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    I think the issue is that so many of Crusader's high damaging skills have cooldown(Heaven's Fury, Condemn, Judgement, Laws, etc.), and so you want them to count when you can use them.

    I feel the Crusader's standard non-cooldown spells are a bit lackluster for the wrath cost and regen you can reliably get.

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    And also PvPers can simply add a self-governed rule that TPing mid-fight counts as a forfeit. I think that's a totally reasonable rule.
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    Quote from Freydal1743

    If Inferno still exists our characters would not be able to kill monsters in that content. The monsters would be something to the effect of level 73 if the difficulty design stays the same. We will likely need to revert back to hell to catch up in level.

    I got to agree with Freydal143 I think. If they preserve the intent of Inferno to allow us to farm any Act 1~Act 5 location as endgame, Inferno will be pushed up to Level 70 or higher I feel.

    Now, I don't think Hell Act 5 has level 60~69(or even 58~69 for some people) amount of content so I don't know where we'll end up regards to that. There might be a middle ground where Inferno without MP will still have a progress from 65~70, similar to what it has currently, and then starting MP1 everything gets pushed up to 70+.

    Judging by D2:LoD, I don't think anyone will have to play Normal or Nightmare Act 5.

    All speculation though. :P
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    US here. Please please!
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    posted a message on Refer to our EU thread (Red Panda Group)
    I'm not sure if you're still accepting/take applications from koalas :P but here I go:
    • Do you have any Diablo or any A-RPG experience?
    Over 200 hours in Diablo 2 and about 300 hours in Monster Hunter series.
    • Have you ever been part of a committed group for any video game, card game, role-playing game (D&D) or board game before?
    Part of a small group of friends that practice Starcraft 2 together.
    Was part of the largest guild in WarSong KPNS.
    Was part of a Monster Hunter group.
    Was part of an amateur DotA All-Stars team.
    • What class do you plan to start with?
    • Do you plan on rushing or taking your time through Normal? If you're taking your time, what will you be doing for Nightmare / Hell / Inferno?
    For normal I intend to take my time as I do have work and also like to explore lore and easter eggs in my first play through. As the difficulty ramps up will probably focus more on gameplay and loot and focus on progressing quickly until I need to up my gameplay and loot again.
    • How often will you be able to play?
    About 15-20 hours a week. Mostly weekends.
    • Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use Ventrilo? (If you answer no to this - then, well, you didn't read my OP :))
    • Do you have any suggestions for a group like this?
    I think it will be an amazing cathartic experience when we all get to Hell or Inferno and beat through a pack of monsters that might have been impossible if we were playing alone. So if we challenge each other as a group to play better we'll be better.
    • What timezone are you in?
    Pacific Time Zone. Currently PDT(UTC -7).
    • Are you over the age of 18?
    Yes. I am 23.
    • Will you share and trade within the group as much as you can, or just a little?
    I will trade as much as I can. I will love to donate any gear that I don't need that I pick up. Also trading in person with people you know will support you in turn makes it a great idea to trade with the group.
    • Will you prefer co-op or playing alone?
    I prefer co-op much more unless I'm just looking to cool down and screw around to relieve stress in which case I might do some solo games and blow through an easier area.

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