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    Quote from Bagstone

    Yeah, came up in the other thread.

    I think the analogy to PvP is not correct.

    Yes, it might get even further delayed, but two things should be considered:

    1) As has been said in the bluepost, although the general mechanic of NT has been delayed, some of the encounters still are included in RoS.

    2) PvP wasn't included because they need to get PvE right at first, and balancing that is already quite hard. Balancing the game around PvE and PvP at the same time is like open heart surgery. I'd rather them get one thing perfectly right than two things kinda "meh".

    I personally think the expansion has already loads of interesting new content and this is not something that'll make me go "OH NOEZ, I'M NOT GONNA BUY ROS NOW". It would've been a nice addition, but it could've easily put me into choice paralysis (Nephalem Trials? Nephalem Rifts? Bounties? Story Mode? What the hell should I do now?)

    I generally agree with all of this, and I'm not really all that bothered by it being delayed. It's a little annoying, but it is what it is. I just wasn't sure if it had come up anywhere else on the forums yet, that's all. I'm sure some people will see this as reason #847 that Blizzard sucks and RoS will be a waste of money, but honestly I don't know why those people still visit fansites.
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    My apologies if there is already another thread on this, but I didn't see one in a quick look just now. It looks like the Nephalem Trials that were announced back at Gamescom have been delayed indefinitely, and won't launch with RoS.


    Not a big loss in my book, since it was pretty far down the list in terms of things I was/am excited about. Still, I hope they aren't delayed in the same sense that PvP is delayed.
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    Quote from Catalept

    particularly given the fact that although they never actually announced PvP as a D3 feature (something far too many people forget), they sure as hell indicated that they were working on it,

    Yes, they did. PvP is even listed on the game box, and was included in the ~1 minute trailer for the game that was all over the internet shortly before launch (with small text on the bottom stating it would be available soon after launch). PvP isn't some vague, empty hope, it is a promised game mode that still has not been delivered >1.5 years after launch. I'm actually surprised nobody has tried to sue Blizzard yet.
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    Quote from Mob_Dylan

    It's very true that we spoil our own fun, no arguments there. I just believe people are concerned that it's almost been two years since release of D3 and they still have no clue as what to do with PVP (or maybe they do and they saving it for next X-Pac, which could be a MAJOR selling point). That and the fact that most of the data-mined info has been confirmed as true so far. In my opinion I believe they are making the right, albeit slow decision to fix the game as it stands now by giving us a better loot system, better PVE experience, and an awesome endgame. I do believe PVP will come eventually but I'm not holding my breath anymore. It will come when it comes.

    There's no way they really have figured out PvP and are just saving it to use as a major selling point for a future expansion pack. It was advertised as part of the original game, albeit with the caveat that it wouldn't be included until after launch. If they tried to tie any future PvP game mode to the purchase of an expansion, there would be some pretty serious legal consequences to that. They would be wide open to lawsuits for false advertising. When and if they ever figure out something beyond the simple brawling that we currently have, it will have to be free for anybody who owns the original game.
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    posted a message on Travis Day on "Legendaries/set items being soulbound"
    So many exciting things in RoS that have me really looking forward to playing D3 again, and then this? Fuck.
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    Quote from Bagstone

    3) The goal is to find a Puzzle Ring, a Murlocket, and a Grandfather, defeat Diablo with nothing except these items equipped and type /rickrolled at the very second he dies. Then the cow level will open and once you defeat the Raging Bull King, you have defeated the game.

    You win the internet.
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    posted a message on Worth buying gold off RMAH before it closes down?
    Quote from Pietrak

    Do you think that people will still care about non-ladder play?

    I will. I had no interest in ladder in D2, and I have no interest in it in D3. Given that I have time to play, at most, two or three times a week, I have zero interest in re-rolling just because some arbitrary "season" came to an end.

    For all the people out there that are excited for ladder, there are many more casual and semi-casual players who don't give one flying fuck about it.
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    Quote from KageKaze

    Ladies and gents, I have a quick question. I'm going through all the RoS news to get ideas for my next podcast and noticed something peculiar... I saw a Post by Travis Day:

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    When a season ends all of the paragon experience you have earned will be rolled into the appropriate pool of paragon experience for the account and you will be able to start at 0 again in the new season.

