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    posted a message on Banned in Diablo 3
    I know that blizzard bans for reasons
    Sometimes though they just aren't good reasons.

    I got banned for buying stuff on the RMAH while at a hotel for work. The internet was so crappy there I was in the process of farming the AH but it was a different IP and even with an authenticator I got banned.

    I was not happy and it took several days to straighten out.

    I ended up having to call in, which i guess they stopped letting you do?
    Basically when you call in referance your ticket and ask them to take a look at it.

    HINT this will be a several day process figure your not going to be playing for a week or two.
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    posted a message on Millions and millions of gold....
    Your basically between a rock and a hard place.
    The good items that you want are sky rocketing in price.
    The okish items you find are plumeting in price.
    (the imk chests are significantly down in price unless your trying to find a 200 vit one)

    Diablo is a lottery ticket system for getting rich.
    Every ring, weapon, and legendary could potentially net you millions but for the most part they do not.

    The money you get is going to be broken up into:
    1. money you pick up (gold find and pickup radius along with a solid 24% move speed will really help this) mp 0 runs will really help the gold per hour

    2. consumables you pickup (know the gems: emeralds sell for 5k, if you don't pass up 5k pots of gold you might want to try clicking on some emeralds)

    3. Rares you vendor - even if you can't ah them they sell for 3-4 k

    4. rares you ah - these are your bread and butter things gold find + pickup, magic find all resist main stat (always put a buyout on these)

    5. Lottery ticket rares - These are your 10 mil -???? mil items

    The majority of your money is actually going to come from the lottery ticket rares.
    If you haven't hit one yet you are going to be poor.

    At high paragon levels you easily get 200-300k gold per alk run (which takes 7-11 min)
    -It takes 50 runs of gold find to equal one good rare/legendary (around 9 hours)

    Do NOT stop to pickup gold or the rares other people have mentioned (2 handers, quivers, masks, spirit stones, bows, crossbows lvl 58 weapons)

    What your looking for is the legends, gloves, weapons, rings, and amulets.

    Do not stop to kill packs that run away from you. It should take 30 sec to locate and kill a pack of mobs if your messing around with a pack of casters that spread out you are wasting your time.

    When your just starting out it is hard to play the ah and snipe auctions, mainly because there is a horde of other people trying to snipe auctions as well. What I have found is that if I buy gear for myself, and then re-list it for a substantial profit when i'm not playing you can turn a tidy profit without the same amount of risk.
    *(hang on to the old item so you don't get left without pants)

    The biggest mistake you can make is not recognizing a godly item for another class and listing it cheaply. This can easily be a 60-80 mil mistake. I had a friend that found a good lacuni got 26 mil and was really happy about it, but the lacuni was in the 90 mil plus range...

    good luck with the farming
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    posted a message on INSANELY Fast Paragon Run - 20% Faster then Alkaizers
    skycrown is pretty good, i'll have to try it again.

    I would still recommend to start at crater, while it isn't as xp dense as the other zones its fast and has a high legendary ratio for time :P even though your not at a full 5 stack when your doing it
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    posted a message on INSANELY Fast Paragon Run - 20% Faster then Alkaizers
    Some of us don't have video availability at work when we read the forums

    if you could give a summary of what your trying to do it is a lot easier for us then trying to piece together what your doing from other posts.

    If your run takes you 15 minutes it is probably slow.

    When I was doing calculations I was doing it on the speed that it took me to clear a zone and the number of legendaries I got from the zone out of 100 runs to get a ball park on if it was useful or not.

    I then optomized based on legendary drops vs time, which is not the same as xp.

    I then can run basically any of the waypoints to compare it vs the benchmark numbers relatively quickly.

    Or try other zones like vota but so far the modified alkaizer route with rakkis and keep 3 is the best I've encountered.

    I do stonefort just for the key but its not faster, I've done skycrown before but it was inconsistent for the run times and with some dead space can lead to wotb down time :(
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    posted a message on Echoing Fury Fear Proc - SoJ and Cold damage experiments
    The reason that your seeing a more noticeable slow effect with the cold dagger is that ww is 1/2 main hand 1/2 off hand

    equip a pure physical dmg off hand and the soj alone will provide the same effect.

    If you equip anything but cold or physical and the elemental dmg is better then the soj (hint it will be) then you won't get the slow.

    Also you would want to equip another dagger as the attack speed on daggers is just nice, you hit more often and apply the slow effect sooner.
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    posted a message on [Need advice] What to upgrade with 100-120 mils budget?
    for ww your main dmg is tornadoes from sprint

    Its hard to say what would be good for you without a calculator or spread sheet due to the fact that paper dps on barb is not a good indicator of actual output.

    You would be better off with a 200 str, cd, ls, dagger then the sword.

    Echoing fury has the fear issue, its fine for upper lvl mps but it pretty annoying when trying to farm, putting it in the off hand helps alot with this but you will need to pick up the ls or loh on your main hand or your amulet.

