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    Well.....................what can i say??? Ima Big Hater.No use trying to pretend otherwise.

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    So hi people im a diablo 3 hater.I am also a Forum Troll and Flame War starter.I have uninstalled the game since long.I've been playing other games like Warframe,Path of Exile,Tribes:Ascend,Team Fortress 2,and a lot of Diablo 2 LOD Median Ultimative v7f lately.

    However,hating will do no good.If your PC works slowly,will you bang it till it explodes?Or will you change your hardware?These ideas of mine will suggest changes about the things i hate.

    So after playing a lot of games,i've got a lot of ideas.All of them feel awesome to me.....but may not be awesome for you.However i feel that i should share these ideas with you all.

    The thing that inspired me to write this post was Mr.Monstrosity's loot 2.O thread.However,i may not be able to support my post with awesome pictures and art like him or the talisman guy.Cos i got no mad photoshop skillz.

    So this is gonna be boooooring.

    Oh and all things aren't going to be about loot....some are related to other fields too.(But Mostly Loot)

    Here is a general list of things about which i am about to give ideas.If something is in the list but not in the content,that means that its going to be added soon!!The List:-

    2.Skills(Active and Passive)
    5.Paragon System
    6.Base Items and Mechanics
    7.Some other stuff

    Note that this may not necessarily be the order in which i give my ideas.For Example the last thing may come first and the first thing may come last and.....well,you get the general idea.

    What,you're bored already???Well don't say i didn't warn you.


    Idea 1:- Legendary Tiers
    Idea Source:-Diablo 2 LOD median ultimative mod,Old Blizz Post

    This idea of mine comes from an old blizz post that said something about low lvl legendaries being able to drop in inferno with raised ilvls and stats.So what i suggest is instead of doing that,divide them into tiers.Divide them into 7 tiers.

    Tier 1 legendaries will usually have low lvl requirements while Tier 4 legendaries will have lvl 60 requirement and have an ilvl of 63.

    Tier 5 and 6 would have paragon lvl requirements of 20 and 40 respectively.

    Tier 7 is only available in hardcore mode and turns the legendary into something EPIC.

    For Example:-

    The Scourge http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/scourge#best

    Tier 1
    Lvl Requirement 16

    X-X Poison Damage
    X life regen per second

    Tier 2
    Lvl requirement 36

    Adds chance to fear on hit

    Tier 3
    Lvl requirement 45

    Adds lifesteal
    +x bonus to str/dex/vit/

    Tier 4
    Lvl Requirement 60

    Chance to explode with demonic fury while attacking.Slain enemy leaves behind a pool of poison on the ground.In addition,whenever you explode with demonic fury,enemies are guaranteed to be Feared.

    +1 Random Magic Property

    Tier 5
    Plvl Requirement 20

    Gain +2 to str and vit for every 10 points in Poison Resistance.
    Guaranteed Critical hits against Feared Enemies.

    Tier 6
    Plvl Requirement 40

    +300 to str/vit/whatever
    +20% to attack speed after killing a Feared Enemy
    +40% increased armour
    +(450-600) to (900-1150) increased damage

    Tier 7
    Plvl Requirement 40+
    Hardcore Only

    +6% to lifesteal
    +(750-1450) to (1950-2550) Poison Damage
    Slain enemies have a 50% chance to be reanimated as poison fiends.These have a powerful poison aura that damages enemies and increases your poison damage.In addition,any posion fiend in the vicinity of your demonic fury eruption will explode dealing massive posion damage.

    As shown above,as legendaries progress in tiers,the max number of properties will slowly increase until the item has 6 properties.Expect tier 4 legendaries to have 6 stats with ilvl 63 values.Tier 5 and 6 will simply improve the quality of properties and making the item something that a rare will never be.(C'mon guys they're legendaries!!!!They should be Best)

    By this idea i want everyone to be able to expect every legendary.High lvl legendaries usually seen in inferno can now drop in normal(Albeit with reduced power and reduced no of properties) and vice versa.

    I would really like to see a Hellrack drop for any low lvl char i make in the future.

    As for why i am suggesting a big bonus for hardcore....i will tell that later.

    TL;DR Version:- Legendaries should be divided into 7 tiers,each increasing the requirements as well as maiking it more powerful.The last tier (7) is only available for hardcore.