    This is all still a work in progress and subject to change but that is what we are currently intending.

    This seems to confirm a ladder system but I couldn't find any other notes or news that agree with this. Is this the only "confirmation" of a ladder being worked on besides the data mined stuff? I've searched the forums and didn't find anything concrete so was hoping to ask directly.

    Thanks in advance, just want to make sure my data is accurate before I have any major discussion about it.
    Quote from Bleu42

    It's pretty much been 99% confirmed for over a week now. They've openly talked about how ladder paragon XP will roll into your non ladder toons once the season ends / ect.

    so yea, confiiiiiirrrrmmmmeeeeddd =D =D =D

    Well yeah, the OP quoted the actual blue post where they openly talked about this, and then asked if this was the first official confirmation. I asked a very similar question over at diablo.incgamers when that blue post made their news stream. As far as anybody could tell, it was the first official confirmation from somebody at Blizzard that ladder is actually happening rather than something they are thinking about. I'm surprised this has stayed under the radar as much as it has, because as awesome as all the data mining results are, hearing something like this directly from somebody at Blizzard is pretty big.
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    Did Blizzard secretly patch in a loot change?

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    posted a message on Extreme censorship on the Official Forums!
    Quote from horadrimm

    Can someone tell me what rules I violated?

    Sure, I can help you. This is copied directly from the Blizzard forums code of conduct:

    Spamming or Trolling

    This category includes:
    • Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish
    • Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
    • Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters
    • Making non-constructive posts
    • Abusing the Reported Post feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages
    • Numbering a thread, IBTL, TLDR, or any other fad statements

    By my count, you violated three of those.

    Any more questions?
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    Quote from Jaetch

    Critical Mass has no known potential changes yet, so let's assume nothing's changed.

    Considering that the three biggest "abuse" builds in the game are wizard-archon, wizard-cm/ww, and barbarian-ww, and two of those are apparently being rendered completely obsolete, I strongly suspect the cm/ww build will be gone as well. Perhaps an internal cooldown to cm?

    I've been playing cm/ww for quite awhile now, but am so excited that frozen orb is coming back, not to mention the pending awesomeness of black hole, that I really don't care what they do to the abuse builds.
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    Quote from TheLordOfTerror

    F.....ING FROZEN ORB !!!!!!!!

    Is it just me or does it seem they're going for more skill-based play by adding runes that have better effects when you hit the mobs and playing around with elemental damage types on skills?

    Ah... Screw it. F... Frozen Orb is back. And hammers are back. Yaaaay! :)

    This needs repeating.

    FROZEN ORB!!!!!!!!!

    I must have launched somewhere around 3 trillion of those things over the length of my D2 playing career, and I can't wait to launch one again!
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    posted a message on Requiem For A Dream.
    Oh look, another person who thinks the rest of the internet cares when they decide to quit playing a game for awhile.

    I guarantee a ton of people that post here have quit - for periods ranging from days to more than a year - without posting about it. And the world continued to turn just fine even without their big announcements.

    And for the record, Shaggy is a very pleasant person. I've had several enjoyable farming sessions with him. Are you sure the problem isn't with you?
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    Quote from Stephenk291

    As someone who has had my account hacked at least 4 times, mostly due to WoW (even when I stopped playing and cancelled my subscription all together) I've even had an authenticator attached... I think the limit they imposed on gold restorations is just stupid.

    unless its a typo they limited it to 10million gold, hell even 100million is silly.

    Pretty sure at this point in the game 99% of players (yes a made up statistic) have at least 10million or more gold.

    While the changes were surely brought on by people abusing restores..its a bit silly. If your friends are 'hacking' you so you can benefit from a restore they should be able to piece the puzzle together fairly easily.

    1) I call bullshit on being hacked with an authenticator, unless "hacked" means a friend got on your computer when you weren't looking and stole your items.

    2) I don't have 10 million gold, I have never had 10 million gold, and most of the friends I play with have never had 10 million gold. Not everybody plays the AH. Some of us play the game.

    3) The rollback policy is what we get when we have a community full of asshats that use a service provided by Blizzard to act like juvenile delinquents.
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