    A quick all around good upgrade would be amulet with some loh, however all your gear is "solid"

    I guess you need to figure out what you want to do.

    low mp farming - a pickup radius item would be nice

    high lvl ubers - can you live at mp 10 with overpower - crushing advance instead of your shout?
    Do you care about high lvl ubers?

    Then upgrade for what you want to do,
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    posted a message on Uber Kuile Enrage has gotta go...
    tanking is not cheesy and unfortunately it is punished by enrage.
    Cheesy tactics are things like z order exploitation (pathing)- and yes they exist in this game it's just not normally worth the time
    Infinite stuns to me fall in this category (cm wizards)

    I believe there was a video of 4 monks stun locking diablo as well, basically anything that lets you ignore boss mechanics and mindlessly follow a rotation.

    Gy zerg would be in a 4 player game

    You don't need defensive stats for siege and kulle, you would just need to be able to kite. They increased siege speed but it is still very doable.

    The enrage stops people from running around in circles until siege dies to tornadoes, you have to go toe to toe and keep dps up on kulle at the same time. It changes the fight significantly.

    The enrage is a mechanic that must be overcome.

    Mechanics that make you stretch are good things.

    yet again stacking debuffs, increased attack speed, more dmg are the enrage mechanics I like. You still have a window where things are getting out of control but aren't out of control yet. I prefer those enrage mechanics over instant whipes.
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    posted a message on Uber Kuile Enrage has gotta go...

    My point really is that all mobs have a timer of sorts with the nv stacks.
    It's a soft enrage.

    Hard enrages like Kul's are to stop people from gy zerging or doing other cheesy tactics to get a kill.
    It fights cheesy tactics with a cheesy tactic.

    Different boss fights should have different mechanics to spice the game up.
    If every fight is the same the game gets boring and stale. (EQ raiding for years was like this with some slight variations)

    Every fight has something you need to avoid, or watch out for until you out gear it.

    Enrage is a mechanic that you have to figure out how beat it.

    In one fight we actually went over the time limit but between 2 cm wizards and stomp were able to actually kill him after the time period. (Cm wizards for me fall in the cheesy tactic range)

    Again I personally prefer stacking debuffs or stacking dmg which is alot more fun to me then getting one shot.

    Enrage as a mechanic is good, it keeps fights short and allows gear checks without them being the stupidity that was act 2 when the game came out.
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    posted a message on Uber Kuile Enrage has gotta go...
    The issue at hand is your fun build can not beat the boss in the time allotted.

    You aren't raging about nv falling off after 30 minutes, the time frame of 8 minutes is just to short for your current gear/spec.

    The AI for Kule is very kite friendly and without enrage he would be really easy.

    I've made these points and you just ignore it and focus on the gear and spec.
    Change either your gear or your spec ....
    You say that you can and win you just don't want to...

    At this point I'm assuming your just trolling, you haven't posted a build that we could make recommendations for, maybe you should so you could at least get some pointers or ideas of things to improve.

    I have played games with really long boss fights where you tanked and spanked for hours. Dust off Ever Quest and see how much fun that game is in comparison to the new raid mechanics that other games have.

    Enrage mechanics actually helped raiding by taking the long fights and distilling them to 10-20 minutes of focused effort.

    Tank and spank is not the enjoyable when it is:
    get mob to corner
    setup cleric heal chain
    wait 30 min - 3 hrs hours
    Loot 3 items for your 70-90 man raid.

    The issue at hand is you want to be able to do things slowly, but new game mechanics are for the younger generation that do not have the attention span for those epic long battles.

    I think there is a video of a naked hunter killing inferno diablo on mp 10, just takes a LOOONG time.
    While it was probably challenging for the player its basically a pattern that repeats itself, without enrage kul would be in the same boat. You can time his bubbles so they don't land on him, you can force him to run out of bubbles when he runs away from you.

    I do agree with the I don't want to be one shotted, but saying no enrage at all is a step backwards. I do think a stacking debuff or stacking dmg is more fun, but again everything has a 30 min soft enrage of you lose your nv stacks.
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    posted a message on Uber Kuile Enrage has gotta go...
    Enrage makes a lot of sense for kul due to his AI.

    It maybe should have been adjusted / eliminated for ubers but without it they would be a trivial pair to kill.
    Lure Siege away, someone dodge fire balls while the group kills siege, leave one person out and zerg until you beat kul...

    Even if the instant gib was removed all mobs have a 30 min "enrage" where you lose your NV stacks and get no item for your ring.
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    posted a message on Uber Kuile Enrage has gotta go...
    Enrage timers are gear checks not skill checks.

    If your trying to beat the timer there is several things you should be aware of.

    Only kul hard enrages.
    If you kill him siege soft enrages but you should live through it.

    Anything that stuns kul will drastically improve your uptime on him.
    -I play with ground stomp
    -Your non cookie cutter build still needs to do dmg for mp 10, and a lot of it, alot of the cookie cutter builds excel at maximum dmg or farm speed for the class in question. If you try and make a build with no cookie cutter skills your just a glutton for punishment.

