press cube? i know it still serves the fantasy of the cube, but it is still just another window to open instead of taking the items out of the stash. i fail to see the QoL here.

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    i wouldn't count set dungeons, empowered rifts or buff bars as content. you don't really create something meaningful which then translates to a more interesting story for a game.

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    Quote from horrax1»

    Quote from Hellgate2038»

    Does nobody realize that this is actually a good thing?

    Paragon will now be even less important considering the diminishing returns on mainstat...

    This is a step in the right direction people!

    Exact the first thing I thought.

    Same was when they announced Caldesanns...

    It's about the grind yeah, but it's Diablo.

    I rather search for a primal ancient item than mindlessly farming paragon.

    But lets be honest it only diminishes the gap between 24/7 players and players (like me) who are efficiently playing between ~3-8 hours a day.

    Players with less playtime or determination will still suffer from this. It's why I can understand the mostly negative feedback.

    But in the long run it's a minor improvement to the game, especially if you're mainly playing NS.

    phew. i am glad, that there is a distinction between 3-8 hours per day and 24/7. now you can hope against hope that the last needed item drops, is not only ancient but primal ancient AND has the right stats rolled. which REALLY isn't more mindless than paragon grinding..
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    Quote from undefined »

    sure, i have played them all. back in the day when they were just released. diablo had great atmosphere and the addon piled onto that. diablo 2 was much bigger and had a lot to do. but diablo 3 narrowed it all down. this type of game just doesn't fly in the modern days.

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    wow. those are some lazy answers.

    - the paragon system is fine? the first iteration with a new portrait every ten levels meant something. now you hit 70 after a few hours in a new season and a few hours later you are already 150+ and don't even get a new frame after that. after 800 levels you just level on and on and on.. is that rewarding? is that some sort of progress? back then i could say "i try to reach paragon 30 tonight, only seven levels to go!" and it helped to motivate. now? not so much.

    - they even speak about the "next rift". you just rift rift grift grift bounty bounty your way through lots of tall grass. going side by side through a dark dungeon whilst slaying mobs is dead anyway. sprinting barbs, vaulting demon hunters and blinking monks took all the danger of a dungeon.

    - looking through to the bones of the game, they are implementing some items which set some flags. as TrueColdkil said: they manage. they don't add really meaningful stuff and add safe things like items and cosmetic rewards. it is sad.

    so, the three follow-up answers aren't much better than the real Q&A. pity.

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    while true, other divisions manage to implement new classes into their respective games on a regular basis with far more possible ramifications than in diablo 3. in diablo you could test a class on the ptr and do several data wipes to ensure it performs within a certain range, roll out the accompanying patch and finetune that via hotfixes if needed. and if it isn't possible, you aren't hurting anyone THAT much since the seasons reset roughly every three months.

    WoW, overwatch, heroes of the storm or hearthstone on the other hand.. a new class is thoroughly checked before release and has a lot of potential to shake up many parts of the game. they also don't have that much time without the possibility to let the community play them in some form. and why don't they? because the diablo franchise doesn't get enough manpower and resources funneled their way. i for myself cannot believe that a class in diablo is in any way that much more complex than in any other game with comparable characters.


    oh, and even if the necro is still in alpha: it is still awful to have THAT lame excuse of content for a 20 year anniversary..

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    Quote from TheFuuZ»

    Just adding my 2 cents to this conversations,

    D4 will happen, this is something that is known now for a while, in what form and when, that is something we might not be aible to know for a good period of time, since the Necro is knocking on the Door this year and of course the other content, that comes along with seasons on consoles starting with season 10. So as you can see, there is a plan for D3 to be here and I think, that in the coming 8 months where the Necro is in development, they are working on different things too, not just the Necro...Probably more zones and UI, but maybe new chars Packs or even something big to end the D3 game once and for all what would lead to D4 afterwards. I am not the one who wants to tease you guys or that I hope something like this would happen, but I see a plan, and its gonna be something "big". In what form exactly I cant tell, but it will happen.

