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    posted a message on Diablo 3 journey and thoughts

    - D3 vanilla sucked

    - RoS sucks less

    - Catering to consoles is the core of what irrevocably killed Diablo 3. It shaped the environments, it shaped all gameplay, it shaped itemization, it shaped the complete lack of a social aspect. There's no amount of content patching that will salvage this failure. Ever.

    That is all.

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    posted a message on Pro Tip for Bola Shot
    If you attack destructible objects next to your enemy target, it will actually instantly trigger your Bola Shot's explosion. This is especially helpful if you chose Impending Doom.

    Though I'm sure this isn't news to everyone, I myself just discovered this. Just passing it on. :)
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    posted a message on Base Stats Help All Five Classes
    I'm posting this in General Discussion because the majority of the discussions currently in General Discussion are criticizing Diablo 3 in some way (which is fine - good or bad - whatever), but many of the points brought up point to stats only being useful for this or that class.

    The base stats in Diablo 3 benefit all 5 classes in some way. Please refer to the "Fundamentals" section of the Game Guide over at the official Diablo 3 site. And I quote:

    • Strength: The primary attribute for Barbarians. Strength increases Barbarian damage, and increases Armor for all classes.
    • Dexterity: The primary attribute for Demon Hunters and Monks. Dexterity increases Demon Hunter and Monk damage, and increases Dodge Chance for all classes.
    • Intelligence: The primary attribute for Witch Doctors and Wizards. Intelligence increases Witch Doctor and Wizard damage, and increases resistances for all classes.

    All stats help everyone to some degree, so hopefully this might help some Barbs not be so disappointed when they get an item with Int on it, or if a Wizard gets something with Strength on it (Strength boosts Armor, Armor reduces the amount of damage taken from enemy attacks, this helps Wizard survive just even that little bit more).


    Happy hunting! :)
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    posted a message on Why Diablo 3 will not last as long as Diablo 2.
    As you're entitled to your opinion, I feel it my duty to point out the flaws in your logic.

    Quote from burninfate

    -This game is linear, directed by quest, meaning each act is separate and the user cannot explore everything at will, this will lead to the game getting old faster because you HAVE to do things in order.

    Once you've finished a difficulty, you're welcome to explore anywhere you like via selecting the act from the Quest Menu. If you're disagreeable because you can't do the Skeleton King quest, then skip to the Iskatu quest without first exiting the game and selecting a different quest, I fail to see how changing quests is any different than changing waypoints in Diablo 2. You still have to go to the act you want to farm.

    Quote from burninfate

    -There is nothing to do at 60 but get more gear for no purpose, D2 had ubrs, this has Inferno mode? which is the same game already played 3 times just "harder".

    D2's ubers didn't come until Patch 1.12. Do you know when D2 launched and when 1.12 was released? YEARS AND YEARS APART! 90% of the D2 population was gone by the time 1.12 was released. Are you saying that Diablo 3 should already have a decade worth of patching and content updates when it first launches? You make no sense...

    Quote from burninfate

    -Gems are boring and have small use, Back in d2 runes and runewords were farmed, adding months to the game.

    Why are gems boring? You do realize that stats increase more than 1 thing, right? Like Intelligence isn't just for casters. It increases all characters' resistances. If you need resists, stack Int! Your stats do several things and therefore gems have plenty of depth. One small thing I would agree with is I wish is that I could gem for Magic Find in more than just my helm, but there's other ways to improve MF. In any case, this point of yours doesn't really hold up either, sorry.

    How is making runewords any better than crafting with the Blacksmith? You still have the opportunity to keep rolling crafts until you get high stats just like runewords. Also, the Legendary crafts seem really damn rare just like high runes were, so I'm really not seeing wtf it is you're saying here...

    Quote from burninfate

    -People hit level cap in under a day, it took weeks to hit level 99 in d2.

    Since when did people care about level cap in D2? And level cap in D2 didn't really make a dam bit of difference. Also, you could level 1-80+ in a matter of a couple hours, so the fact it takes an entire day to hit 60 in D3 is an improvement as far as "leveling too fast" goes. Your logic has failed again.

