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    posted a message on We need a fix for leveling up gems - leveling 16 gems per character to level 70+ is a pain especially for multiple characters!
    Quote from Bagstone»

    Augmenting was introduced to address several things:

    • It diminishes the impact of paragon. A rank 100 augmentation makes up for 100 paragon level, so the difference between a fully augmented character and one without any augments is 1300 paragon ranks. More importantly, by further artificially inflating main stat on gear to levels of 25000 for some of the top players, the effect of additional paragon levels is devalued.

    Unless I am missing something, like your character main stat can diminish, but any player with 1000 more paragon main stat, will still be ahead. Because chances are they probably have the same augmentation, if not higher augmented gear.

    And when does the effect of additional paragon levels become devalued? It seems with each patch the power creep increases, we have higher average farming greater rift levels, so the next season we will be seeing 2500-3000 levels achieved. At what point does someone decide it's not worth the time, for say - 500 levels?

    It's just too much on top of each other with the power creep adding higher levels. Full set of gear with an average of level 90-100 gems now in season 6, as well as aiming for 2000+ in levels.

    I am all in favour of you get what time you put in, but I expected that the time would come in the sense of finding perfect gear. With paragons and augmenting, the game has now just become a little too repetitive.

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    posted a message on Wizard buffs in 2.4

    Very disappointed that the Elemental Exposure buffing legendary is a source. Direct competition with Furnace in the cube and a huge number of more powerful effects in the actual slot will ensure this is rarely, if ever used.

    Good cosmetic though. :D
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    posted a message on Blizzard Sues Bot Creators

    It's been done before in Germany, and the bot company won the case.

    This is hardly a step forward. The problem is with the game design benefiting those who bot than those who play.

    And even if Blizzard discarded of the popular used bot programs, there's always going to be a small % of users who know someone that can write a good script which would go undetected for months.

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    posted a message on The State of Diablo 3 (Video)

    It's just sad Blizzard see's Diablo as their side project or lesser in comparison to their other titles.

    Personally think this game has huge potential for expanding. 4 major patches since the expansion was released and with each patch, the amount of new things for end game entertainment has increased tremendously. And they must see the interest within the first few weeks of a season as a result.

    I can't stress enough to people how positive a micro transaction system (cosmetic only) would be for Diablo. Even if they were to only hire 1 or 2 extra staff members to help with the game. It's not all about content, they could also use some of the profit generated to get quality of life changes, eg. better servers or interface updates.

    The possibilities for features are endless. So many good idea's have been brought up over the forums or on other discussion websites, like custom greater rifts, seasonal themes (no critical hit chance allowed or double rift guardians for greater rifts), revamped paragon system ideas, new game mode's like a PvEvP race style rift, the list goes on.

    And the possibilities for cosmetics are endless, portraits, wings, pets, weapon & armour skins, character re skins, character banners, and even skill skins?

    Just a glimmer of hope, they might announce something huge at Blizzcon. Otherwise it's a disappointment.

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    posted a message on Grift Tier 85+ Videos
    Quote from head0r»

    what we really need: SOMETHING from blizzard. are they going to bake some functions from turbohud into the standard ui (or as an option) and forbid the use explicitly? will they crack down on real botters? or are both allowed? if so, please say it so that everyone is on the same level.

    but we get nothing. except a slaughtered calf inn. strange state this game is in.

    This is exactly it. The reason why people bot is because of the no cap paragon system, and the reason people use turbo hud is because of a poor hud design, poor map generation and too much density means you can't see shit.

    The game still needs a lot of attention from Blizzard. And from the looks of Blizzcon, its looking pretty dim.

    Such a shame they don't see the micro transaction potential, could easily get them a steady income which could then benefit players with more development or quality of life changes, eg. better servers.

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    posted a message on Streamer goes to sleep. Bots openly on stream.

    The main objective of bot's are finding items, crafting materials and to get greater rift keys so during the hours they are playing they would never spend any time outside of greater rift experience farming.

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    posted a message on Grift Tier 85+ Videos

    The irony in all of this is, the more you talk about THUD the more that random casual's are going to go investigate and try it out.

    Kudos to the guy who created it, must be minted with donations. :)

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    posted a message on [Debate] Cheating in D3? What is cheating and what is not?
    Quote from qwee

    I'll just leave this here.


    If your going to bot, at least do it with some dignity of not leaving your stream on. :D

    It's an obvious flaw with the design at the moment with endless paragon levels. As well as the HUD of the game being so poor with interacting with the player. They both need some development focus.

    But this is Blizzard, and the amount of shits given for this game is little to none.

    Such a shame, being one my favourite games, and personally I think it has a lot of potential to make them a steady income.

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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2015 - Diablo is dead

    Blizzard did say Diablo is a minor game to fill the gap between the content of their main games, and because of this, it has the least amount of staff.

    Personally if this is the case with Blizzcon 2015, im baffled in why they can't see the potential in Diablo. Surely from the statistics within the first month of every season must prove the popularity of the game.

    The game currently needs some sort of income. A year and a half with free content is not going to look well for the company. Either a new expansion or micro transactions, if neither announced at Blizzcon 2015 then its sad days.

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    posted a message on [EU][HC] GLORIOUS! Community

    Europe - Hardcore - Season

    Looking for experienced players to join our community.
    As most of us have our separate clans, we are after a channel to form groups.
    The community has currently 20 members.

    We want players who can do fast Greater Rift's (level 50-55).

    Other objectives are welcome as well - (T8-10 Rifts, Ubers, GRift Progression).

    Requirements to Join:
    At least Paragon 0 (subject to change with age of season).
    At least Greater Rift Level 45 cleared 4-man.
    Well geared.

    Using the in game community finder, search for 'GLORIOUS' under 'All Categories' and the language 'English'.
    Apply to join and we'll check your profile.
    or contact me @ zehkari#2657
    Happy Days!
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    posted a message on What will you be playing Season 4?
    Quote from Seifa»

    And stop playing after a couple of weeks again.... i hope not :S

    With each season it grows for time spent playing, for me anyway. :D

    A lot more choice with this patch, all classes having some nice options. Still undecided on what to roll.

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    posted a message on PTR 2.3 - Rift / Greater Rift Changes (Video)

    It's been said countless times before - Pylons should not be in greater rifts.

    There's enough RNG of map rolls/mobs/rift bosses for it to be a bit spontaneous.

    With higher torment levels now, Pylons shouldn't feel missed or non effective within the game.

    The one feature that's based around a competitive leader board should have as little RNG as possible, showing players who have skill/build design/time spent are where they are on the board rather than being there because of one lucky roll.

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    posted a message on hellfire changes


    2.3 hype, can't wait.

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    posted a message on Asian servs getting 10 stash tabs!

    Micro transactions should be brought to the west. As long as their cosmetic only and don't supply players with an advantage over finding items then I see nothing wrong with it.

    In fact its a very positive thing for the game and will provide blizzard with an income where then they can maybe introduce a couple of new staff members to increase production.

    I would easily spend cash on stash space or a pair of wings. This game has so much potential for micro transactions.

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