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    posted a message on Need Help Pricing This Offhand
    So basically I bought this offhand sword a few weeks back when I saw it up for 16M on the AH whilst I was looking for a new one, so I instantly snatched it, I'm looking to sell it now since I've gotten a new one and I'm wondering what price it could go for?

    Heres the link: http:// imgur. com/SBAyi (remove spaces I can't post links)

    If the link doesnt work for whatever reason here are the stats:

    1.4 Attacks Per Second
    714 DPS
    119 Strength
    143 Vitality
    Critical Hit Damage Increased by 100%
    2.3% Life Steal

    I'd appreciate any help with this since I'm quiet clueless and I can't find anything around the same stats on the AH, thanks!

    PS, just looked it up on Diabloprogress and It's one of the best OH's up there (with str crit100 LS and socket)
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    posted a message on What loot do you bother with?
    Rune Swords
    Arch Axe

    This is what I pick up during my XP-Farm run (Alkazier Route)
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    posted a message on WTS Barb Gloves x2

    152 STR
    75 Vitality
    24 Crit Damage
    10% Crit Chance

    Second Pair

    86 Strength
    92 Vitality
    28 Poison resistance
    38 Crit Damage
    9.5% Crit Chance

    Offer me ingame at Mightydawn#2744 or in this thread
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    posted a message on Playing D2 (May 2nd - May 14th)
    I'm definitely going to play after the ladder reset, actually I'm going to log on right now and see if it's done yet!
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