    Quote from burninfate

    -Gear is horrid, some piece you find in normal can last you until 60 and sometimes even for a while there. There is no Gap between 20's and 50's. That difference should be pretty big.

    This is highly exaggerated and overstated. If you can't provide specific examples, this is a waste of cyberspace. This isn't even flawed logic. It's vague postulating at best...

    Quote from burninfate

    - Yellow, Blues, Legendary, they seem to be very similar with no Huge difference in quality.

    Blizz has already confessed they are planning to update the itemization. Again, since when has any Diablo release been perfect with itemization? pfft...

    Quote from burninfate

    -The auction house will greatly reduce the grind, not to mention it has horrible ui

    The UI sucks. But since when has item trading been a bad thing in Diablo? Now we have a much more robust way to do so without spamming in channels and making trade games hoping someone sees it while we have it up to come trade with us. That is the dark ages of item trading unless you want to use a 3rd party site like D2JSP. Welcome to the 21st century...

    Quote from burninfate

    -Bots are already spamming, we have this tiny chat square that holds 8 lines of text and cannot be customized. (minor issue but annoying)

    What game doesn't have spamming attempts somewhere? And are you implying Blizzard will do nothing about this? And instead of the chat window, would you prefer to go back to having your messages cover your entire screen while you're trying to play? Again, welcome to 2012!

    Quote from burninfate

    -D3/sc2 are anti-social. You cannot just go into a chat room and talk to people. It is all focused on gameplay and will burn people out quickly

    There are chat channels available to do so. I suggest you re-examine the menu screen...

    Quote from burninfate

    Do not get me wrong I was waiting for this game for years, it just seems that the "New" games, d3 and scII do not live up to their previous counterparts. I believe they should have waited before releasing this game.

    There are some inconsistencies with the social system. For example, I don't see where I can update my battle.net status on my friends list like it is in WoW. Is this coming later, or are they removing status? I don't know.

    In any case, thanks for sharing your "worthwhile" opinions. I genuinely hope you find gaming bliss once again...
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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    How the hell is Diablo 2 so much more interesting with end game? Aside from Dclone and Uber Tristram, there isn't a difference. Oh wait, they gave monsters immunities and penalized your resistances. Everyone still had to stack Vitality and resists to survive the hits and dump points into their main nuke in order to avoid being one-shotted.

    I really have to laugh in yours and everyone else's faces that come in here to try and make a point to complain about how Diablo 3's end-game sucks and do so by trying to compare it to Diablo 2 which was FAR less tactical. No game will ever be perfect, yes there are some itemization and balance issues at the moment, BUT COME THE FUCK ON ALREADY. How fucking "interesting" is a Whack-A-Mole style control and combat system going to get? If you want complexity and depth, you're going to have to find a different game. Diablo simply never has and never will be in-depth and complex to any major degree. It just isn't.

    Good riddance...
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    1 - The AH's interface is shit and it just feels squashy. I'm not talking about latency for sending requests to the server. I'm talking about clicking the different dropdowns and such. It's just not snappy enough. I hate it. But meh, at least we have one, right? :P

    2 - Champions are supposed to be harder. They have random abilities that are hard to deal with. They also drop the most/best gear. These are the premise of loot farming. Bosses have the exact same abilities and mechanics every run. It's only going to get easier with them.

    3 - We're freakishly infatuated with D3. Of course we beat it in a week. ALSO, this is not an MMO people. You can beat a boss solo, so wtf did you expect? No one can beat Deathwing solo; it takes a GROUP of people ALL well-geared and playing well to do that which takes MUCH TIME. See the difference? Diablo is Whack-A-Mole with blood, gore, and demonic denizens skinned over. You can only get so deep with this type of play and control.

    4 - The fact it took you so long to progress in D2 and you apparently totally facerolled D3 doesn't mean it's bad. Maybe you changed? Maybe your gaming skills got better, bruh? Maybe your expansive gaming knowledge and experience coming back to a Diablo game just doesn't measure up?