    yes, they ARE working on something. they ARE doing stuff which adds to the game. but compared to other games from blizzard it is just too slow and not really that much.
    i said it time and time again: one strength and weakness of d3 always was that you could leave it for a year, return, read up on guides to select the correct runes and were good to go. sure, it is great to be able to jump right back into the action. it is also sad that nothing really changes in this game. how many times did the starcraft 2 login screen got revamped and refined until it got this great UI it is today? how often did they add content or allow content to be created by the community?
    they don't have to implement the possibility for the community to create content in diablo. but you have a great customization option via the banners, portraits and whatnot. yet it is being squandered by mindlessly drawing portraits which obstruct paragon levels, don't fit the theme or are just plain ugly. they could add more achievements and link them to these cosmetic kind of things. they could do community events and i don't mean the buffs they didn't even follow through with. diablo 3 would really have benefitted from GMs which gave buffs for a weekend or declare a subzone for some rampage involving a special set of enemies. reality is: the game is utterly static and nothing gets changed on the fly like in WoW. relog, boom, winterveil is here and everything is decorated.
    they didn't do anything for the graphics either. the textures on the big character you see in the login and menu screen were already ugly when the game went into beta. and since the problems with performance are located in the netcode, you could easily release a high res texture pack as an optional checkbox for better rigs. nope, it stays right at the release / slightly upgraded RoS level.
    so, with that being ranted, what is it that the devs are doing? it is almost three months now since they showed a moving, fighting and spellwielding necromancer. why do they still need six months more to finish the polish and still can't give a definitive answer to the questions they got for their friggin' big Q&A? why do we still have to wait for the official pricing? because we will maul them for it. the micropaymancer being the first real content in many months, while the game still sucks in many parts (paragon system, rifts/grifts, item management, one character isn't worth anything), just shows the lack of passion the devs suffer from.
    and once again: no, we don't have to be grateful that they give us some things "for free". they have over 30 million sold units and they got a lot from the RMAH. i am fairly positive that this exceeds the development costs and as i said somewhere else, it should be the passion of the devs to further improve their baby. if they improve upon it, they can make a quick buck for a new class on the side, no problems with that. if the class dlc is everything they are able to do with their skeleton crew, the game is in a dire state.
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    Beotrix: look at their other games. there you can see lots of new content. you cannot call things like rifts content, since it is just another play mode. it was implemented after the people realized in vanilla, that the endgame is something like an alkaizer route. you min-max everything to achieve higher numbers.

    higher numbers such as grift level on some leaderboards with an awful UI for every season where the whole progress gets rebooted. and you don't start something fresh. the last two seasons where practically the same game and patch level. you always have the possibility for all mobs in all of the zones from the whole game in a tidy tunnel and at the end you have a guardian. and you beat a timer. that got old quick and adding "content" like a challenge rift is the same old with a mutator.

    so, either you are very easily pleased, have no real expectations how great a good diablo game could be or just are content enough with the ultra slow work of some devs.

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    Quote from Beotrix»

    Quote from HanSolo1884»

    The Rise of the Necromancer pack will be a Band-Aid. There is so much more this game needs to get people coming back more regularly. This year they appear to be trying to keep the interest up. Maybe they are building up something for 2018. The Necromancer is going to be a character with all the same stuff as the other 6 characters. They will add new class specific items and tweak other items and maybe add some other items. That is all this pack is another character and nothing else. I feel like they have made it clear that this is what it is. Oh yea cosmetics...

    They are also releasing the armory feature, New zones for adventure mode, Challenge Rifts, adding seasons to consoles. Mind you, all of this is likely to come as a future content patch for free, completely seperate from the Necro pack.
    new zones always bring more hassle than joy. challenge rifts are still rifts. consoles? that market must be even smaller than the pc market.
    and the armory feature is just a bit of QoL and it got scratched from the latest patch. did blizzard actually say something about that?
    oh and by the way, please stop with all the "for free" nonsense. you can play hearthstone and heroes of the storm for free. and still get a lot of updates and communication, events and tweaks based on feedback. it is not our fault that blizzard cut the only viable source of revenue (rmah) and go with no additional revenue income at all. they shouldn't add to diablo because we want it so or some of us even demand. they should add to this game out of passion for the franchise and if we can support it, we will. taking half a year or longer for a slightly different class while still trying not to pin a release date or price isn't really a cool way to maintain a franchise.
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    Quote from Bleu42»

    There won't be any new game mechanics for a long time guys, and we're still looking at 6 + months until the Necro.

