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    DPS is definitely your downfall. I had similar stats going into Act 1, but I had about 34k health and 19k dps. By the time I was out of Act 1 I was over 25k dps and had dropped to around 27k health. You should definitely look into purchasing a blue 900-1000 dps weapon as soon as possible. I don't know what dps is on your current weapon, but I'm imagining it's pretty low. Worst case scenario you can farm Act 3 Hell for gold for a night or two.
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    Quote from BonesandHate

    I never said I die a lot. I don't die in act 1 or hell, however I farmed act one yesterday with 5 stacks of valor for 6 hours. I got 3 ilvl 63s all were blue and were no better than a rare ilvl 57. What I'm saying is that I get zero upgrades through farming, I cannot make money to get an upgrade on AH unless I want to drop down in difficulty giving no chance at upgrades. There shouldn't be ilvl 55 and below dropping in act II inferno.

    I farmed Act 1 for 2 hours, 2 nights in a row and made 2.5 million gold between actual gold drops, vendoring sucky crap drops, and putting decent items up on the AH. By decent I don't mean item level 63 1.8 billion dps weapons. I mean item level 61-62 with decent stats that sold for 300-750k. With that 2.5 million gold I bought two upgrades off the AH and increased my DPS by 5k and got some additional survivability. If you farmed Act 1 for 6 hours and didn't make any money then you are doing something horribly wrong. You should be making at least 200k per hour between gold drops and selling rares on the AH, more if you have a GF or MF gear set that doesn't gimp you too badly.

    If you did make 1 million gold and couldn't find anything to upgrade then you need to RTFM on how to use the AH. Sure you can't afford the stupid 200 million gold crap, but there are plenty of deals to be found by spending 15-20 minutes just looking around and switching which stats you are looking for.
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    No. With Scatter you send out 3 traps for the cost of 1 and all at the same time. It sucks for invulnerable/shielding mobs because they will trigger it with the shield up. But when you find a nice choke point (doorway or narrow bridge) and drop 5x Caltrop with Jagged Spikes and all 3 of your Spike Traps directly in the doorway and then start blasting as they walk through...things die VERY quickly.

    You also have to be careful with Reflect Damage because this will instantly kill you. I only have about 40k DPS w/o SS and my Spike Traps crit for around 100k x3 + all the damage from Caltrops.

    You can still use it against invulnerable, but you can't line it up as well. Basically you have to time it to activate as the gold crosses over it instead of setting it up before you engage. It takes a little more skill and won't kill as quickly as a pre-setup choke point, but it is doable.

    Keep in mind that Spike Traps have an 8 yard AoE. So even if an invulnerable triggers it, if the gold is within 8 yards he's going to take a crap ton of damage.
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    This is awesome. I just set up a new linux hard drive specifically to tinker with a new website. I suppose a D3 website would be a fun place to start. Although they haven't announced when the API will be up or any fine details about it, but I'm hopeful that it will be enough to create something interesting.
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