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    posted a message on Needs help to find another AWESOME RPG game to make me exited.

    Torchlight, Path Of Exile, Diablo 2 Mods (median, anni etc.), Titan Quest (it recently had an anniversary update & expansion which is cool), Grim Dawn, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Marvel Heroes.

    Personally played all of these, only one I couldn't really get on with Marvel Heroes but a lot like it.. Otherwise, played and enjoyed them all. Good fun and very diablo-like.

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    posted a message on Rainbow Goblins - Cosmetic Wings
    Quote from lagcats»

    It was def nerfed, cus before i got at least 2 gobs in 2 games in upper act4. Also with pand. And now almost nothing in 10 games rofl.

    so it def got nerfed at least.

    anyone knows any new spots

    except cave of the moon, royal crypt etc

    Your aware how RNG works right? That's like saying "I only got 3 legs/rift in t13 and I did like 10... obv nerfed"

    RNG is RNG, you can't create a case study to prove if something is nerfed a not with 10 runs. Hell u couldn't do it with 100 runs, or a 1000 runs. You would need 10s of thousands to even start such an argument.
    Another example of this, is primal ancients have a 1% chance but by RNG you could get 5 within 10 drops.. Which represents a 50% chance. But that's RNG, and a reason as to why you can't create an argument based on such a low amount of tests.
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    posted a message on Endgame is boring HC isn't a challenge
    Quote from NoK»

    Ancient everything BIS gear rank 30 on the ladder with plenty of time to keep pushing If i felt up for it, only playing a few hours each day, never died on hardcore, did all the journeys.. what else is there?
    The challenge rifts are okay but not that interesting.
    Im bored with this game again quickly after not playing the last 3 seasons.. anyone need a rush or want some gear? I think its time to go back to diablo 2 or divinity orginal sin again

    You play a few hours each day, and your claiming your full BiS ancient with rank 30 on the ladder?

    Straight up, just don't believe you. That's a pure lie. The ladder started 6 days ago at a few hours a day your talking ~18 hours of play, rank 1s aren't even full ancient "bis" yet and those guys are doing like 10hrs/day. Link your profile, I wanna see this 18hr character that's rank 30 with full bis ancients.

    On point of the lack of challenge... Pushing HC for rank 1 is challenging. There is a high risk of dying as you have go more and more glass cannon to meet the damage checks, i'd argue it's one of the more challenging things that exist in gaming at the moment.

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    posted a message on Runewords 2018 :: [ Final Suggestion ]
    Quote from J1neK»

    No just no! Diablo3 is done - it was a test and big FAIL! ALL important devs and most ppl left this ship.

    Plz Blizz dont spend more $$$ in this shit game, a lot better investment is D2 remastered with new quests/uniques/rw's/balance!

    Forget about this game.

    By what regard do you deem it a "big fail"? Is it the fact it's still fairly active 5 years later, the masses of free content updates, the huge financial success or the thousands of hours individuals have put into the game because they enjoy it that much?

    If Diablo 3 is a failure in your eyes what on earth is required to be a success, and has any game met your insane standards?
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    posted a message on upcoming changes primal 14/2 pluepost

    Eh? I don't get it. They said they looked at feedback... But the feedback was that "just increasing stats" is bland with many ideas like buffing the actual legendary effect etc. and there response was to make it even more bland by just making them well rolled ancients.

    Which, is ultimately pretty dumpest because your generally gonna get your important rolls (CHC/CHD/CDR etc.) esp if your character is already soloing GR70+... By the time one of these drops, if your lucky your prob looking at a +50 stat upgrade. They turned a bad idea into a "why is this even a thing" idea. Never fail to amaze.

    If they took this idea, and then maybe made it craftable (I.E. 5 of the same ancient in cube = 1 primal ancient) that'd be kinda cool I guess as it would remove the frustration of getting the same item ancient more than once and give you a achievable goal of perfect stats. But as just a very rare, random drop... I simply don't even get why.

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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack

    End of the day, it's simple... TurboHud is a 3rd party program that gives people that use it an edge over people that don't. That's cheating, be it a hack that makes ure weapons do 10x more damage or one that gives more information it's cheating. The argument that "well Blizzard should improve there UI!". I'm sure there's a lot of things Blizzard could improve to min-max stuff that they haven't done but the fact they haven't doesn't excuse using 3rd party software to do it for you so stop trying to justify it... If you use a 3rd party program to assist you then you are cheating.

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    posted a message on [Idea] Belt socket for adventuring legendary gems.

    The whole point of things like the sage set is a trade off. Losing slots, damage, toughness in order to gain more death's breathe. I like things like this because it leads to more diversity, different gear slots, different builds for a different type of farming route. What your offering doesn't give any extra decision or add any extra depth/diversity it simply says "gonna do bounties, best slot in my bounty gem. Gonna do rifts, best slot in my blood shard gem" etc. Which to me doesn't add anything to the game, just more pointless gear swapping.

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    posted a message on Hexing pants with LoN crus build
    Quote from Jelloslock»

    No Ancient item is 100% increase per item. No single item is worth using as a non ancient with this set.

    I'm pretty sure hexing pants would multiply the damage, so if you had ancient in every other slot so 1200% then non-ancient hexing pants would effectively be an upgrade of 1.25x making it a much larger damage increase than just wearing any old ancient pants as that would simply take 1200% to 1300%. For example if you hit 100 then equipped 8 ancient pieces that 100 would become 800. Now if you were to equip another ancient slot, that 100 becomes 900 yet if you equipped non-ancient hexing pants that 100 becomes 1000 as you take the 100 multiply it by your LoN bonus then multiple that figure by the bonus from your hexing pants (100 x 8) x 1.25. Atleast this is how I think it works, if it didn't then I don't see why anyone would wear hexing as an additional 25% would be rather pointless.

    In short, are hexing pants worth wearing even if non-ancient? It depends how many slots you currently as ancient, as each slot diminishes how much of a damage increase you gain per ancient in comparison to how much u gain from hexing.

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    posted a message on Ban Wave of Botters in Diablo 2

    So, checking around some forums it seems prior to the ladder reset on D2 there was a little ban-wave of some botters (not all of them naturally but still)

    Did Blizz think the open letter was for D2, not D3? :P

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    posted a message on Soft- and Hardcore, could they play together?

    A lot of people would exploit it, getting the SC character to check the area beforehand, play the more dangerous roll etc. It would remove some of the threat of playing HC and to that end I say no.

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