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    Ctrl-C, CTRL-V from Blue Tracker:

    With some information out may or maynot be correct about how hard monsters hit in Inferno will WD pets still be viable?
    JayWilson:Yes, pets scale pretty well in inferno. You do have to refresh them, but they are useful for tanking mobs

    So, all we have to be concerned about is pets accidentally pulling in mobs. I'm sure Blizzard has this one figured out, be pretty glaring omission otherwise.
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    Blood Ritual is going to be very useful in Inferno, because health is going to scale while mana will not. Here's why, creatures will be doing 10's of thousands of points of damage to your health, so therefore, your HP will have to increase dramatically. However, the only thing that does "damage" to mana are your spells...and those cost the same at level 60 as they do at level one. Therefore, while your HP's will probably be in the 5 digits later in the game, it is unlikely that mana will. Therefore, the 15% drain to your health from blood ritual is going to be practically "free" at later levels.

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    How much patience must Bashiok, Rygarius, and the other blue posters have? With the never ending barrage of complainers, the Blizzard reps do an amazing job keeping their patience and responding honestly and accurately. Here are some classic threads, where you've got to commend the blue for keeping their cool:



    Are there any ridiculous posts that the Blue responded to that made you think, these Blizzard guys have a lot more patience than I do?

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    Quote from ecutruin

    Honestly, you're deluding yourself if you think that'll happen with the way Diablo 3 mechanics work. With all the AoE effects and such available, you could lose a match to a few well placed spells. PvP in Diablo 3 isn't going to be some great skill challenge. You will die to other players..

    You're right and you're wrong. A lot of people will go right towards the center and there will be a major blood bath. I'm going to avoid the AOE bloodbath by running to the border of the map and blending in with the trees. After the blood bath, then I will pick off one person at a time. Most people look at PvP as a contest to kill as many other players as possible. I look at the game as survival and that will afford me the most victories.

    When you're hardcore, you don't live long by killing off three people at once and dying in the process. You win by hit and running.
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    I propose the PvP should include a hardcore version for us hardcore folks. It would be ridiculous to die in a PvP game and then still use that character. That is an insult to us hardcore players.

    I am sending in my hardcore PvP suggestion to Blizzard, along with a $10 Paypal donation so they include this feature. Keep a lookout for my Demon Hunter Katniss on Battle.net.
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