    Idea 2:-Legendary Tier Advancements and The Feeling of a Legendary
    Idea Source:-Epic books such as Eragon,Lord of the rings and epic games like skyrim,D2 LOD Median Ultimative Uberquest Binding of Baal and Shaman King Koth

    So have you ever read Eragon???Some of you might hate it,but the others who like it,do you remember about the two swords eragon had in the books??First Zar'Roc and the other Brisingr.These had a history.A lore.Significance.Not only these books,im talking about many other books too.

    Whenever the protagonist,antagonist,etc acquired a weapon/armor or anything else,it usually had a rich history and i felt awesome.I felt even more awesome when they went ahead and did epic stuff in battles and wars with the equipment.

    Also,have any of you played Skyrim???I have not played it but watched the playthrough.It actually makes the player feel like he is a hero and not just another guy with a flaming sword.

    But i've never had this feeling in d3.Even though i bet that none of these equipment have the awesome art or the innovative lore of d3 legendaries,they simply feel better.

    This idea of mine explains how to make legendaries feel epic to a player.A player must be one with his legendary,he should be so fond of it that he would think twice before switching it even though the other item gives better stats.He should be able to experience the history,the creation of it and in some cases even get to re-enact the stuff done by the legendaries.

    It should not feel like just another Epic Fail item with an orange glow from the sky.Whenever one drops,you should feel like ohhh yeah this is what im talking about!!! instead of "Its Brimstone Time!!!!"

    So what is this idea about actually???Its tier advancement.

    All legendaries will drop at some tier.....and if you want the better tier you dont have to wait for another one to drop.However you cannot simply upgrade it with your AH-bought gold.

    You must do quests.Quests Related to the history of the legendary.These may range from Assasinating a hiding demon lord to re-living an epic battle between angels and demons as a commander or something like that.

    And Where will these quests occur???In the Heretic Abode of course.Whenever your legendary meets the requirements to upgrade into the next tier you'll be given a side quest notification stating you to get your ass there ASAP.

    Let me give an example:-

    Tyrael's Might http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/tyraels-might#best

    Suppose you're running around trolling and killing some monsters.The Tyrael's might drops in tier 1 form.You're happy!!!

    Now its been some time,you're in act 2.Suddenly you get a notification saying that your legendary is ready to leve up!!!

    Upgrade From Tier 1 into 2 Quest:-

    You reach Heretic's Abode ASAP.The armor begins to glow.A small portal opens up.You step inside.You get a vision of Tyrael speaking to you.He talks about his vote which he had cast in favour of humanity.

    If you've already completed act 3 and watched diablo possess leah,then he will speak about whether he was right or not and our char will try to console him.

    If you've not reached that point,he will simply talk about the vote.

    If you've defeated diablo already then he will state that he will try to keep his cool like you and never regret his decision instead of whining on the Angelic Forums.

    Congrats!!! Item upgraded to tier 2!!!!

    This was just as introduction to the item.You can expect all first quests to be the same.

    Upgrade from tier 2 into 3 quest:-

    Now again you get the same notification after much time and you head to Heretic's Abode ASAP.

    Again the glow thing and all occurs.Portal Opens and you step in.

    We're now with tyrael and a host of angels.You play as one of the angels.

    After the Edyrem crushed the triune,a secret cult still remains.These are trying to bring back Lilith,with all the energy collected from the battle.Tyrael states that the cult has mastered a spell which gives Lilith the same vulnerablilty as the warriors from whom the energies have been collected.And since they're dead,Lilith will be invlunerable.Then you land on the site.

    Your stats,damage and skills will be modified to match that of an angel.You will require assistance to survive this one from other angels and Tyrael himself cos you're weak.Simply keep fighting and following tyrael's orders.

    After some time there will be a mini boss battle with a Triune Mage and then again after some time another with a magically enhanced cult overseer who exudes an invulnerability aura.Just keep following Tyraels's order orders(Like Scout the Area,Destroy those monsters,Get me a glass of Angelic Water,etc)

    In the end although you will try hard,Lilith will have been revived.

    Item Upgraded to Tier 3!!!

    Tier 3 to Tier 4 Quest:-

    Now again your legendary is ready to level up.So flash forward to Heretic's Abode where the portal opens.Again you step into it.

