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    Great job mate!

    Do some more, I'm sure good Diablo fan art will never be unappreciated in these parts.

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    posted a message on Gargantuan too stupid?
    I find all the Pets pretty stupid, its rather frustrating.

    They often seem to be completely baffled by just stairs, like a bunch of ******* retarded Daleks.

    Its almost embarrassing in group play when 'my' characters stand around with their thumb up their ass while Elites are right there.
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    posted a message on New Affix Ideas for upcoming patch
    This is cool. I cant help but wonder why Blizzard D3 team never had these kind of discussions. The current affixes are more like entry level ideas. There is nothing exciting about them whatsoever.

    I've said it before, D3 has felt like a demo/open beta since launch and still does. Most of my friends have stopped playing D3 and near as I can tell the only ones still playing are still passionate about Diablo and therefore spend just as much time talking about the changes needed as they do playing the game.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Offline Play on Playstation 3, 4
    Quote from Slim

    I'm probably just mentally deficient, but I don't understand the draw of offline play.

    Amongst other things, like being able to play if the internet is down (which happens if you live in Australia)...

    ... I would just love to be able to FUCKING PAUSE Diablo3 while I put the kids to bed, make some dinner or head to the shops for milk and bread. (yes I know you can go to the Menu but it only lasts for 15 minutes before its kicks you out).

    Honestly, WTF Blizzard, why cant I pause a video game? Every time I want to play I have to allocate a strict 'Do Not Interrupt' against the wife and kids. There has never been a game that has pissed them off more.
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    posted a message on The easiest fix for Reflect Damage (for those who needs it)
    I have a character for each class and play each one when I'm in the mood for different types of gameplay. My Monk for example is (mostly) completely unaffected by RD and he's great for getting into the thick of it. My Barbarian is the same.

    My Wizard and DH however, are the polar opposite of this. I can dish out huge DPS, but the trade of is I have to be much more careful.

    Making my ranged, DPS dealers (that are supposed to be fragile) more durable and akin to my melee fighters is counter intuitive and goes against the point of having different styles of classes.

    It also hurts multi player, when you intentionally have a team of tank class getting into it, keeping the enemies busy while the damage dealer goes to work.

    RD is one of the dumbest ideas in D3 IMHO.
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    posted a message on Legendaries are new rares.
    Quote from newt_mcmac

    You are paragon level 49, and you played for 12 hours.

    Conclusion: You have way, way, WAY more free time to play than the majority of the playerbase (not the majority of biased sample of people who post here, but the full playerbase). Of course you are finding a ton of legendaries - the game is now balanced around giving the casual players a shot at finding epic gear, as it should be.

    This and then some. 12 HOURS IN ONE DAY! That is one half of the 24 hour rotation of the planet. If you weren't getting loads of drops with that kind of play time, then something would be horribly wrong. How many greens and golds would you have seen killing Mephisto for twelve hours with the kind of magic find you're seeing on a paragon 49?

    ... Yep... couldnt agree more.

    Good work getting to Lvl 49 Prg... this will take me about a year.

    12 hours play time in a day?... thats about what I get in a week.

    No offence mate, but you obviously spend A LOT of your time playing D3 and some could argue too much.

    What exactly are you pissy about anyways? You dont like getting loot? Does it piss you off that guys like me with a job and family might fine good loot as well? Are you worried you'll find everything too soon despite playing more in a day than some people get in a week?

    Once I get to Lvl 49prg and after a week of farming you bet your ass I want some Legendary's.
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    posted a message on Two questions for players who vocally dislike the AH

    First up, I'll say I've used the AH for both buying and selling. I dont bother trying to sell anything anymore, since I quite simply cant be bothered. I'd rather just be playing the game than spend time price checking and keeping an eye on the AH.

    I dont actually like the AH though becuase to me, its just thrown the balance and enjoyment of the game completely of the rails.

    1 - Buying stuff isnt really rewarding. Its great to improve your character and win a bid, but finding an awesome item after taking down an Elite pack or Boss was kind of the point if playing Diablo (for me anyway). This leads to..

    2 - Not using the AH, seems like an easy solution to the 'reward' feeling being lost from actually fiding gear in game, but honestly, I wouldnt be playing D3 anymore without the AH. If I relied on drops I would have to keep playing either Hell/Hell or A1 Inferno over, and over and over again until something decent droped and enabled my character to proceed further. D3 just isnt that entertaining and most stuff that drops is rubbish and theres not much else to do in D3. Blacksmithing anyone?

    3 - Once you've made it too Inferno with your 1st character, you will likely have enough Gold to buy gear for every other character you decide to play up to 60 with ubber gear, effectiviely activating 'God Mode'. Again, you could argue to simply not use the AH, but I know its there. I know that almost EVERYTHING that drops is TOTAL RUBBISH compared to what I can find on the AH for a few Gold in a matter of minutes.

    So with all that said, although the AH itself is cool, it has done way more harm than good to Diablo.
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    posted a message on Ingak Reached Level 100 Paragon
    Quote from Zakaz

    Oh absolutely. Getting paragon 100 requires absolutely zero skill. It is purely a time sink (which is exactly what people asked for...)

    300+ hours is more than most casual players even have on their account (I think I'm pretty close to it, and I play more than I should) at this point, so to say it's "too easy" is beyond ridiculous; it wasn't meant to be "hard" in the first place.

    Yeh... Going by what that other guy said (Alkazier?? or something) that was 1st to get to 100; he played about 15-20 hours a day, 300 hundred hours adds up to about that in 14 days.

    Personally, I think that's kinda overdoing it... to say the least.

    To each his own for sure... but I mean, getting up at 6am, play solid, without stopping until 10pm at night, then repeat for 2 weeks?! That's crazy. Guy's either on holidays, or has no job, no girlfriend and very little to no other commitments.

    With a wife, young family and full time job, I'll play about 2 hours a night on weekdays and about the same on the weekends depending on how many family/house duties I have to do.

    I think 12 hours a week aint bad, and at that rate it will probably take me 9 months (maybe longer) to get to 100 Paragon. That's assuming I play 1 character and D3 that whole time. Theres a bunch of other games that I need to catch up on so meh... not in any rush... its a nice long term goal to have to get to 100. Playing other games it might takes years... which I think is cool. Gives me a reason to come back to it.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to be at 100, then I've got nothing to do again but farm maybe for other characters maybe... I dunno.
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    posted a message on Thanks for nothing Blizzard
    Quote from necro2607

    "shove all the responsibility over to someone else and then start whining".... what? Battle.net uptime is the responsibility of no one but the people at Blizzard.

    Spot on. This logic of "You should have known it WOULDN'T have worked (as promised) and because you didn't its your fault" is just ludicrous.

    So, as a consumer I'm an idiot for thinking that I would able to use a product once it is available for sale, as promised by the seller on the day it is released? Yeh... that make's a lot of sense.
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    posted a message on Thanks for nothing Blizzard
    Quote from beadon

    Sounds like you need a divorce...

    No. I don't need a divorce... perhaps from Blizzard, but from my wife? Are you drunk? Only someone without a demanding job, wife and kids would make such a moronic statement.

    Quote from Wuzzard

    If your time is so precious you should have did a bit of research into launch day problems that exist with every on-line game that's ever been launched.

    Like I said... not my problem. Blizzard shouldn't have released it if it didn't work... simple. D3 is a product, like any other. Not for one second do I forgive the product not working due to issues that are integral to the product they are selling. Do you buy and car and expect it to not start for 24 hours? No, and D3 is no different.
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