    Do mp 10 with people that don't need to be carried, with 4 people in the game it is a lot of dmg you have to be able to do.

    If your dmg is crap then you are the one people are carrying.

    Tank and spank was purposefully punished as a design decision, Blizzard thought it wasn't a very fun way for people to play and everyone loves DPS! (I personally liked tanking but I can adapt)

    Without the hard enrage the way he teleports around and runs away from you, you could zerg him until all your gear broke, that sounds like oodles of fun to me...

    I much prefer enrage timers as a gear check rather then the fun of getting one shot by act 2 inferno wasps before all the nerfs to inferno.
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    posted a message on Best value for 300m? (Ubers/para farming?)
    WW barb is the best for both
    I will say that I've run into way to many barbs that didn't read the tornado tick thread and think that their paper dps is a measure of their epeen.

    Read the guides and play around a bit before you actually blow your wad, the quickest way to loose that money is on getting things you don't need because they inflate your paper dps.

    Get the stat stick off hand trust me on this, and make sure its a dagger.
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    posted a message on DEBATE: Spending money on virtual items, and more
    It doesn't really matter, the reason the RMAH is there is because you could purchase items anyway through 3rd party sites.

    People have payed ridiculous money to be tutored by people to play rts games, I'm sure there are people offering tutoring services for SC 2.

    Your going to run into puritans but there is a conversion mechanisim for gold to american dollars

    they say they aren't paying real cash for their items but as soon as you use the AH you have spent Diablo money that you could have converted at the "exchange table" to american dollars

    Think about it this way if you spent 100 peso's on something, it might not have had george washington on it but you spent money.
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    posted a message on Help! Need to know Budget upgrades for Key Farming and Ubers
    You need to choose a path
    WW - best for farming
    2 hander - cheap weapons
    Weapon throw - high single target dps- gear requirements high

    Embrace that path and go for it.

    You need to figure out if this is your play style, for some people they just don't like it.
    You need the into the fray sprint package, you need to sprint while whirling, it's retarded how many people mess this up and actually think damage is from whirl wind, your damage comes from sprint tornadoes.

    To try it out just get 2 real cheap weapons with loh and fast attack speed. like 5k items and just try whirling through things and see if you can live. (1200 loh combined should do it) if you live you can work on upping the damage. I would start with rage blade main hand stat stick off hand.

    For 2 hander:
    Your relying on revenge procs and rend to heal you.

    You lack a ton of loh or life steal. as far as your budget goes I would aim for about mp 3

    an imk belt is cheap and gives you life steal
    you might have to drop nerves of steal and pick up blood lust that should give you around 6% life steal

    your paper dps is a little low to support life steal though so ...

    when i started out barb I went 2 hander because they were cheap, but my 2 hander had 1200 life on hit and crit dmg i picked it up for 500k.

    I used charge and the into the fray sprint package to get to packs then rended them up charged through them some times and bashed down with reverberation single targets.

    I moved from this to whirl wind as soon as I was able to snipe some decent weapons on the ah.

    Weapon throw
    To make this really work you need gear
    your looking at a imk belt with weapon throw reduction
    soj with weapon throw reduction
    three hundreth spear

    Your rings and amulet would need crit because you need weapon throw to crit to get rage back.

    It feels like your too new to the character to know how to sprint and really use your abilities so just splurging on the ah will most likely leave you with things you will need to rebuy.

    I would acquire in the following order these items. Save up some between purchases.

    blackthorne's jousting mail (whatever the pants are) have 400ish loh on them and are a great starter set of pants especially with your derth of healing.

    Any path you take you could do with an IMK belt, so go ahead and get one preferable with weapon throw reduction.
    - you have your pickup radius on this so you will probably need to upgrade something else to reacquire this if you can't get an imk belt with it. Probably will be shoulders.

    Imk boots might set you back a bit.

    Your neck is garbage you want crit and preferable loh there, its got a lot of good stats but without crit...
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    posted a message on Trouble keeping up WotB
    I've also had trouble keeping wotb up permanently in 1.05.

    It seems the real problem is sprinting from group to group, the amount of rares I'm picking up, when i finish off a singleton all this adds up to too much time lost.

    Pre 1.05 I switched out alot of pieces to attack speed to try and nip the nerf a bit, it ended up not working that well

    5 piece imk lets you shout and sprint, without imk sometimes (not always) you can't get that sprint off with the changes they made to how much rage you get from shout. (When your not in combat)

    For farming mp2 overpower crushing advance is a free extra hit that can crit and can give you more rage so it helps. (I prefer shout for group ubers)

    Honestly I stopped worrying about keeping it up permanently went back to 5 piece imk and try and use beserk after I kite some packs together or in high density areas where I know a pack is going to live.

    I can do tower in a beserk, and I can do crater but I can't do crossing or depths 2.
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