    This time you are actually Tyrael.From the last quest Lilith was revived.You seek the Archangel of Wisdom,who gives you a spell that will remove Lilith's invulnerability for a short time.And since maintaining your presence on Earth will be difficult due to Lilith's presence,you will have to cas the spell after long cooldowns.

    Striaghtforward Boss Battle.Just go there,kill Lilith's minions,she keeps spawning infinitely.Just cast the spell from time to time and Liliths gonna die.

    Item Upgraded to Tier 4!!!

    Tier 4 to Tier 5 Quest:-

    You have learned that a worshipper of diablo has raised an army of demons and sent it back in time.

    Back to the time when Diablo himself attempted to cross the Arreat Summit and reach the Worldstone.He was Repelled by the Shaman King Koth.However,this new army may interfere with the flow of time and turn the tide of battle.

    So its simple,you again play as Tyrael and go back to time.You can expect some kind of defensive mission here, with wave after wave of demons.The last wave contains Diablo himself.However,since you got King Koth on your side,this is gonna be easy.

    Item Upgraded to Tier 5!!!

    Tier 5 to Tier 6 Quest:-

    Now you know the general routine.After stepping into the portal,you are taken into a great war between angels and demons.The Angels here are losing.However,you ie Justice will turn the tide of the battle.

    Simply achieve a chain-kill combo of 1300+ monsters slain to complete this quest.That would be enough to turn the tide,don't you think??

    Item Upgraded to Tier 6!!!

    Expect some quests to be different.Every quest is not Go There,Kill That and Get the T-Shirt for it.

    Some quests should focus on the fun ideas like chain-kill,object destruction,etc.

    Tier 6 to Tier 7 Quest:-

    Well this is only for hardcore,so assume this to be a bonus quest.

    The timeline is that of Diablo 2 Act IV where Tyrael has sent his champions to take on the lord of terror.As the battle begins,Tyrael remebers about Marius and Baal's Soulstone and rushes to ask whether he has smashed it.

    As you enter,you will be assaulted by huge number of those giant worms,whom Baal has left behind.As you go further,expect 2 SiegeBreaker encounters along the way.Just straight forward(But Difficult) battles until you reach Marius's dead body and receive a holographic message from Baal,The Lord of Destruction himself,saying "Umad,Bro??"

    Now you rush back to the pandemonium fortress.You sense that Diablo has been defeated and simply wait for your champions to come back so that you can tell them the bad news.

    The second part of this quest takes place in Harrogath.Again you arrive in Harrogath,but you learn from the NPCs that the champions have already left to fight Baal.

    Well,you had come to Deliver a vital message,that the Worldstone is corrupted.But you must wait till the battle ends.

    In this quest,you now play the role of a flying tyrael flying through the barbarian homelands.Baal's forces,seeking to gain power while he is distracted,form a huge group and assault you.

    This is your toughest encounter yet.

    Just keeep killing the flying baddies.When you are halfway through,the ground and the mountains below will tremble.This is due to the battle between the champions and Baal.When you reach the end,you will be blocked by the energy of Baal.

    Now tyrael simply waits until the battle is over and rushes in.

    So,in general every legendary will have these quests to make them feel EPIC and not just another piece of shit.

    TL;DR:- To get the next tier of the legendary you currently have,you must do quests.These quests will place you in past where you will be shown important events related to the legendary so that you get to know its history and stuff.

    Your Deeds of Valor Will Be Remembered.....and Rewarded

    Idea 1:-The Reason to Play Hardcore
    Idea Source:-Neo Contra Ps2,Path of Exile Ladder,Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon,and the most epic brain in human history ie mine

    So my question is why play Hardcore???Man,i hate Hardcore.Its just the normal game with permanent death.And what do you get for investing your time into a HC character???Nothing.

    So what can coerce me,a hater of hardcore,into playing it???

    The Following Things:-

    1.Better Gear as compared to others

    As i have stated above,only hc players have access to tier 7 legendaries.Also they will be able to receive full bonus from their Paragon Legendaries.(More on that Later)

    They should also have access to powerful hardcore only crafting recipes.

    2.Specific Uberquests for Hardcore only Players

    1.0.5 introduced uberquests.Everyone with AH bought gear can do a run.

