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    Hai guys. I got a bunch of suggestions to possible changes to the game that would make sense and improve the game atleast to me. I was gonna try to post it on battle.net d3 forums but for some reason I can't create thread there because my game account is frozen (wierd because well yeah, it's not).

    Suggestions will touch on many fields of gameplay but I will adhere from posting on specific class skills/spells and balance. This is because of several reasons, I feel that blizzard is not really flexible when it comes to changing skills/runes up, while I have one of each class with about ~100 hrs played. I really only have the depth of experience with witch doctors that I feel is needed to even start discussing technical matters pertinent to changing skills, runes and the workings on classes overall. While I have some ideas about WD specific changes these will be saved for another day.

    Ok here we go this will be a list with no specific order of what I think is important, just the way I collect my thoughts.

    #1: A JC pattern.

    I feel Flawless Square gems have too little use and too little value as is. This is what I propose. Jewelcrafting patterns that allows for crafting a healing shard that's essentially a stronger health potion with added minibuffs depending either on the gems used or all random. Also let these be AH'able providing for possible currency generation without having to rely on that never-cooming drop.

    Let's say 5 mythic pots and 1 gems (I don't want this change to impact the current economic state of flawless gems as more expensive gems would not make gem crafting profitable -at all-)

    Makes 3-5 shards healing like a mythic + 5000 with one of the following extra buffs for the CD duration of a potion.

    - 5% runspeed
    - 5% mf/gf
    - 5% exp
    - restore resources or added resource generation for the duration
    - a potpurri of defensive stats
    - offensive stats

    - I would also like to see a pure resource potion

    As you imagine alot can be done with this, and why not? It's a fun little thing that won't impact the game too much but just allow for variety and adding depth.

    #2 Crafting with white item as an optional base.

    Crafting anything but the BoE at this point is more or less worthless. And there are still for some reason whites with added modifications like +armor +damage +ias why can't these be used as an optional item when crafting the 62 items atleast to carry over the buff to the crafted item. This would make white rare rolls have value except thus making cash flow around more which is good for evening out the economy.

    #3 LS on all belts

    Barbs have it, the rest of us should have it. Right now it's a must have for several non barb classes on weapons. This makes a weapon that spawns without LS close to useless to several builds and classes alltogether. Making it available on another slot than weapons for all non-barb classes would make weapons alot more affordable and add a choice versus the almighty Witching Hour. Generally I'd like to see LS on some odd pieces for legendaries like that damredux belt from d2 with LS would be a EHP beast and an option to the more common WH.

    #4 The Artisans Signet

    Necklace or Ring legendary

    +1 random
    + pickup radius
    + gold find
    + gemdrop/tome droprate
    + automatic pickup och gems/tomes/essences

    That's what I have for now, if you like it. Please send it over the battle.net forums as I'm unable to post there. Also please bring criticism and such up, and post your own ideas.

    PS. Let demon hunters dual wield melee weapons, grenade build with EF anyone?

    PPS. Not native english speaker or writer, so there might be grammatical errors and just iffy sentences all over the place, but yeah <3


    tidbits! Mana steal on voodoo masks how badass would that not be? :3
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    cloud,pets and ghöstbomb leans house
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    Locust Swarm w. Pestilence fo sho :3
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    So I've decided to start documenting what I do, what I get and shit like that, perhaps someone can draw some wisdom from it or something. Either way I figured I might aswell share the numbers I jot down while playing.

    This is by no means a way to efficiently farm gold, I just like doing it this way. I'll keep adding more and more runs as I do them.

    Stats are with full NV; I clear atleast 90% of every level; Open all chest, loot all bodies etc. This is how I like it.

    If you want to buy any of my commodities such as gems, plans, tomes, salvage materials or just check out my current stock of rare items. uzehstyle#2125 @ EU Server.


    Act1 Goldfarm Uzehstyle. Manor+Festering Woods+Defiled Crypts+Warden+Butcher-> Check for Watchtower -> Backwards from the Old Ruins

    Run #1 (2012-07-08):

    GF: 263%
    MF: 88%
    Build: http://eu.battle.net...ZUPQ!WVT!aaaabb

    Time: 48min
    Gold: 223149
    Pots: 10
    Tomes: ?
    Square Gems: 5
    Flawless Square: 5

    Goblin: 3
    Champs: ?
    Lifetime Kills: ?

    Rares: 26 (saved 2)
    iLvl 63 rares: 0
    iLvl 62 rares: 10
    ilvl <62 rares: 16

    Blues: 39

    Run #2 (2012-07-08):

    GF: 263%
    MF: 88%
    Build: http://eu.battle.net...ZUPQ!WVT!aaaabb

    Time: 50min
    Gold: 213156
    Pots: 10
    Tomes: 18
    Square Gems: 3
    Flawless Square: 6

    Goblin: 1
    Champs: ?
    Lifetime Kills: +983

    Rares: 30
    iLvl 63 rares: 0
    iLvl 62 rares: 6
    ilvl <62 rares: 24

    Blues: 28

    Run #3 (2012-07-08):

    GF: 263%
    MF: 88%
    Build: http://eu.battle.net...ZUPQ!WVT!aaaabb

    Time: 57min
    Gold: 268343
    Pots: 11
    Tomes: 27
    Square Gems: 4
    Perfect Square: 6

    Goblin: 1
    Champs: 20
    Lifetime Kills: +1057

    Rares: 42
    iLvl 63 rares: 3
    ilvl 62 rares: 4
    ilvl <62 rares: 35

    Blues: 26

    Run #4 (2012-07-17):

    GF: 263%
    MF: 88%
    Build: http://eu.battle.net...ZUPQ!WVT!aaaabb

    Time: 50min
    Gold: 230023
    Pots: 13
    Tomes: 38
    Square Gems: 4
    Perfect Square: 5

    Goblin: 3
    Champs: 17
    Lifetime Kills:

    Rares: 36
    iLvl 63 rares: 2
    ilvl 62 rares: 4
    ilvl <62 rares: 30

    Blues: 42
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