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    posted a message on RIP AH you will be missed
    What screwed things up was that game wasnt bot secure at launch. AH have NOTHING with that to do. Just having very big doubts that this expansion will give replay value for more than 2 weeks tops.
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    posted a message on RIP AH you will be missed
    RIP AH you will be missed, worst decision ever by Blizzard.
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    posted a message on Gold Auction House and Real Money Auction House SHUTTING DOWN!
    A total disaster will happen with this decision. Been a strong supporter of Blizzard for 20 years but this is one of the worst decisions i have ever seen by them. Dont they remember the HELL that was D2 trading and all the SCAM sites galore.

    Undo this change ASAP since it is pretty much a deal breaker for me. since no way in hell i will spend 15hrs in trade chat to unload a good find.

    Only way you can remove the AH is if you make EVERYTHING that drops Bind on account. no gem trades no gold trades ( gold will be 100% worthless what step forward blizzard, really hope you see the sarcasm in making gold 100% USELESS, unless you increase repair bills to be 500k or more per death i dont see any value on gold what so ever for the future)

    Just overall a DISASTER is coming if this goes live and it is pretty much a deal breaker and you got that from a very loyal blizzard customer that have bought EVERY release for the last 20 years..
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    posted a message on 1.0.7 50 Million Critical Mass Budget Guide, Crafted Item Stat Rolls, Witch Doctors and Attack Speed, Blue Posts
    Quote from fatkinglet

    Why is it not in budget when 1 million only cost 25 cents. 50m = $12.5 !!!!

    Some people might not want to spend real dollars, And some of us never got lucky early on to get the god mother of all godly loots to drop back at the start of the game. 99.9999% of all things you find are vendor junk and you need to be very lucky to even get 1 item that sells for more than 10k gold. 50 million is ultra rich budget for most people that wasnt extremly lucky and got the godmother of all awesome drop in the first couple of weeks of the game being out.
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    posted a message on Account suspended?
    Most likely you are doing purchases on a computer // domain that is NOT matching your credit card and or your data of residence.

    Sounds like typical automatic anti fraud measures that are kicking in to prevent your account from being able to be hi jacked by folks in some foreign country and run up the bill on your credit card
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    posted a message on New scam doing the rounds
    If you are this greedy and fall for it i feel no pity for you. Karma is a bitch and justice comes quickly sometimes. You look to cheat you get punished quickly if you are not very bright
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    posted a message on Global Warming Disproven? New Study Shows 2000 Yrs of Cooling!
    Quote from Maxyim


    This is rather alarming. Any idea if this is legit?

    If so, I just want to give a big fat "well played" kudos to left-wing parties around the world for such a highly successful power grab tactic! Wonder what will happen now...

    If it is a hoax and it isnt real the worst we get if I am wrong is a better earth to leave on, more green eco friendly energy, If the denial crowd is wrong we get a fucked up planet.

    So yeah really even if it is only 0.001% risk of climate change you have to work really hard to prevent it since the fatal bad roll will kill you forever
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 better than diablo 2?
    Quote from Sindromica

    In its current form D3 is no-where near diablo 2 for playability...even if you compare The original pre expansion d2 i still feel D2 wins out....that being said you have to remember that when Diablo 2 was released it was unique except for obviously Diablo 1,there was nothing else like it so ofcourse nothing to compare it to.I played Diablo 2 on and off for 12 many players can (Honestly) say they will be playing Diablo 3 in 12 years time?

    Not even close D2 without LOD at the early stages was terrible, the end game was kill diablo since nothing else gave XP and it gave an abysmal amount. D3 is of to a very solid start in many areas And it is miles ahead of where D2 where at a similar time frame. I know i played them both. Been with Diablo since Diablo 1. And D3 is clearly on the right track in many areas. My biggest grip is how they nerfed content and failed to deliver on the fact that inferno is supposed to take months of not years to complete. It is your longterm goal work on. Well that didnt hold true with nerfs almost instantly
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    posted a message on D3 "DEAD" in 2-3 months
    Quote from Vashavi

    You expect to find better, high end items, even though they're 1 in a billion chance.. Such a joke.. Have you ever thought of the consequences if they increase the drop rate?.. Everyone will suddenly find amazing items, and it's gonna become some evil spiral of doom.. People want increased item drop rates, because they find the same kind of items that 99% of every one else is finding.. everyone wants that one billion item.. I mean come on..

    They get the drop rate high enough to please him for a short moment and once he have gotten his good gear and tries to sell some he will find that the almost perfect item isnt worth more than 10k since it only had 299 str and not 300
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    posted a message on The duping begins
    Only solution is life time ban from all games included
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    posted a message on What's the point of uniques if you can't use them ?
    Quote from Mormolyce

    Quote from TheDFO

    Well, to be fair, 95% of uniques in D2 were terrible end game as well. And this is after LOD made them more useful (correct me if I'm wrong, but vanilla D2 only had uniques in the normal version of items).