    5 - As someone mentioned, the loot tables are littered with Legendaries for ALL LEVELS AND ALL DIFFICULTIES. Because you haven't found one yet doesn't mean it was a bad idea. Just because the yellows you are wearing have better stats than the Legendaries you've seen so far doesn't mean the game is ruined. It means you need to read more, farm more, search the AH more, and QQ less.

    The End.
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    posted a message on anyone else fighting with spouse/significant other over d3?
    You know, there's a part of me that just really wants to rage all over this thread. I know lots of people in this same situation. "Oh, my wife hates it when I play." or "Oh, my girlfriend gets all pissy and says I'm neglecting her if I play. Sorry, I can't raid tonight.". OMG I can't even begin to imagine being completely denied and shut down like that. ALL THINGS IN MODERATION! I totally agree! THE MODERATION SHOULD BE MODERATED AS WELL! Know what I mean? You need to have YOU time also. It's not all about "them".

    And really, I don't know who I want to rage at more. The ones that hate the game, or the ones that allow said haters to deprive them of any enjoyment of it. You have Control Freak vs. Completely Spineless, I swear! ZOMG RAGE RAGE RAGE!
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    posted a message on After Open Beta: List The Classes
    1. Demon Hunter
    2. Witch Doctor
    3. Barbarian
    4. Monk
    5. Wizard

    DH and WD by far. I prefer ranged type of characters in any game, but yes I have listed Wizard last.

    DH - Awesome! Ranged dps, lots of CC and "GTFO!" utility, and just brilliantly drawn and scripted! I can't wait for release!

    WD - Awesome again! Ranged dps, minions work great for diverting fast mobs, and when the jar of green spiders becomes black spiders, that is TOO FRICKEN COOL!

    Barbarian - D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-!-!-! Need I say more? This guy is just FUN! In terms of my opinion of his viability, I can't really say. I just know I love beating things to death with him!

    Monk - Melee dps. Not really a fan, but the little bit I played of him seems ok. He just doesn't have the visceral feeling that the Barb does.

    Wizard - Everything is unremarkable so far (in beta). I'm really intrigued by the Slow Time spell and its possible OP'ness, but there just isn't enough in the beta to grab me with this character.


    Hooray for 100 posts!
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    posted a message on Can someone make me a Hammerdin clone build?
    I offer this: http://us.battle.net...dSYg!aYe!YaZcZY

    Hungering Arrow/Devouring Arrow - This is focused to single-target dps increase. This is the Hatred generator. The "infinite bullets", if you will. And it hurts a good bit.

    Chakram/Twin Chakram - This is the theme of your build.

    Vault/Rattling Roll - Vault really seems like it's going to be a staple to any DH build. It's intended for that "mobility" aspect you mentioned and indeed it is good. The Rattling Roll is for added survivability.

    Spike Trap/Scatter - This is for high AoE dps and Scatter speeds things up a good bit!

    Caltrops/Torturous Ground - This is another survivability choice. Also with this combination, it snares AND slows thereby supporting accuracy with a subsequent Spike Trap.

    Shadow Power/Gloom - Pure survivability. Gaining lots of life and reducing incoming damage when there are lots of monsters and no health globes seems sensible, ya?

    Tactical Advantage - Now Vault adds yet another boost to mobility.
    Steady Aim - Chakram (the theme of this build) can reach pretty far and decimate everything in its path. This should do well to increase its damage.
    Archery - This also seems to be one of those staple choices that you just can't go wrong with.

    Anyway, that's my 2c. And thanks for the build idea. I had fun thinking about this one! :)
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    posted a message on [Build] - Torture Control
    Quote from Robzy

    Quote from Mysticjbyrd

    Spray of teeth seems rather mediocre if you ask me. Hungering Arrow is an amazing single target generator, so Idk why you would try to turn it into a mediocre aoe.

    2 generators in one build seems redundant as well.

    Couple of slight adjustments: http://us.battle.net...YdSl!YeT!YZZZYc
    Archey >>>>> Cull the weak, you may want to stack Archery with cull the weak, but never take CtW over Archery.
    Elemental arrow + frost arrow for better utility
    Otherwise, solid cc build :)

    -.^ I will try this as well. Thank you for the suggestion! :)
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