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    everytime i see him in a video, i wana slap his face... :D
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    Quote from legendarz

    After rerolling to DH and much reading about viable builds I was building a glass cannon too.. At times it was very frustrating because you needed, as mentioned above, 100% concentration to dodge things and time your ss inch perfect. I went through act1 without any real pain, act2 was INCREDIBLY painful, but now I'm in act3 and farming Siegebreaker.

    There are some nasty mobs such as the spearmen and the soul rippers, and after some farming sessions my concentration would drop and I was getting gibbed the moment one of those would appear. My items werent that amazing and only spent like 1m for it, and my dps was close to 100k. Found this really nice dex/vit/69 @res belt on 1 of my runs and decided to replace some pieces of gear for dex/vit/@res. Spent about 150K on okish items, resistances and hp went up to 350 and 26K, and now I can actually take a hit from a spearmen or a fallen. My dps went down to 85K but still killing quite comfortably.

    Oh and those reflect damage mobs? MUCH easier with some resistances. Go and try it, its great for solo play and for your own state of mind ;-)

    yep i try to get loads of vit and allres on slots, where i cant get offensive stats (except dex). and i went up to 300res and 30k life and still have some items to change. i think i can end up with 50k hp 600 allres 3500 armor and still hold my dmg high.
    my dmg is now 65k without 130k with ss. but i guess i can also raise my dmg to 80k-160k...

    so IF you can afford loads of money, go with surv DH... it feels awesome when you survive 2 of those nasty spearhits :D
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    Quote from Shoome

    Quote from coRex

    because of the thing, that you want to have dex and vit on your items, it is VERY hard and VERY expensive to get upgrades...
    there are some n1 uniques, like andariels visage, or BOJ Anglers,... which provied IAS on slots where normally ias doenst exist. but those items dont have any/much vit... so i dont think you will like them, but they would give you a huge dmg boost.

    so i think the only way to get upgrades are spending xx mill on every slot to get those 150vit 150dex +crit +ias items...

    I Think in Act 3 - 4 Inferno my 40k hp won't help me not getting one-shot... so I would be willing to sac some vit for dps (since I mostly play with a monk-"tank") ... But Andariels oder Boj Anglers with Dex go fo 4-6 mio :S

    ok if you are willing to sac some vit for dps i would recommend following items:
    torso: beckon sail (1-2 mio)

    feet: BOJ Anglers (be sure you buy the one with no bugs "Attack speed increased" is the way to go 2-4 mio)

    helmet: Andariels vissage (ok can be expansive... i got mine with 130 dex for 3 or 4 million)

    bracers: some with high dex + critchance (are not sooo expensive - the better variant maybe laccuni braccers but good one above 2-3mio)

    legs: also your legs are very low on dex... there you can get cheap ones with 200++dex

    shoulders and waist: they are also low on dex... so you can get cheap upgrades there!

    rings+amu: soooo expensive change the other slots first because actually your rings and amu arent that bad!

    PS: if you want more info PM me (ich bin aus österreich und kann dir auf deutsch sicher noch besser helfen ;) )
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    sure you can stack up vit and res... but going for mass vit and res you are a 2-hit not a 1-hit anymore.
    on the other hand you will lose tons and tons of dmg...
    killing enemys quicker = less time for mistakes = less deaths...

    so go for pure ias dex... you are a glass cannon... and learn to avoid and dodge attacks. and dont get frustrated if you die ... you will die a lot :)
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    posted a message on Should i spend money legendaries!?
    haha nP you posted this on the dh forum.
    actually DH is a class which uses a LOT of legendarys right now. because they offer IAS on slots where normally no IAS exist.

    so as blizzard said legendarys will get a buff AFTER the pvp patch i guess you have to wait a long time for the "new" legendarys.

    if legendarys help you right now to farm inferno better, i would recommend to buy them (i will absolutly go 4 the DH legendarys like boj anglers, andariels,...)
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