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    posted a message on Huge crits 48 mio+ barb

    like in the turtles gameboy game "i am back from the SEVER"
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    posted a message on nerfing ww barbs again?
    with dual wield infinite wrath is still possible.

    when i farm most of the time i can keep wrath up all the time. and if it runs out, normally wrath is available again.

    and actually, my ww-barb works better in 1.05, then in 1.04 :D
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    posted a message on New witchdoctor
    i may have some tipps for you:

    kick pierce of the veil, insert blood ritual... this makes acutally a HUGE difference. you can cast soooo much more before you run oom.
    totally worth the loose of 20% dmg.

    get a better totd. look for one with vit and 230 avg.dmg. at least.
    i got mine last night for about 7 mills.

    kick your yellow ring and get zunis pox... if you dont have the money, lookc for one with int, +dmg, and critdmg or crit% for the int set boni

    mempo is not the best for WDs. because more ias can cause you mana probs.... its not bad, but maybe you should consider a visage of guyja with acid rain crit% (and if you have the money overall crit%).

    your gloves... 50% critdmg is nice, but if you look for gloves like 200++ int, 8% critchance and 30%critdmg, they will do more dmg and will not cost much
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    posted a message on Athene kills Azmodan in 25 sec
    everytime i see him in a video, i wana slap his face... :D
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    posted a message on restarted my ex-mainchar, maybe you wana help :)
    Hi guys!

    When D3 came out, the WD was my first char.
    But i switched to DH and then to Barb, because i couldnt play the WD as i wanted.
    Now, with some patches and some skill changes, i wanted to give my old WD another chance.

    I geared him up in a 15mill challenge. Maybe i could get more for my money, but i did it rather quickly!

    So here is my WD


    At the moment, i test a few specs, but my mainquestion is:

    What would you guys consider to upgrade first (i have some money to spend)?
    Would be awesome.

    PS: Another thing is... IAS is nice, but is AS a considerable upgrade for a/my WD?
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    posted a message on Paragon Levels stupid?
    Quote from FoxBatD2

    Rumor is they won't raise the standard level cap, so there's your solution. They didn't do it in D2 (albeit they raised the reasonable level cap...). Majority of players quit sometime after normal so you don't really need to raise the level cap just to accomodate a new expansion. They will probably throw in some ilvl 64 items in Inferno and that will be it.
    i guess those rumors are just what they are - rumors... nothing more!

    i guess blizzard will do the following thing.
    in case of some expansion packs (i think there are more then 1 addon), they made the level cap of 60. so there is some room to 100 (in expansions).

    if you dont plan any further leveling, how the hell is 60 your number (just think about WOW leveling, and those guys ARE from wow)????
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    posted a message on Inferno Whirlwind Barbarians: Please link your Profiles

    here you go :D

    with these skills and items i can do a complete a3 farmrun in less then 1 hour. so if you can get close to these stats i think you can farm a3 inferno with ease :D

    if you have any further questions, just ask, or PN me :)
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    posted a message on Rate The Last Movie You've Seen
    dark knight rises 8/10
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    posted a message on Does Off-Hand DPS matter? *Double WW Build*
    WW hits with booth weapons
    but most of your dmg comes from sprint tornados, and sprint tornados only use your mainhand (as far as i know)
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    posted a message on WW barb going into act 3. stuck on wich upgrades to buy
    go and get a mighty belt with life leech
    try to get life leech on booth weapons as well
    get a ring with crit and ias and str (not that expensive)
    get gloves with STR!!! and consider to sac crit dmg and allres for Str+IAS+Crit% (if it is to expensive with critdmg) - (on my char 3 str ~ 1%critdmg) (gloves are one of the best items to boost your dmg, so sac def stats and try to get them on a other item)
    get a helm with allres, str, crit and a socket
    get a chest with allres and sac some vit or str
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    posted a message on Which class to farm with high MF?
    with 20 mil i see no way that you can farm a3 AND have such high MF...
    because nowdays MF items are getting REALLY expensive...
    i have about 80MF on my whirlwind+sprint barb (he also has 70k dps).
    i can do a complete a3 run within an hour...
    so maybe you give a barb a try, because you can farm sooooo fast (i guess right now with this build its the fastest farm char - because with sprint and whirlwind you can just run thorugh the mobs and only kill champ packs).
    faster runs = more items (which is actually the same then have INSANE high MF but slow killspeed)
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    posted a message on WW Barbarian in need of some tweaking.
    - first of all pls upgrade your crit dmg gem... this doesnt cost much and gives good dmg boost
    - you have waaaayyy to less strength...
    - try to get some rings with IAS, crit%, str and vit (critdmg is too expensive)
    - try to get a second weapon with a socket for another critdmg jewel
    - get a amu with at least 100str and some crit% and IAS (maybe sac the LOH)
    - consider to look 4 weapons with life leech (pro: MUCH cheaper then LOH cons: you need some good dmg otherwise it will not work very effectly)
    - go and get some bracers with crit% and STR and allres... (sac the vit)
    - go and get a helm with str, crit%, allres and a socket (sometimes there are reeeeeally cheap ones in the AH)
    - your chest actually sux :) you need someone with allres and about 150str and 100vit (shouldnt be that expensive at the AH)
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    posted a message on Don't understand why i'm getting so owned WW spec
    pls do me a favor and change your critdmg jewels on your weapons... the upgrade to 70 or 80% critdmg is not that expensive and will give u a good upgrade with your dmg
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    posted a message on What slot(s) To Uprade next?
    absolutly the ring first...
    you will get a big upgrade for some mills. try to get one with attackspeed, crit hit %, str and vit... most of them cost around 5-10 mill (depends on the quality)
    also you should consider to sac a little bit vit to get more dmg...
    for example your gloves. sac those 100 vit and try to get some with str, ias, crit%, critdmg
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    posted a message on New Barb.. Vet advice, tips, analysis needed *inferno a2+ conversation*
    if you know which items a whirlwind + sprint barb needs, you can also buy try this with your money.
    dont try to get all stats on one item... 4 example
    rather buy 150str 150vit 50fire res (chest) and a 50str 100vit 60allres (pants) for 1-2 mill, then buy a chest with 100str 150vit 50 allres for 5 mill... i hope you get my point :)
    there are also some "i have XX millions" challanges out on youtube.
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