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    As someone who has abused Tyrael a fair bit, I really really hope this is true and am very happy if so. It is just dumb that the "best" farming is having a NPC do it all for us.
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    Quote from Telsak

    Quote from Newpower

    I really hope last 2 acts of inferno to be almost unbeatable that would be a real challenge to grab me.

    Sorry to do this to you but it's been stated several times that Inferno difficulty is the same across all acts. Where in nm/hell the acts get harder as you progress this will not be the case in inferno. Act1 will be just as tough as the final level. All monsters are the same level as well. Still, will be crazy amounts of fun/challenge!

    Wrong fella. Weeks ago Bashiok updated the situation of Inferno. It does indeed scale upwards like the other difficulties. Starts at ~61 and ends 64-65.
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