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    Quote from brx

    Having an unsecured computer then using a 8$ (?) product to only secure one or 2 games does not make a whole lot of sense.
    Using a good firewall and antivirus does on the other hand. Never had a problem in 5 years of wow whereas friends did.
    Yeah i have a hard time having respect for people using and promoting this stuff. I see it as one more scam...
    I bet people using an authenticator have never cared about security, or worst: they stopped to care once they started using one.
    Well to each his own I suppose.

    Except people who really care about security are more likely to have one because they realize no matter how secure they think they are there is always a way for a clever person out there to get around it if they really want to. Wow you have a firewall and antivirus. Great! Too bad new viruses and exploits can take days or weeks or months or years or never found at all. By the time your antivirus is updated to know about said virus, you may have been infected for long enough for your information to be stolen. In a case like that, they still can't access your account with an authenticator...Well they CAN,but they would have to sit there and wait for you to log in, so they can access your code and log in with it,but that is a waste of time and effort when they can go after the moron without an authenticator.
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