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    and then everything will be LoN builds

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    posted a message on new gem idea

    how will this not just make the already strong items stronger?

    the reason the game lacks diversity is not really because it isn't there it's just because people like to optimize and thus there's always one build that is the best. they're trying to make the difference between builds smaller and that's nice.

    I don't think your suggestion would make any difference, if anything it would make LoN builds the best and then we would be back to the same diversity :(

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    posted a message on I don't know what the hell I am doing....

    6p tals + 4p firebird is very nice. but you need to have a skill from each of the 4 elements. especially the Wand of Woh - explosive blast build is very strong.

    but yea, for Grift progress DMO is king.

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    Quote from Thalur»

    The season journey will spell out exactly what you have to do and what rewards you get (Shift-J on the PC).
    I know you get all 3 gifts (2 set pieces in each gift) by the time you finish chapter IV (4). It's all pretty basic stuff (even the set dungeon task- a lot of them you can literally just walk in and let the time count down without doing anything and get the achievement... or just slaughter everything and get it).
    I did the seasons journey tasks on my DH and then leveled up a Sader and opened the gifts on her to give her the full invoker set.

    That's not very helpful. In order to do the set dungeon, you first need 6 pieces of a class set. So you need a 6p set in order to get the free one?
    I guess they could have been a bit more vocal about what is required to get the set so it can actually be helpful. The information in the OP is correct.
    you do not need to complete the actual chapters in the journey just the tasks. so you only need to get to 70, kill kulle on torment 2(or higher) and do a solo greater rift 20.
    and like mad tom said, it sucks that the gift is shared over sc and HC. :(
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    posted a message on Help me progress :)

    ok, so I've been playing a bit and I feel kinda stuck.


    not sure if updated. if it's blood funnel on ww it's not then the build is wind shear with shaefers in cube and WC:charge instead of threatening shout and animosity instead of ruthless.

    I can do a little of everything and I kinda know what I need, but I just have no idea what to focus on. I farmed a lot of DB to get the BK weapons, but it turned out they sucked compared to the 2h I'm using atm, so that felt pretty bad to have been using quite a lot of ressources to get those. So I'd like to get some oppinions before setting my next goals.

    I've also been having trouble finding groups, due to low paragon and that also kinda sucks.

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    posted a message on Rewarding the Loot Hunt - Loot 2.0
    I kinda like your suggestion, but it's not really fixing anything. like how many skorns like your example have you found? I think what they are doing with loot 2.0 is going to make this a non-issue tbh. And with the mystic comming in RoS it will have the same effect but with less powerful items because it's just 1 affix getting better not every affix getting boosted 20% so the difference between high end and low end items won't be as large.

    as said I like the idea, but I think it's wasted effort with the changes we already know are comming.
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    posted a message on Mystic may reroll current gear stats to level 70
    I think demonic essence or something like that, perhaps bossdrop only would be a good currency for the mystic.

    also the tweet = OMG ridiculus twinking :D that will be fun
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    posted a message on At which lvl the paragon points are effective?
    well they were talking about nephalem valor being active as soon as 30, so that could be a possibility as well.
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    posted a message on How can Blizzard make the new expansion more appealing?
    Quote from devlolz666

    Lets leave it at that shall we? I don't want to argue over this any more, my main intention while making this thread was to give some insight concerning what should be changed to make the game better.

    there's not really any point in making a thread when you just want to hear other people agree with your oppinion...

    on topic: I'm kinda split because I love the idea of this amazing end game that I remember chasing hundreds of hours in D2, but the more I think of it now there wasn't really an endgame besides pvp, and I didn't pvp... I'm having a really hard time figuring out what all that farming was for back then, it now seems that I was just gearing up so I could gear up more which is the same as D3. I think that I'm just personally grown away from that and I think a lot of the playerbase has as well so it's really hard to get back that feeling.
    To me it does seem like Loot runs, Nephalem trials and the new legendaries could reignite the game for me. loot runs because it seems like an easy way to acces some content that won't be to similar to what you did last time. Trials because it will hopefully be challenging and the new legendaries because I think it's really fun to try and get different builds to work.
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    Quote from Efrye

    Quote from Zero(pS)

    Current gear will be useless, period. There's no denying that. It's in the very nature of an expansion.

    It hasn't been in the nature of a Diablo expansion until Diablo 3.

    my barbarian got very sad when LoD came out because all of his stuff became crap :( but then I got new stuff in act 5 that was much better. So this happened in D2 as well.
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    posted a message on New Paragon discussion.
    on the point of a cap, I think it's endless but there's a "soft cap" of 8000 (assuming 4 stats in each category with a cap of 50 and 10 chars 4*4*50*10=8000) so if you have 10 p100s now you can cap out one character when RoS hits. I think that makes sense and might not even be to OP since there are some stats that don't matter or have very little influence on that particular char.
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    posted a message on [Suggestion]: The Mystic [Pt. 1] - Seals
    in general really awesome suggestion, my only problem is the cross skill thing, I don't really like that. a) because it just feels wrong to have a barbarian running around casting blizzards (but that's very personal and I know other people don't mind), B) it requires a lot of altering in the core of the game where are the skills going to be placed? and depending on what skills will be available it will throw the balance off a lot.

    as a suggestion I would stick to procs and passive effects since you can only have 6 abilities anyway so it won't make any difference in the amount of buttons you have to press (if that was part of the reason for the skill system).

    I also think the system is a little too complex and the items might be a little to good with 9 affixes potentially 12, but I guess that's more of a balance thing.

    with items this powerful I think it would be fine to have a limit of just 1 for each slot.

    An almost completely different look on this system would be to make the seal just 1 item and then have it follow you from level 1 to 60(100) and have it level with you and you'd have to make choices along the way. it would kinda be like having a 2nd character but one that you can't just respec, you'd need to relevel it if you want to do something else with it. I think that would give some of that feeling of consequence when you make choice that a lot of people have been asking for. I don't know, just throwing it out there.
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    posted a message on I need some help with my Wizard!
    Hey, I'm just going to use this topic because making another one seems redundant.

    I'd like some help with what pieces I should upgrade and what I should be looking for.

    My budget is pretty low I currently have just around 5m. I have a pair of Lacuni's in the bank, but they are overall worse than the current bracers and it seems I need the crit on them, but I would like the additional 12% MS from another slot.

    I don't have a goal as such I just want to get stronger, I can currently farm MP3 with very few deaths (reflect dmg -.-) and without falling out of archon to often. I'm mostly just looking for some goals to aim for that are within reach, don't think I will ever have the time to be able to spend 100m+ :P
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    posted a message on Sorry, one more time about --- +Weapon Damage
    Not really sure what you're in doubt of, but I'll give it a try.

    Quote from teoteodore

    So, a monk wielding a 1000 DPS weapon containing a 40% +Damage does the same exact amount of damage as a monk wielding a 1000 DPS weapon with no +Damage multiplier?


    No you would most likely never search for +%damage or +elemental damage, but the weapons with the highest dps will have both these stats. that's a fact.

    I think Duri was refering to the +(numeric) damage affix that can spawn on rings and amulets in his post, not the +% damage.
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    posted a message on 3 Second Inferno Butcher Kill (Solo Barbarian)
    wrath of the beserker - insanity 100% damage
    Battle Rage - Marauder's rage 30% damage 3% crit
    Frenzy - maniac 4% damage/stack, only just reaches 5 stacks as butcher dies.
    earthquake - path of fire 65% weapon damage up to 12y in front.

    last 2 are ignore pain and sprint, but they are not used.

    can't comment on gear, but I'm guessing it's pretty good :P
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