    However,hardcore people have access to certain uberquests not available to the common rabble.
    These Uberquests may reward you with powerful new crafting reagents or epic sets not seen in normal mode.

    Uberquests can be something cool like a fight with death itself or stuff.(Our char is angry at death for giving him only 1 life)

    3.Grant Bonus Upon Death a.k.a. The Ancestors System

    So you have finally died.Time to start again.With no reward except a stupid "Your Deeds Of Valor Will Be Remembered."

    From the word Valor,what immediately comes to mind is Nephalem Valor.

    So my idea is whenever your hardcore character dies, it will not go useless.

    You can select the dead hardcore characters as your character's ancestors.Each created character may have a maximum of 3 ancestors.

    Ancestors cannot be used on more than 1 char,but they will also not occupy a char slot.(We got only 10)

    Ancestors will grant a bonus to the Maximum number of Nephalem Valors your char can currently have.In addition,your char will be able to access these extra nephalem valors from lvl 1!!!!! When you eventually reach 60,you will get your normal nephalem valors too which will add up to these.

    The max nephalem valor depends on the hardcore char too.This is to prevent people from just killing off their hc chars at lvl 1 on the old overlook road and getting insane bonuses.

    Here is the table,i guess:-

    Hc Char Lvl Bonus Nephalem Valor
    Lvl 60 1 Extra Valor
    Plvl 50 2 Extra Valor
    Plvl 70+ 3 Extra Valor

    That means a char created with the help of 3 plvl 70+ ancestors will have a max of 14 valors.(At lvl 60 of course)

    Also ancestors dont depend upon class.Anyone can have any ancestor.

    Q:But ain't a monk having a barbarian ancestor crazy???
    A:Oh yeah??And Being able to magically teleport to someone using their banner ins't crazy???

    TL;DR:- Hardcore players will have access to better gear,some extra cool content and will not go waste upon death,granting extra nephalem valors to newly created chars.

    I'll give more ideas later.

    And yeah the title is stupid,but its true.I've turned into a full fledged hater and would like to see changes made to the things i hate.
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    posted a message on Itemization patch won't happen until November (confirmed)
    Well seriously i dont know why people are over-reacting.

    Becuase there's no surprise here.Who in their right mind thought that the patch was coming soon??(Actually its coming "Soon")

    Actually im happy because i thought it would take 2 years.(One learns to be optimistic in life after dealing with blizzard)
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    Quote from falcompsx

    There's still hope for this game.And remember guys whenever we think about diablo 2's awesome moments,we actually think about D2:LOD not the original one.

    If this guy really does what he says and the expansion comes with new features.............then this game will be the best diablo game ever.

    Cos right now the only feature that is good about diablo 3 is the uninstall feature.

    I used it months ago and loving the benefits of this feature.

    And yet here you are, following every piece of news about this terrible game.

    Well checking diablofans.com once every day takes only seconds to check the news whether it be another cosplay/art/etc or some real news.

    Unless you are real lazy of course.

    Just because i've uninstalled a game doesn't mean i can't hope for it to be good
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    Well josh looks promising.But travis looked moaaaaarr promising.

    Only time will tell.
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    posted a message on Messages From Hell: The Future of Diablo III
    There's still hope for this game.And remember guys whenever we think about diablo 2's awesome moments,we actually think about D2:LOD not the original one.

    If this guy really does what he says and the expansion comes with new features.............then this game will be the best diablo game ever.

    Cos right now the only feature that is good about diablo 3 is the uninstall feature.

    I used it months ago and loving the benefits of this feature.
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    I want a transformation class but not the druid.He would be someone whose spirit is trapped between both the angelic and demonic realms....that is he can transform into angel or demon.

    Transforming into angel unlocks different melee skills and summoning skills while transforming into demon unlocks ranged and cc skills.
    Even some passives will only work for only one of the two forms.

    However there will be some neutral skills which can be used by both forms and also while you are not transformed.
    But once you transform they may get slight bonuses depending on the transformation.The bonuses will be radically different based on transformations.
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    Well trade-only is a great idea.You can't put it on the AH,its not BOA,so you can trade it.Multiplayer will be more fun.

    The only problem is that every trader wants the other guy's superior item in exchange with his own inferior item.

