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    posted a message on PS4 Hardcore Players

    add me on PS4 Blitzher123 :)

    I´ve been playing SC for a while on PS4, but be cause of the cheating bastard, who are ruining the paragon leveling system I´ve switched to HC. I´m current lvl. 315 ish.
    I would love to play with some decent none-cheating people :)

    feel free to add me :)

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    posted a message on Firebird 2 set bonus - HC


    This is a really yes or no question.

    Does the Firebird 2 set bonus work on HC, Patch 2.4

    When you die, a meter falls from the sky and revives you. This effect has a 60 second cooldown.

    I haven´t been able to verify this action to be true yet.

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    posted a message on Greater Rift tips and stuff
    ofcause - playing DH 6mara, but trying to change a few passives and stuff to increase my real dps. Will try to upload a video in the following days
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    posted a message on Greater Rift tips and stuff
    I´ve now been doing my best to get close to Grift 40.

    But how do you manage to increase your grift.?

    I´ve seen people skip elites and yellow monster, since it takes too much time to kill equal progress in the progress bar?

    Have you any evidence of this? I do always hope for elites to get the boost in my progress bar... Am I wrong?
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    posted a message on Lousy Kridershort worth using?
    I do think you´re completely wrong.

    There are several reasons why you should chooce a bow and not the x-bow.

    1. you can reach the 1.84 breakpoint, that will make your sentries shoot 3 timer pr. sec. with a bow, and even, 3.5 if I´m not correct.

    2. it requires TnT since this will boost your pets attack speed ofcause. - but none the less, it would be worth in.

    Don´t use gift on items that haven´t rolled 10% and Attackspeed, or close to max damg. otherwise it´s a loose loose :)

    If you want to use a bow - I suggest Kridershot for the ekstra damg Elemental arrow makes = Frost Arrow hits for 10-12 mill and spreads to the rest of the mobs, this damg is crazy in grift, where you just wait it in the back and buff or reply new sentry.

    Windforce was hotfixed, so the pets don´t proc abilities, as they said ;) So Windforce is useless now, compared to the other items for DH.

    ---- Conclusion ----

    Get Kridershot or any X-bow ;)

    The rest isent worth it ;) Even the + cold% bow, isen´t worth it, since ele damg, has changes :)
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    posted a message on Another WD - Leg ????
    evening all and everybody....

    What is the best in slot item for WD as Pet Doc?

    My profile is in the buttom of this thread, but I´m very confused.... I´ve tryed ti gain Pox, but with any luck, since I´m rolling with Ice Climbers - Should I use Cains set instead? or what would be better===

    Please help me.

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    posted a message on Merging with an activ clan

    Dearest D3 player.....

    Out CL left, and throw the responsibility down ward to me. I do concern for my fellow teamplayers, and we are having some fun.

    But doing to the summer strike, the clan is dying a slow and painfull death.

    Who are we?

    We are mainly from Denmark, like 80% of the clan is danish.
    I´m looking for a friendly clan, who aren´t suffering from the summer jam, but would greet new players welcome.
    We are around 10-15 core members, (all farm T6 on one of more char)
    Average age = 25
    I´m searching for a join venture, which means that I´ll be awarded the ability to invite my core teams to your clan (office rank) When the core members have joined , I´ll glade be downgrated again. (Only to ensure my old team that they can join)

    we are looking forward to patch 2.1 and most of us are playing SC - and we have been knowning each others for years - That doesn´t means that we dont let anybody else in out team :) cause we really love new people and new view and debats of the game.

    The merge will take around 1 month, to make sure, that all palyers have been moved, thats what I estimate.

    Thanks for reading this.

    Blitzher#2537 - Farm
    Just add me ingame, and we´ll have chat
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    posted a message on T5 Pet WD looking to make the jump to T6: Help Required.
    Many pointers mate :)

    The reason you can take T5, is that you are standing behind your pets.... Agree?

    I Think so, what should you improve? What about everything ;)

    Why not use Full Aughild set? As shoulders, insteed of Homings Pads? They seemse useless :)

    Gamble Theo and Tasker ;) Seek out a new belt - Whitching Hour / Harringtons....

    I dont famcy TF, since its proc aren´t worth much for the WD. its more a waste of improvement :)

    Maybe throw away the Tal mans finger, since your pet damg arent that high, and focus on Fetish insteed - easy CC and a lot of damg.

    Keep Thing from the deep = Grusome feast ;)
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    posted a message on New WD need advise and guideline
    still feeeling stucked ;)
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    posted a message on New WD need advise and guideline
    Greetings everybody.

    I hope you can help me.

    I begang in this week playing the WD, but I´ve reached a point, where i´m splitted.....

    I like the pet build, I was lucky to get a Kukri, full set - but is that really needed????

    I don´t use the last piece, since I got better gear, and start thinking on using Chains for the attack speed? And does that stack with Tasker and Theo???

    Please give me some advise.....

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    posted a message on When Rift if Foward becomes in-effective.
    So, I just had this crazy thought... .

    And well, it might not be working, it might be to complex to implement in the game.... But anyway...

    My idea is pretty simple?

    What happend when you have to leave, from running rifts all day, through "rift it forward" you´ve spend 5 key´s, and the rest of the day - people simply open your rift.... But - what if We all could make somekind of Community where you´ll have the chance/ability to "take over" the rift, because the person were leaving?

    In this way, you´ll invite 1 from the new community "which" haven´t been created yet, and 2 from rift it forward..... The new guy simply stay when the new rift will be opened - you are then free to pick up kids, wife or husband....

    What do you think of this idea?? Is it to silly, to genenrate a new dynamic in a new community for "just" saving 5 keys? would it work?

    I just had this thought, but I don´t know how the audience will take it ;)
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    posted a message on Magic Weapon vs. Ignite Weapon
    Even wiz mates.

    I was thinking (well surprice it can happend)

    I´m running as Fire MM/Mirrow till I get my Wand of Woh, but I notice that Magic Weapon got Force weapon = 20% weapon damg, or ignite +86 % weapon damg. as fire + 10 %

    Does this Ignite stack? Im aroind 80% fire damg, and if this stack, the 86% st. T5+ where a fight might take 5-6 sec. The damg output might be worth it...??

    Does anybody have any calculation on this thought?

    Thanks for your time and consideration

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    posted a message on Fire wiz stuck on T4, suggestions?
    I do see some other places to improve.....

    The shoulders are supporting blackhole, but you dont use black hole?

    Your cindercloak only got one socket, thats 280x2 int, your missing....

    The blackhole build gives you a lot of CC, with slow time and Mirror image. But lack on the dps... You need some itmes improvement, if you want go grind T5-6, but the average increasing of hp, dps and damg red, from T4 to T5-6 is extrem, so all over. the most efficeint T to grind is T4 :)

    Improve gear, mirrorball with MM, Wand of Woh, if you wanna melee, search for Tal Ras for 4 set bonus, The ring from T1 boxes.

    you got room for a lot of improvment mate, just hang in there, and farm :D
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    posted a message on Damage / survivability wall as arcane - switch to fire? reroll gear?
    Hi mate....

    I think you need to update your build ;)

    if you want to run archon, you should atleast have the archon set. So you might need to reconsider your current build :)

    I easy way i to gamble your Mirroball ;) 5 shards, and this would makes you rock t2-t3 ;) pretty easy
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    posted a message on What to improve?
    Why Archon ?? what will be benefits be? If i go for Vyr, I lose 8% from Cain, and Magefist......

    Consider that option?
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