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    Quote from Pietrak

    Do you think that people will still care about non-ladder play?

    I will. I had no interest in ladder in D2, and I have no interest in it in D3. Given that I have time to play, at most, two or three times a week, I have zero interest in re-rolling just because some arbitrary "season" came to an end.

    For all the people out there that are excited for ladder, there are many more casual and semi-casual players who don't give one flying fuck about it.
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    Haven't read through all 3 pages yet, but my thoughts can mostly be summed up as:

    Well, crap.
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    Here's a novel idea:

    Use that 4cc mempo on your own character, or sell it on the gold auction house and use that gold to buy new items for your character.

    Never mind, sorry, I forgot for a moment that people are still interested in profiting off a video game that is supposed to be about fun and entertainment.
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    Quote from AmateurWriter

    KingKongor is 100000% right...
    Blizzard is a stupyd gaming company...
    They have to do something before Farmville will be a better game than all releases from Blizzard.
    Shame on them....

    They just keep crawling out of the woodwork, one after another.
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    I was going to comment on the doing "nothing" remark, but ruksak and Jamoose seem to have already covered this. Take your hyperbole back to the official forums, please.
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    I quit, uninstalled, and later reinstalled Diablo 2 many times over the decade in which I played it off and on. You know what I never did? Announced my quitting and uninstalling in a fan forum.

    I blame facebook, and social media in general, for this. I don't care what you had for dinner last night, and I don't care that you are quitting.
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    Quote from Zero(pS)

    That isn't pointed at anyone in particular in this thread. Probably not even in our forums in this past week.

    I can point you to at least a dozen posts on the official forums with that, though. If they care more about what someone says on a social media or making ignorant remarks at every opportunity instead of behaving like intelligent human beings, I will gladly point out their stupidity.

    We are better than that. And we should hold ourselves and our peers to higher standards.

    It's just that I'm on something of a personal crusade to stamp out the use of the word "retard" as an insult, because it can be quite offensive to people who actually suffer from mental retardation (or those who care for them).

    Sorry, I'll stop highjacking the thread.
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    Why are so many people so upset over the low drop rate of legendaries? You must be the same people that try to sell complete garbage legendaries for 50 million gold on the AH because you think orange text = MONEY. Most of the legendaries are total garbage, or at best garbage with some novelty affix on them that's fun to play around with for a few minutes.

    Are some of them worth a ton of money/gold? Sure. But the same is true of rares, and you probably find 50+ mil rares at about the same rate as the top legendaries.

    If you continue to fail to recognize this, you're setting yourself up for a massive disappointment that will possibly end in a broken keyboard and a rage quit when you FINALLY see orange text only to discover it is a poorly rolled Tasker and Theo.
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    posted a message on Movement speed is amazing!
    I'm at zero. Sometimes turtles pass me in between packs. Once a snail even asked me to pull over and let him by. In early act 1, before he dies, Deckard usually whips me with his cane for holding him up so much.
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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.5 Sneak Peek - Uber Bosses, Monster Powers and More!
    Quote from Serefkana

    Quote from RMrulz
    assuming it is released before Diablo 4, will make it into a legendary game.
    There won't be a Diablo 4, why won't you kiddies understand this? D2 was out for over a decade before getting a Sequel. I think Diablo 3 will follow in the example of WoW/SC, they will keep releasing expansions for it and a true "sequel" will never come.

    It was a joke. I am well aware of how long D2 was out, and how long it will be until D4 comes out if they ever decide to make it. I'm also very much aware of the fact that Blizzard has stated many times that they view the story of D3 as the conclusion of a trilogy started by the original game, so are very uncertain if there will ever be more games in the franchise.

    By the way, I'm 30. Certainly not the oldest here, but old enough to be mildly insulted at being referred to as one of "you kiddies."
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