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    Quote from Dotdot

    First we waited from the news and how long we waited? and again one last delay from korea. Fine.. lets wait. Wait........... no pvp??? Oh my ... god.. not even real money auction house?

    . . .Blizzard wront let that happen but we have a new standard for their games... and we know what to expect from the next Blizzard's game.

    Given your proficiency with grammar I imagine your skill at gaming and knowledge of computers is roughly the same.

    OT: Anyone who has been with Blizzard for a while knows their launches are usually pretty bad. I've been playing wow since 07 and not once has the first hour of a product launch gone smoothly. This is something to be expected. And with Diablo 3 I haven't had any issues beyond not being able to play till around 1:30 am pst and random lag spikes that settled down rather quickly. This has been a great launch in terms of Blizzard. I am very thankful for what I've got.
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