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    posted a message on what are the top tier wizards farming now? act3?
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    I run with 280 MF unbuffed, before swapping. I skip areas that I noticed take me a long time and are annoying, that means: Keep level 1, battlements and the icefall cave/frost caverns if I see the leaper elites. I don't bother fully exploring the two open areas between areat gate and the bridge. I kill an elite pack every 4-6minutes. With high MF I dont mind killing white mobs especially in big packs.

    You obviously have never played this game. 280 Magic find unbuffed? Lol OK. Go to this website that I can't post http: // www.d3rmt.com/guides/diablo-3-item-stat-maximum-values/

    Max MF with Wand and offhand and in all slots, ALL ROLLED MAX, is 254 unbuffed. Furthermore you're telling me you kill a champion pack in 4-6 minutes with this "280 magic find unbuffed".

    Makes me laugh IRL.
    you forget about mf boost from helper and the gem you can socket on a helm, also in act 1 is quite possible to kill champion packs as they die like flies.
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    all those pointless guides with 40-60k dps. of course you can fucking farm act2-3, you can do it with 20k dps. learn to fucking play, all of you. the only reason you could cry about inferno is because its too easy,

    While this is quite harshly said, I have to agree. A "guide" for farming with 60k dps is ridiculous to me. With this kind of damage my grandma can farm all the acts with a landmower.

    What do you learn from this guide? "Be lucky and get a 900 dps weapon with a socket"? And 40k hp? With a ranged build? What for? Drop down to 25k or less, with reasonable resistance (400) nothing will kill you and FA will absorb properly. Add high regen to that and you recover from any hit almost instantly.

    It was a challenge to finish Inferno in May. It was a challenge to efficiently farm act 3 or 4 before 1.03. That needed some planning and a lot of dedication. That's when we wrote and read guides that actually made sense.
    rofl, yeah I agree, then some guys come up with some "best farming build" with 80k DPS he could be prolly using normal attack to kill shit with 80Kdps. rofl... and still keep saying hey get more vita shit yeah thats good like they dont even know how to use force armor, and still keep skipping some "hard affix combos" while if they lowered the hp but had high life regeneration/resists/armor you would just faceroll anything no matter what ur dps, never skip a pack again... and diamond skin would be tanking 3-4 hits for you which if u had critical mass with critical gear ud be spamming it quite often(dont even need but just for the lulz).... not even mentioning lower repair costs but whatever...
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