    No one wants to give good items,while everyone wants to take them.
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    Indimix is right.If you have to select certain runes and passives for the skill to work the way its intended to work then the skill is broken anyway.Sadly that's the case with almost all skills.
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    D3 WD can't even compare to D2 Necromancer.

    Skeletons weren't that dumb as the fanboys are making them out to be to hide the flaws of d3.(I am not talking about the above guys.)

    Yes revives were dumb.But not the skeletons.

    And i loved skeleton mastery.Not only due to the fact that they improved the skeletons but also their visual effects.Normal skeletons had no armor and broken shields while with +16 points in mastery they would be wearing chain mail and stuff.To show that yes your skeletons are becoming more powerful.Pure awesomeness.
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    Quote from overneathe

    This game is broken at the core.You can add lots of interesting things with patches but the core will never be changed.And when the core is broken,patches won't do shit.

    I know it's pointless to write to you, but the core of the game is the combat. And it is the most flawless part of the game and the reason so many people still play it and not one of the competitors, which are now a pretty good number. Don't read "no one plays the competitors" or "everyone prefers D3". It's not what I said.

    No, competitive PvP is in the works with no ETA.

    You have great arguments many of which I do support, but many others we've discussed on these forums since before the game's beta. I can't give you a proper answer in here because this is not the place (nor do I have the time right now, sadly). Instead, you bringing valid arguments into our forum threads would make the community much better and you'll see the other side of the coin.

    My slightly sarcastic remark was mostly because everything that has been done to D3 the negative part of the fanbase dismisses as "should've been there from the start", which is starting to become quite the hook for them. Paragon levels are unique, the way crafting is done is unique, the skill system is quite unique in its design. Yet these are all things that "should've been there from release (even when some were)". If it wasn't for player nostalgia the game would've headed in a completely different direction imo, but fans just can't let go and Blizzard prefers to listen instead of to improvise and innovate. Funny thing innovation. Everyone wants it but no one likes it when its implemented in a sequel. Ruins the franchise.

    Anyway. My point was, stick around and maybe you'll see our crowd isn't so bad.

    Oh, mob density was never a problem in D2 because 95% of players farmed about 10 mobs. And in D1? That was 20 years ago, come on.

    Yes combat is the most flawless part of the game,but playing the same build again and again does not help.I love Fot:TC for example when playing as monk,but i would really like to give things like deadly reach a try.(And by try i mean something more than using it once every 15 or so seconds just for a dps buff)

    Combat is the most flawless part,but it still ain't something exceptional.

    And combat isn't the core.Itemization is the core.And you don't make itemization good by adding a few BOA items and targeted legendaries etc etc.

    The devs have no idea about itemization.One blue post during the beginning of d3 says that legendaries are not supposed to be the driving force and perfectly rolled rares are supposed to be better while another one before 1.0.4 says that legendaries are in fact supposed to be the driving force.(Which is clearly the case if you look now)And rares are suddenly shit except the super perfect ones of course which are sold in billions.
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    posted a message on Diablo III: The Road So Far
    This game is broken at the core.You can add lots of interesting things with patches but the core will never be changed.And when the core is broken,patches won't do shit.

    I wonder why they rushed the game.What did they get??Except Epic Fail of course.

    All these features that have been introduced through patches shoulda been there from the start.
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    posted a message on Addressing Security Issues, AH Exploits Still Under Review, Preparing for D3's First Anniversary, ZzEzZ's Proc Coefficient List,
    Quote from Rhye

    I find it hilarious that they celebrate the games first year live, and at the same time talk about security issues and AH exploits. That's something they should have been done with 1 month into the game. Also, I really thought we'd have some kind of random dungeon generator or custom maps by now. Maybe some kind of survival mode or a few more uberbosses.

    Nono, it's all about "finding players near you" and "now you can have a message next to your name to broadcast to all your friends". Stop making this game into facebook and give us some content :S

    Pass it on to blizzard.They'll definitely grant your wishes within the next 2 years.(Lots of iteration,reiteration and moar reiteration going on in there.)
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    I finally uninstalled the piece of shit called Diablo 3!!!!
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    check at the bottom left of the picture you've linked. It says the sell value is 3075 gold.And yes,you're welcome.

    :P :P :P :P
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