    Remember, one of the biggest draws of an expansion in almost every Blizzard game is a new class, and they announced that 8 months AHEAD of it dropping. If they had new game play mechanics coming as well, then they could have easily bundled the Nerco, new mechanics, and the new zones they announced into an actual expansion.

    All we're getting, that we have to pay for, is the Necro. If there's any hope of actual mechanically new content, such as jewels / runes and runewords / charms and the talisman / actual new ACTS or story, ect, it'l be in an expansion, which is two + years away.

    two + years sounds reasonable. though i don't think they have the backup from blizzard to do more than the necro at the moment. i know, blizzard games are polished and big. but we are nearly three months closer to the next blizzcon and have no release date or pricing for the necro. or solid gameplay videos. beta tests? anything?
    new zones aren't needed. the cube "story" was shallow, short and not really memorable. new zones can be implemented, when they implement some overarching story like in an expansion. other than that? please don't release all the maps you scrapped while developing RoS..
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    Quote from dhavos»

    I would like also to mention that offical blog that invite to watch dont even have link to stream! If you go to forum when you could post questions you have link but to main facebook page of diablo which if you are not from USA will automatically redirect you to your region facebook where you are basicaly scraved because there is no way to get to videos/stream on USA region(only place where you can access stream). And on top of that no comments allowed under blog.

    They are experimenting with new ways to get to you.... I bet 70% of people didnt even watch stream because they coudnt get there. Navalistis is making so many mistakes that she is switching off comments so people cant critisaze her for lack of profecionalism.

    you can change the locale of the site to the default setting (america). that way you can see the site and the q&a.
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    the fact that there are just four people mildly talking about the subject is astonishing as well. the necro q&a was one of the little glimmers of hope after all.

    and no newspost on the main page for well over twelve hours after the q&a concluded. guess this is the next forum closing.

