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    posted a message on So whats the point in playing anymore? (constructive no flame please)
    I have the same feeling about the game. It feels like its pointless to play, and i didnt feel that with diablo 2. I think there is 2 very fundamental reasons for this.

    Reason 1:
    In D2 you often farmed with other playing cowruns/diabloruns/baalruns. It was very varied. sometimes you got into a great group, where people socialized abit, and generally had fun, or a highly efficient run where a few teleporters found baal's room quickly and could deal out a huge amount of dmg. Sure some leeched but it didnt matter as the XP bonuses by playing in groups was better than playing alone. In D3 i never play in groups and when i have tried it it has been highly inefficient. To me this is a huge problem with D3. They really need to promote groupplay much much more, and introduce 8 player mode.

    Reason 2:
    In D2 there was actual rewards to relevel multiple chars of the same class. Partly to try new builds, partly to unlock certain 1 time only quests again, ect. You dont have that in D3. Level a class one time and you can try all the builds over and over again and there is no statdistribution. Some people like this but it actually hurts the game that there is no reason to relevel characters.

    But the main difference i think, is that the incentive to play with others to optimize your playstyle is not resent in D3. You often just play alone because its faster and more efficient.

    Quote from Zero(pS)

    The game is only not ok for those who care about what's "most optimal" and what's the "best way to play the game", which is a very negative way to view games nowadays, imho.
    I have said it again and again. People WILL NOT play the game the way its most fun for them. They will often end up playing the game the way its most efficent for them, and then grow bored quickly instead. Its human nature to strive for efficiency. Especially in a game like diablo, which is all about grinding. Thats why its very important to make groupplay more efficient than singleplayer.
    Same thing happened with WoW for me, when Blizzard, nerfed the raids into faceroll mode, and introduced LFR/LFG/faction change/realm change in both PvP and PvE. Suddently there was no/very little incentive to socialize, and treat people with respect.
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    posted a message on Message from Jay Wilson
    Good luck to Jay in future projects.
    Im not stuck in the 90s, so I can enjoy D3 for what it is and not grasp at an old, outdated, "good-for-its-time" relic.Im certain D3 will be better than D2 ever was.

    Lots of the good stuff from the 90s havent been implemented though, and thats a big mistake.

    No Ladder
    No runewords.
    No PvP until 1.7
    Only 4 players max instead of 8? big mistake.
    heavy gold inflation as there is no gold sinks, or alternative currencies
    Very little reason to team up
    Removal of the usability og gold and magic find + a stupid cap.
    No manual stat distribution as you are leveling up.
    No infinite dungeon system.
    Too much emphasis on weapon dmg and primary stats, which forces you to focus on only specific stats.
    No funny weapons/items with special skill abilities(D2 teleport spell on a runeword comes to mind)
    Poor combat against botters, resulting in a heavily inflated economy.
    Little reason to level a new char as you can change your skills at a whim.
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.4 Interview with Jay Wilson and Andrew Chambers
    Quote from pikke

    I don't like ladder...at all, I am happy there is no ladder.
    And I've played D1 and D2 + LoD basically till I got D3.

    Lot of changes, we shall see how things will work out in the field.
    Interesting days to come.

    Have fun and thanks Molster :)
    Why didnt you like ladders in D2 LoD? It wasnt like you were forced into one. It was freely up to everyone if they wanted to start a character on the ladder server or stick to the non ladder server.
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.4 Interview with Jay Wilson and Andrew Chambers
    Quote from Catalept

    Quote from Sikk

    Ladder not fun? Please stop telling us what's fun.

    Watching a handful of nutters that no-one else even has a chance of competing with racing to the top of a paragon-level ladder is fun for you? I'd have to see a vote before I could believe you weren't in a very small minority.

    Unless you're seriously suggesting that they were saying that ladders in general were a bad idea? You're not, are you? Because that would be very embarrassing.
    jeezz......why is soo many thinking its all about racing to the top? I couldnt care less about who gets the 100 paragon levels first. The reason a ladder is great is that you get to start over from scratch with many others, and best of all with a fresh economy. You will be able to sell stuff that arent sellable atm, because people wont have the best gear yet.
    You know currently less and less items can be sold simply because people keep improving their gear and selling their old. There is no items that leaves the economy but only items that enters. In the end you will be left with only the very best items that can be sold because of this fact.
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    posted a message on Blizzard is becoming too obvious.
    Quote from coldone22
    How does Blizzard do it? They make a game with all these annoying small things that they know players will hate. Then they wait for a certain big game like GW2 to come out. And THEN they pump in this miracle patch in the same week as the GW2 game releases, a patch that could have been out months ago.
    I dont think they make changes people will hate on purpose, but i agree that it seems pretty clear that the big changes and patches always comes out when other big games is being released or have open beta weekends.
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    posted a message on Wow, who is lame enough to want a gear switch button?
    Quote from jwylie311

    Wanting a gear switching button means you want to equip your best DPS/defense gear, lower an enemies health to 5% or lower, and equip extremely meaningless and poor items that happen to have high MF for the killing of the enemy.

    That's f*cking lame. This would remove the entire idea of trying to build a nice MF set with minimal DPS/defense loss.

    Is that what you losers want? No set of MF gear with minimal DPS/defense loss? You don't want to have a whole new and fun theorycrafting strategy to work on?

    im with you all the way. Its quite horrible that blizzard even consider a switch button like that.
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    posted a message on Inferno Has Been Cleared
    Well nomatter what people say they beat him and they were the first, clever use of game mechanic or not.
    Gratz to both method and Sygodoeden.

    Now let the grinding begin. Afterall that is what diablo is all about, grinding gear and trading. ;)
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    posted a message on Do you think d3 will last as long as d2?
    It all depends on replayability.

    In D2 it took weeks or months to reach lvl 99. In this game the time it takes to reach max level is nowhere near D2. Thats one nail in the coffin for the lasting of this game.

    Hands down the most important thing that will deside if this game will stay popular is the economy. D2 did this very cleverly by having runes/runewords, small/large/grand charms, aswell as certain legendaries like stone of jordans. Instead of gold these items worked as currency. In D3 you only have gold as a currency and i think that will be a problem. There arent these items that you can grind for like you could in D2. In D3 either you find the item you are looking for or you dont. In D2 you could slowly grind towards that hard to get item, by finding usefull charms, Stone of jordans, runes and so on, and then sell a bunch for your sought out item. I really doubt that any amount of gold would get you a hold on a great windforce or something similiar, simply because gold is too easy to get. Most likely these really hard to get items will be sold for real money and that will keep most away from trading the lvl 60 gear. This is quite a problem as its very fast to level to 60.

    The lack of magic find boosting on your character is also a big thumb down in my book. I loved this aspect of maximizing MF and grinding bosses. Playing and looking at high level streams, bosses seems to drop worse loot than champion mobs and rare mobs. That just seem wrong.

    Also the fact that once your level a class you can play around with the skills. In D2 you had to start over if you. f.eks wanted to play a fire sorc instead of a cold sorc. That in itself made you want to replay the game.

    Finally this is also partly a Activision game(dont be naive thinking they have nothing to say)
    Knowing Activision they will do everything they can to squeeze every penny out of this franchise. Im sure this game could be waay better than it is but they will keep the good stuff back, for future expansions. I think we will see introductions of runewords, i think we will see good old farming of bosses for loot, and boosting, i think we will see lvl 99 grinding that will take ages, but they hold it back for various expansions, to farm peoples money. Activision are experts at doing this.
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