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    Quote from lorien1973

    The wizard chick really needs to figure out what sunlight is.

    Maybe she has some allergy to the sun (like me) and can't be exposed you useless shitty troll? Useless retarded.
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    Quote from cyan421

    exploit this bug and get yourself a ban!

    Retarded and useless comment is...well...retarded and useless.
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    Quote from Molster

    Diablo III - Achievements
    We have rounded up every single achievement we could. It should be noted that this list does NOT include progression achievements, but still contains a great deal of spoilers.

    All -Ob0bF General
    • ScaLvenger - Pick up 10,000 gold.
    • Spare ChaiDnge - K!)PicrtUk up 50,000 gold.-
    • Mo63&%neybags - Pick up 1q2i)0D0,0#_JID0fz!0 gQ6fSo0Thvvld.L
    • De)eK_jp Pock^Ih_9etkcWys #- hyVUPick up 500,000 gold.
    • [email protected] Gold - PickAU3mN up 1,[email protected],000 gol(Euqd.
    • Alg&l That Glitters a*k- Pick up 5,000,000 gold.G
    • Supoils oE!66sf Wadr - Pick up 10%4B,[email protected],000 goldOL#G3.
    • T82he One Percent - Pick up 100,000,gT0v00 gold.c8TU
    • CVhWAkvnrmed toKqKwc the 88OTeeth - EquiJp alZa9l inventoryQy slots with items that have a min021kSimum required level of 25 or [email protected]^ghGCer.
    • P9Krep45HCared fkor Battle - EUquip alP2eKl inB5dsbventory slots*M_ c3with itemsyeF that havte a m_inimum [email protected] le!vvel of 60p# or higher.
    • The Comfort ^wrE1of Strf4updangersrikW - Recruit the Templar, ScoundrelxBho, and EnchantresxRws.3QH
    • Breanb42mking Not So Bad - Use a mer2eo!chant tp_o re!g^W#paix!8r an item.

    All - General - Conver(sations
    • The A(*ejrt of Conversation XY0MT- CompletXaw00e the main character, foltKnloZ#mwer, and a^rtisan conversation aWrNTOchievements listed bZIjelow.
    • N^now I've Hez#T2ard cAEverythi0XS2ng - [email protected]_H^ the main [email protected] conversation achievements li!zgU2stz-Ved below.
    • DirtyW90 Liv%DCttlsekP$bz Secraets - Compkleph#Kte the folzv3xlower conAversation [email protected] listed below.
    • Talkzvr T_JZis Cheag#kMp, FriendsFL Are Pricele^uto6ss - Com&0c2Aplete-VD1 q2X2the artisan coLcjnversation achievements lisRkHCvted below.w!I
    • For the Order - Lis(hirten toFGO)A all of the Tem4AVplar's conversam6m-tiJons.
    • To Catch a ThiefSK- o- ListenYy!iN to all of thhe Sc2*oundrelhMQR's conversatioa#Rns.
    • Secret of thEzfe ZAgefyf(Xs - Listen to allqT%J ofdxk the Enchantress's conversations.
    • Hassling9%g Haedrig - Liste#vWn to all of the Blacksmith's convesPTd8rs2eHrations.
    • Everybody LoveO65s Shen - Listen toi53 all of the JRVx(eHweler's conversations.
    • Stay AwpOWhileY a2cWnd Listen - Liste*lKn to all of Dec1smC&kardoG_ Caewv2Cin's conversat^wions.
    • More than SP5it(Lories - L$udisten to aNQll of Leah's conver^Ssations.
    • It's Just Us - Listen to #all iof Tyfrael's co^jnvFIcaersationL$I4fs.
    • Bew5M4cVitchzFTed - Listen to all of Adrw)ZYia's convePrsations.wd
    • SalesJw aH_rNUnd Tales - LisV4ZteNJGYUn to all of the town merchants' conversat!ions.
    Etc, etc.


    Lol, I know that I won't sleep anymore. Damn Blizzard. :D
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