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    Preface: Many answers have been condensed, shortened and paraphrased. If you want the full context of everything, please go watch the video.
    No talk of launch date or pricing.
    How much of the D2 necro in the new necro?
    Travis played a lot of necro in D2 and was used as a jumping off point, adapting a lot of skills and themes into the D3 design of the class
    Is Revive returning?
    “Absolutely!” A massive undertaking but shaping up well.
    How will you make sure the Necro is different from the WD?
    One way is thematically, darker overall with the themes of bone and blood. Doing some very different things with pets, all are controllable to some degree with where to attack, what to focus on etc. Recently been messing around with different resource models i.e. with corpses and other abilities having blood costs.
    How will all the corpse based skills work since crits destroy corpses?
    Different than how things work in D2. A corpse mechanic had to be evented for the necro to use.
    Will there be aspects of the Poison skill tree from D2 integrated into the D3 necro?
    Not right now, encroaches on the WD. Not that many cool Poison skills so it isn’t going to be brought forward.
    Any love for melee-mancers? Would like to fight along pets.
    A lot of skills are up close and personal, and want to deliver on a close-range fighter style.
    Will Iron Maiden be brought forward as a skill?
    No plans to bring it forward, was decided that it wasn’t a fun gameplay style and that other skills could be used to fill that space.
    How many summons can a Necro have?
    “As many as Julian and the tech team will let me have” More server performance concerns than client concerns, but no defined number as of yet and no plan to set a number.
    What are the weapon types that necro can weild?
    Anything not class specific or bow or crossbow, will have their own class-weapon; scythes.
    Will Necro have Golems?
    “Yep, it sure will” Been working on them to see which ones they liked and which ones worked. Working on new golem types.
    How many types can be used?
    There are currently 3 worked out with room for 1 or 2 more, so 4 or 5.
    Will the Necro do damage itself or is most of the damage from pets?
    It can go both ways with pets doing most of the work or the necro itself doing the bulk of the damage. Many different avenues being developed.
    Two-handed scythe?
    Yes, there will be two-handed scythes.
    Will the Necro minions be temporary or will they be “permament”?
    There will be a variety of pets, some temp and some perm. Skeletal archers and mages will be making an appearance.
    Build a necro based solely on blood abilities or will pets have to be involved?
    They’ve started fleshing out something like that as it is a strong theme.
    Will the Necro start with four sets?
    Yes, that is exactly the plan. Not entirely sure what they will all do yet.
    Does the Necro have things that will do self-damage to deal damage?
    Yes, it’s turning into quite the thing and is becoming its own playstyle.
    Will the Necro have burst or will it be all dot based?
    Necro has nothing that is dot based right now, no dot spells. Everything is nukes, pets and cool utilities. It’s a way to separate the WD and the Necro since the WD is heavy dot based.
    Will there be further updates posted?
    Short answer is yes to keep everyone up to date. No cadence for updates right now but plans to show how things are going.
    Totally will. Was part of the Blizzcon demo. Massive snare and debuffs damage dealt by enemies.
    Special form for the Necro?
    No plans to do anything like that. Army of the Dead was a much cooler form of a longer cooldown ability rather than just matching the other classes. Not a mandatory requirement for classes.
    Damage only or decent support options?
    Don’t design explicit support options, but the Necro does have powerful curses and other things that can help groups out.
    Necro same release time for PC as console?
    Yes, goal to ship all platforms at same time.
    Will there be curses?
    In the lore is this the same Necro from D2?
    Short answer, no. (The people on the stream are not the lore folks by any means.)
    Comprehensive pet command interface?
    No, nothing different than the standard UI. However, a lot of the pet skills are very active in the way that they are used, and passively give you the pets.
    Necro part of RoS or as separate DLC?
    The Necro is a separate standalone pack, but as far as they know will require RoS to have. There is an FAQ on the battle.net site that has more information.
    Will necro be part of the group meta for GR?
    Absolutely hope so due to the unique mechanics that it has. Curses can fit into that role. Hoping that they will be able to fluctuate roles and use a variety of playstyles.
    Will Necro have its own set dungeon?
    Yes, with four sets there will be one for each.
    *Will there be life steal skills? * Yes, a lot of the blood skills will cost health along with essence so there are a lot of recoup health mechanics built in and can be used to benefit your group.
    Will Lidless Wall become a necro item?
    Maybe? Haven’t thought about it yet. Itemization usually comes later in the process.
    Anything else out there that look like they would be perfect for the Necro?
    All of the new stuff that they are developing, but not sure how much of the existing stuff will be converted to become a “Necro item.” Still finishing off skills and runes.
    Any challenges that have been faced so far?
    Julian – Revive: The game has over 1000 unique monsters and for Revive to work each of those could have 6 different varieties, so it’s going to be the most lavishly expensive skill to make bar none. The reason to do it is because it’s awesome!
    Travis – Corpses has taken a lot of time in figuring out how they work. Lot of challenges at the start of development and how to handle with the flow of gameplay and how the interaction works with corpses?
    Julian – There was a lot that went into how the corpses actually look and how they are identified on the battle field. They decided that the corpses should look all the same and behave the same to prevent issues with “saving” certain corpse types and making them easily identifiable.
    How do you handle the situation of no corpses at something like the rift guardian?
    There will be ways to make this work.
    Has there been anything that has come across with the Necro that has made you say “I can’t wait to finish this.”
    Travis – Really excited when it was announced that we were doing the Necro. Been a joy taking the thematic elements from D2 and adapting them to D3. Excited to have it in the hands of players.
    Julian – It was the day before I go on vacation when it was announced internally that they were going to work on the Necro and I wanted to make it absolutely clear that I WANTED TO WORK ON THE NECRO. I was sending emails while on vacation to make sure I got the point across that I wanted to work on the Necro. I’m really excited about the golems since we have sort of double-downed on them and spending a lot of resources on them to make them cool.

    didn't read the whole thing yet, kinda don't know if i need to given that they don't talk about price and release.


    okay, read it. jeez. Q&A. many Q, few definitive A. "don't know yet", "maybe", "that is the plan". as it stands now, they don't seem to have anything really working.

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