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    Yer forgetting Alexander the Great (which wasn't that great), an Animatrix short, some mtv Liquid television shorts, and Aeon flux. Aeon flux was epic, Afro samurai was, sorry to say, a cliche ridden pile of nonsense. I'll admit the animation was pretty cool but everything else... yech

    All this without ever leaving the text box here. Damn I'm an old dweeb.
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    21" Dell m993s CRT (1600x1200@75hz)
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    Quote from Reisori

    It totally depends on the players. If one of 4 is bad/not pulling his weight, it would be easier for the rest of the group to play without him.
    Same goes for every number of players, if you work well together, It will be easier.

    I can definitely see idiots running far from the group on a tombstone smashing trip and bringing back champion packs at the wrong times. i say no in general to pub games. An in-game voice chat could be somewhat useful though probably more problematic in terms of screaming nubs and the other bs involved in public voice channels.
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    Quote from JTurkey

    Quote from Bleu42

    well considering besides the templars' taunt, there isn't one in the game. The only damage you'll actually soak would be whatever damage the mobs throw at you personally, because they just random target and attack. In reality the only thing you'll be tanking would be your own damage, and while the buffs would better the group, 'tanking' won't.

    threatening shout, demoralize rune. taunt.

    lol, Imagining the Barb shouting, "Nanny nanny boo boo, your mother was a human your father was Nyancat!" whist mooning the mobs.

    On the serious side, I think careful mob management(kiting, lining, herding) will be more key for solo play. Fast champion packs probably best kited and handled alone as best as possible.
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    In addition first kills will, at least with the Skeleton King, also guarantee a class related drop.
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    Quote from Hintermute

    Remember in.. forget where, pretty sure it was Jay Wilson, but I recall him saying something along the lines that Inferno's mobs will be more aggressive. I suspect this mean's more than just being quick to aggro but, on the more basic level, quicker to respond to characters. Maybe even response out of LoS... scary thought..

    Heh, quoting myself.. for reference anyway, more suggestion that this may be the case. sorry to revive a few day dead one.

    From the recent "Second PlayersCut Interview with Jay Wilson" Diablofans quote summary on inferno

    Quote from name="
    DiabloFans Quote

    " »
    He states that in Inferno if you find a really hard pack, you are not really able to skip them, while in nightmare and inferno you can kind of just move around them.

    How about it? the monsters all have better eyesight than us. How about a unique pair of spectacles you can wear in-game. 2 durability and no armor but aallows you to zoom out!?!? I jest.

    Anyway, point is,

    off screen line-of-sight!
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    Quote from Ruppgu

    Quote from girthyman

    I found this very interesting since there are a lot of questions around whether or not bosses get new abilities in the later difficulties. Granted this is just for SK.

    A bit disappointing... I was hoping Inferno bosses would have additional mechanics.

    All we see here is the SK does not however, the inclusion of this chart may be suggestive that are differences. Otherwise, why include a list that points out the skills for each difficulty.
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    Quote from Azidonis

    Quote from UrDum

    Quote from Beechsack

    Quote from UrDum

    If it's on the internet it has to be true....

    Grain of salt.

    It's not random internet scuttlebutt.

    It's the published official game guide from Brady.

    Why would SKs HP go down from what it was at the end of beta? He was too easy to begin with.

    Fake numbers are fake.

    They aren't fake numbers. They are the numbers Blizzard gave them initially, when they set the game guides to print. Then, in Patch 14 Blizzard buffed the monsters from 1-20. It would not show up in the game guide, as the game guide was already in print (just like the instruction manual for the game was).

    You honestly don't think they would release a completely new game guide for every balance patch, do you?

    Quote from Hintermute

    The SK's mechanics in the beta weren't so tough. Avoiding getting hit by him even without Vault or a similar skill wasn't that hard at all. As long as you stay within a certain range he does not do his teleport attack. You're a drooling retard if you /CAN'T/ avoid his attacks, bro.

    It might be tougher, sure, but far far far from impossible.

    On top of resists, armor, buffs, debuffs, I still think it's possible. What I AM worried about is the rest of the bosses whose mechanics aren't as megaman easy to avoid once you learn them.

    Riight. And I'm sure that when he teleports on top of you and busts out a whirlwind for 125415 damage, or summons multiple skeletons on top of you that each do 12442412 damage, etc. that you will be able to avoid everything, as any character... let alone a melee character.

    And thus far, Inferno has not been beaten. Impossible? Probably not. Extremely hard? Certainly.

    Extremely loving it? Definitely.

    So.. His teleport attack is avoidable by staying within probably ~40m from him, which is well outside of his melee range. His whirlwind has something like a 2 second telegraph, more than enough to get away. Handling his mobs with ranged attacks is not too tough with any of the classes. I played the beta and maxed each of the characters and beat the SK with at least two skill sets per char.

    I still stand by the SK being not as tough as advertised this thread.

    Then again, IF the SK is a one-shotter, I've got a pile or words to eat, and enjoy, lol,
    Rock on, we'll see
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    posted a message on Props to the Posters in Blue
    Quote from blujay

    Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today - but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.

    You copy that thesis from your finals A-Paper on the role of speculative fiction?
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    To be more concise, 12 days + 2.5 + X(hours)

    I think it is fitting that "Legendary" weapons be limited to the upper levels. Otherwise they're not as special when found.

    As it stood at the end of the beta blues had a 100% chance to produce a Subtle Essence and sometimes a 30% chance to produce a fallen tooth.

    Rares increased the tooth to 100%. Legendaries, I'm guessing, will provide more than one of each.
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    When you put something up it disappears into auction land.

    There is an auction house tab for completed auctions. Auctions that you win drop the item there and you select there to send it to the stash. Gold from auctions you win also must be selected to send to stash. The same also goes for refunds for auctions lost and refunds on material costs when there is a difference in your benefit.

    Check the source if you need to know more.

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    posted a message on Bashiok tweeting "something" may happen tonight
    Well, I click install in the installer on a daily basis, and manual, and parental controls.

    The manual now redirects to the game guide instead of a 404 page. Still an hour and 15 minutes early though.
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    posted a message on My summoner build looks so delicious.. can't.. resist......
    Yeah, kinda funny seeing that most of the skills you have selected wont be available until you've nearly finished normal mode. What are you going to do before your build is completed at level 56 (hell mode)? Some of the unruned skills should work well enough but methinks this is overkill, summon-wise. Unless this is either pure flavor, or troll.
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    Quote from Adon

    Quote from Doez

    Quote from Adon

    Yep a full time job, 4 classes of college, fiance, plus sports...no life. I can stomp this game in 2 weeks because I do work a full time job and thus get this thing called vacation time, which will allow me to do whatever I please with this game, including stomp it in 2 weeks.

    You play Street Fighter. There is no way that any of the above is remotely true.
    Guessing that is sarcasm, but then again no one here seems to ever get or understand it.

    To be honest, I think Street Fighting is a totally valid sport, especially If you can call Olympic TKD one.
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    posted a message on So i heard that Inferno was gona be hard...
    Bullet six,
    Quote from OmniNom

    Quote from Equinox

    Wouldn't put too much stock in that reply. They probably don't have the time and devs are typically not as concentrated as some players out there.
    Quote from Mastodon
    Rub* it in your face! Sorry, I feel mean atm.
    Yeah too bad Blizzard changed that...

    Yeah, they blue posted about it not too long back. Felt weird without scaling, so now they ramp up difficulty from act 1-4 (though gradually, I assume, since they didn't nerf Act 1, just buffed later acts).

    Bullet 6 of Bashiok's post
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