    Yep that's correct.

    I wouldn't want it to be like late LOD though where a handful of items were BiS (mostly runewords and sets with a few high end uniques) so everyone wore those and everything else in the game was junk (all rares for example). It's going to be hard for Blizzard to balance random items against fixed ones.

    Set them at the level of a good rolled rare. the great and perfect rolled rare should always be better, in regards to weapon think 1100ish give or take on a 2h and 900 on a 1h, not the best that you can find but clearly with the extra on the side it should be more attractive than a 1048,3 dps blue 1h. We do this we have fixed legendary
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    posted a message on Refuses to make offline version; justifies "pay-to-win" model to fund server costs.
    Kinda funny to see all the nerdrage about RMAH and this is probably from the same people that consider capitalism the ultimate great economic system.

    Look on the RMAH thru the capitalism eye glasses. You are rich you get access to more and better stuff, Just like in real life, endorse it work harder and you might become rich as well. Or do you want socialism and communists destroying your game?

    I just see a lot of this whine as i want everyone to be just as poor as me in the game i cant accept that someone is better than me have more $$ than me.

    If we can get a game that is NOT having the problems that D2 had in regards to dupes etc we will all be much better of. D2 died due to the hacks and cheats. I know i quit it due to all the hacks and dupes and shit. Playing legit you had ZERO chance to get anywhere in D2 you where always a 2nd class citizen in the game if you played legit since you always stood the risk of running into some retardazon with a bow doing 3 million dmg in 1 hit from across the zone.

    Hacks is what killed it for me. And i find it funny that my hardcore characters died to inactive and not a single one died to mobs. sure not that i got 99, didnt have any interest in grinding it out with the risk of having all your work wrecked due a single idiot hacker.
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    posted a message on Inferno is stupid ?!
    Quote from tac0

    hello !

    im a pretty frustrated monk, now.. im aware that blizzard are looking into this anyway but just wanna get it out of my chest,

    anything but ranged in D3 right now is pointless. i love the monk but theres no way for me to progress right now into act 2, i took me years to get through act 1 but i finally can farm it easy,

    but act 2 is still impossible.

    the thing is ,ive got better items that drops in ACT1 right now, the best weapon drop ive got has 300-500dps.. im mean wtf? thats close to what dps items have in nightmare
    this is the hardest goddamn difficulty and you get 300dps weapons? i expected more from blizzard, cuz the only way for me to REALLY progress right now, is to kill bosses in ACT1 and champions,take the loot and sell it to vendor ( and if im lucky enough ill be able to sell some slightly better at AH) until i get about

    14MILLION to pay for a weapon in the over-price house so i can progress, and another 1-8m, for each slot of my character to get the defense and Hp i need. SERIOUSLY?

    that felt good,

    anyway.. the fuck did you progress? do tell me if you got any tips, im at the verge of leaving this game until they fix it but i really wanna progress so i can farm the set items and get some legendaries or something, you know? ENJOYING the game.. but right now, this isnt fun for one bit.

    EDIIT: just to point out, i had to buy shitons of overpriced AH items to get this far in the first place, while my ranged-class-player friend didnt buy a single item and just ran with what he had and soloed everything so easy.. well done

    Care to link your statistics so we can see your 700 res all and all that stuff ( that gear do drop in act1 it sure does) And no you dont need a 14 million gold weapon to advance into act2 not even close. If you think act2 is rough i just fear the backlash when you somehow gets into act3 and 4 and expect your sub par gear to still be working. Monks with gear do perfectly fine in act2 trust me i have seen it and that gear is available from act1 to get you started in Act2. If anything i predict a nerf to melee classes since they are almost unkillable gods when you load them up with the gear needed while ranged still have to play perfect glass cannon and dodge EVERYTHING or you die
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    posted a message on Act 3 Barbarian, What should my stats be?
    To farm act3 as a warrior i would suggest 900+ resist all with phys res being 1100+ try to get to 10k armor and 55-60k hp at least, even with that kind of gear you will still find that some things are unkillable and will basically destroy you very quickly. with those numbers some mobs can still smash you for big chunks of your life in 1 hit. Legendary is a luxury and far from a must have to advance in inferno. Act 2 should start to feel trivial than you are geared enough to move into act3 as a barb.
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    posted a message on First banwave?
    Quote from Daemaro

    Yeah I could see them doing it close to RMAH is released. If that's still a little ways off may be sooner. They're going to have to get some of the dirty gold out of the game. It's devalued so much right now.

    But prices will not go down on top end goods. it has set the floor so to speak for what top end gear is worth.
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