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    posted a message on Trading HC gold for SC gold 3:1
    800k HC for 2.4m SC?
    or 800K HC for 270K SC?
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    posted a message on WTS > 1 HD SWORD 83 Crit DMG + Socket!
    Any chance of an updated screenshot with post patch DPS?
    Also, what kind of price were you looking for.
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    posted a message on will 1.0.3 help?
    Quote from furankku

    Quote from Devro

    Also, am I the only one to notice and be miffed by the fact that Demon Hunters are the only class that can use a 2H weapon AND an offhand (quivers)? At what point is that fair, since they can potentially rack up 160k DPS (and possibly higher), compared to the other ranged classes, or even the melee classes, who probably need that ability more than DHs because they have a greater need for more stats than DHs.

    I guess it is just logic. You don't carry quivers in your hand. They are not a source or shield. But I do agree that it is one extra upgrades that most people don't have. On the other hand, as a demon hunter you can not use a shield for protection.

    Sure you can. Just don't get to equip a Quiver.
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    posted a message on Price check on 31% stormshield please

    Mostly looking for a price check, but i'm not against receiving offers.

    Thanks in advance!
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    posted a message on No one talking about infinite bersker + whirlwind?
    As an FYI, WW itself does not have any coefficient for life on hit. It does work with lifesteal though. The whirlwinds from Dust Devils do proc life on hit i believe.
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    posted a message on 2x Treassure Goblin at same place. (2x lootmus)
    Quote from Gnarf

    spoting a goblin makes my head hurt, he can easily run me trough mobs that will eventually just instagib me when they reach me and today when i managed to stuck him in a corner i got him only to 70% hp before he ported 'cause i play a barb with only 13k dps >.<

    Change your skills if you can't kill a cornered goblin with 13k damage. Frenzy/WOTB has been plenty with 10k damage on my barb in MF gear for act2 inferno goblins.
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    posted a message on So Discouraging
    Quote from Pad264

    Quote from Mathrion

    the way items drop will change, but the way i see, many people are taking the easier way and blame it on the game.
    in my opinion it's atleast half player fault and half blizzard for let people be able to do so...
    but here is my point of view:

    you just got in Act I, you try to kill some stuff and you start to die.
    what you would do in D2: keep going, you die but you get better and in a few hours you get upgrades.
    what you do in D3 : run the AH.

    I disagree. If I could have farmed hell for upgrades, I would have. But again, in my trip through Normal, Nightmare and Hell, I found a total of zero set pieces and legendaries and virtually nothing would get me through Butcher in Inferno. I needed gear from Act 2 Inferno and later to progress in Act 1 Inferno (as a Barb). The dynamic made no sense.

    Still though, that's not even the biggest issue. Because even if Inferno was nerfed drastically, the problem of not finding good drops wouldn't be solved. The difference is that instead of farming Act 2 right now, I'd be farming Act 4, equally frustrated.

    In a related note, I think the way Blizzard should have set it up is to make it so 99.5% of all the loot in the game could drop in Hell. Then, with Inferno, equalize the difficulty of all the acts, keep it hard, and just increase the drop chances of high-end gear and sprinkle in a few "Inferno Only" pieces. That way, people could have farmed Hell for upgrades and met the challenge of Inferno when they were ready (and had all 4 acts to choose from without any jump in difficulty). This way, people were froced to buy upgrades in the AH just to progress so they could get upgrades, haha. Makes no sense. Why would anyone farm Hell endlessly if the gear dropping in Hell won't allow them to progress into the current Inferno?

    They tried the flat difficulty model and found it didn't work out how they wanted it to be. Without actually being able to try it ourselves, it is hard to say which model is better/worse. Personally, I prefer the difficulty to increase.

    As for the farming hell and getting upgrades, it IS possible. I cleared act2 inferno on my barb and did a run of act3/4 in Hell to see what kind of drops would come out of it. I actually found an upgrade from act4 Hell, then I found another upgrade in a subsequent run of Act1 inferno. Is it common? Of course not. But lets not act like it is impossible.
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    posted a message on Tyrael Nerf?
    As someone who has abused Tyrael a fair bit, I really really hope this is true and am very happy if so. It is just dumb that the "best" farming is having a NPC do it all for us.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 and Terrible Itemization
    I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but why use Windforce as the example d2 item when you're talking about how useful some lower level items were?
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    posted a message on Experience and Time to Reach Level 60
    I'm pretty sure the change to gold only is referring to when they removed the material during beta and will only apply to normal difficulty.
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    posted a message on Familiar Runed Pet Graphics, Jay Wilson Interview with AtomicPC, The Art of Diablo III, Blue Posts
    On the topic of Bashiok's comments about the "best" loot being found in Hell. We don't actually know what loot he was referring to. If the highest tiers are only found in act3/4 of inferno, and these are bar none the best items in the game then yah, its contradictory. But i think it is fairly likely that there are quite a few "best" items that can be found in the tiers just below that which would make his statement true, but confusing and misleading.

    Edit: Read through the large post above and will offer this. My understanding of what Jay said is that before they had all the seemingly pointless sub-categories, they were receiving feedback from testers that it wasn't clear enough. While I agree with you that the majority of us that are familiar with diablo at all, and even the larger group of just gamers that hasn't ever touched a diablo game before will probably figure it out eventually, I can only assume that the changes were made with respect to results Blizzard got during testing. I know its a flimsy excuse and is borderline "fanboy", I just can't really believe that these things which are pretty obvious to us outsiders weren't considered by the people making the game for 6.5 years.
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    posted a message on So i heard that Inferno was gona be hard...
    Quote from Telsak

    Quote from Newpower

    I really hope last 2 acts of inferno to be almost unbeatable that would be a real challenge to grab me.

    Sorry to do this to you but it's been stated several times that Inferno difficulty is the same across all acts. Where in nm/hell the acts get harder as you progress this will not be the case in inferno. Act1 will be just as tough as the final level. All monsters are the same level as well. Still, will be crazy amounts of fun/challenge!

    Wrong fella. Weeks ago Bashiok updated the situation of Inferno. It does indeed scale upwards like the other difficulties. Starts at ~61 and ends 64-65.
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    posted a message on So i heard that Inferno was gona be hard...
    I'm pretty damn certain they have full time testers. Never seen a game get developed without them. Blizzard does use their whole company to assist in gameplay testing though. Unfortunately, the reason for nobody clearing Inferno yet isn't given and we're left to guess if it is due to difficulty or a myriad of other possible factors.
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    posted a message on May 15 Strategy
    Quote from Adon

    Well playing with 3 friends together at launch will make this much easier. I am sure 4 of us together can live off of drops alone for majority of normal as we can share drops with eachother. I would spend my gold on increasing blacksmith for sure. Wouldn't worry about stash upgrade till prob at least nightmare.

    Agreed. I'll be doing 3-4 player co-op for the first couple days and I expect our group will live off drops. If the normal pacing of gameplay isn't enough to keep artisan's at an equivalent level of character progression we might pool gold onto 1 person for purposes of crafting bleeding edge items.
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    posted a message on Am I the only one peeved about Magic Find socialism?
    Quote from Wurder

    I for one am with the OP on this one. If you can only have so much MF without being a hinder to a group, than does't that affectively lower the MF cap for all? Also, people are assuming the fact that people with a large MF values, do lower DPS than everyone else by default. That's a clear bias, and is an oversight on the issue.

    Please explain how someone who is focusing on MF will be doing more or equal DPS with people who are not. Assuming equal quality gear, this just doesn't make sense. And as an above poster mentioned, if you are doing more dps and have more mf then you are carrying the game and you should probably leave anyway.
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