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    To calculate with magic weapon:

    calculations!C19*(1 + magic weapon %)

    adjust bonus damage % accordingly.
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    Quote from Maerlimi

    Quote from Voltz

    what do you think of this build then? http://us.battle.net...XYmO!cXg!aZZYcb

    strategy: frost nova on group of mobs-->diamond skin-->spam meteor-->electrocute for crits and regen AP, use Archon when needed. this is my favorite build so far, please don't be so hard on me i am more of a pvp guy, it's hard to think for pve :)

    A good aoe build.

    Edit: but critical mass....ppl think it's a good passive but it's usually not. The chance is like 5% from the reports we got. Not good. Unless you have tons of crit Evocation is better, and even them...

    5%? Kripp said it was about 50% when he tested it in beta.
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    I don't think gale force has a use for many situations. It's definitely strong in narrow zones (imagine maggot lair), but not a very good choice for general build. I recommend wicked wind, though storm chaser or raging storm might be viable; I just need to know more about its specific mechanics.

    Power of the storm isn't very good. Pinpoint barrier energy armor would give more dps and probably more energy regen. My calculations show 5% crit is worth ~2 ap/s per 5 enemies being hit by 1 tornado. This is with 8 ap on crit. Compare that to ~4.5 ap/s only when casting spells that cost ap.

    This build has crazy synergy with deep freeze frost nova once you have some ap on crit gear. I consider this pretty much mandatory in a critical mass build.

    The only other thing to note is I think you're lacking quite a bit of utility. All you have is slow time. I'd drop evocation since it's overkill in a critical mass build and pick up temporal flux.

    I actually have made a build like this for high level play. It's my signature-less build with extremely high slowing utility. It's only useable when you have some decent ap on crit (about 5 as a minimum, 8 is pretty comfortable). Archon can be swapped for a couple of different skills depending on how good archon is (sparkflint, energy armor, poison hydra?).


    edit: fixed twister rune.
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