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    posted a message on loot share DH party?
    Will add ye fellow DH,

    or add me if you like since I'll be at work all day

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    posted a message on Too Hard!
    Quote from Basho

    Yesterday I ran across an elete pack with Waller, Vortex, and Reflect Damage on them. Once involved I couldn't run away, kept being walled in, and lost health whenever I could create some damage. So, of course, I died. But as I was close to my waypoint when I revived I was right back in the battle. What fun. All I could do was leave the game and try again.

    When there are mobs around that can't be beat it is VERY frustrating. I don't understand why this is good for the game.

    Just a rant. I wanted to blow off steam.

    Lol, join the club. You cleary didnt play pre patch 1.04, it was much worse. The game is actually waaaayyyyy easier now @ MP0. Try farming for gold and getting some upgrades in the auction house.
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    posted a message on Why do you play D3?
    Same, beer, heavy metal and diablo 3 at the end of the day to unwind. Plus i love gaining DPS, the hunt for items, making that gold, buy/selling in the auction house. Oh, and killing monsters is fun I guess too
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    posted a message on Monster Power - Most Bang for Time Spent
    Consider this, as monster power increases, so does the monster health. This means that for every increase to monster health, you will have to spend more time killing them. I made this little chart to show the best moster power ratios for both experience and magic/gold find.

    Basically, if you consider the time involved. The more often you roll the dice is as important as what probablilty you have of rolling certain results on a die. Therfore, the lowest ratios on this chart reveal the most experience @ MP4 and MF @ MP3 in terms of the amount of time you will have to play to receive the benefit.

    At higher mosnter power levels, the experience and mf bonus are trumped by the disproportionate increase to monster health (in other words, the time you will have to spend killing them)

    Hope this is helpful.
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    posted a message on The real reason why D3 is broken
    It way more fun to play an act then to kill the same boss 29 times.
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    posted a message on What's the point of uniques if you can't use them ?
    What I can not even begin to understand is how theY made them so terribly and obviously shitty. In what world did they say, "we finished our work on the legendaries, clearly this will be great considering the most generic items will out DPS them and the lvl req's are so high that they will be useless by the time you can use them, job well done sirs"

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    posted a message on Demons Hunters & Resistance
    So everyone has been saying "DH dont need resistence" & "its a Pure DPS class, stop trying to build resistance, we hate you and you should die for suggesting it"

    Well, I beg to differ.

    Before I built up my resistances to about 300 each, 500 for physical, I could not even try to compete in Act 2. Yes its true, you can just buff your damage and your move speed and run away constantly. But guess what, if you can get good enough gear such that you can get a good deal of Res without losing to much DPS, you can take a good 3-4 hits in Act 2 inferno.

    It does not sound like much, but in truth its everything. This allows you time to get away, use a potion, pick up a health globe, while continuing to kite and fire those elemental blood balls and elites.

    Following this logic, (plus the upcoming inferno nerf), even higher resistences and hp would be a blessing for moving into act 3 -4.

    Why do people disagree with this approach?
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    posted a message on will 1.0.3 help?
    The fact that you can get act 4 gear in act 1 is enough of a game changer. The fact that they are also smoothing the difficulty spike is icing on the cake.

    No way things are staying the same.
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    posted a message on The servers are busy...
    Quote from Xago

    fuck this shit im going to bed
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