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    posted a message on Which class will you use to start Season 8?

    This season will have the dubious honour of being the season that managed to eclipse season 7 as "least interesting season of all time...."

    So- fastest way to get stash is the goal- and a bit of nostalgia/change for me- so DH! (Usually I play wiz, barb or WD)

    get tab- exit back to PoE- see what Blizzcon offers for future...

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    posted a message on Furnace does not exist :(
    Sorry to increase your pain- I have 2- both on my seasonal characters by P400. RNG bites.

    Krindershot? Let's see- DH my main- still don;t have one- Normal P530ish-

    Just the way it goes :)

    Oh- and main char. seasonal is also a DH -
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