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    posted a message on Finally got my refund!
    Quote from InfidelMan

    Quote from Zirthimon

    Quote from mavfin

    Please don't take offense, InfidelMan, but I hope this means you'll stop posting telling us how bad the game is? :D :D

    Well said. This dude likes to hear himself talk. I remember seeing him spam the forum during the beta. Please , if you have a shred of decency in you, please stop posting here immediately. You,re a sniveling whiner a your griping is getting old fast. I have to say what most others have been saying here. You have a lot of nerve asking for a refund after sinking 65 hour into a game.

    I wasn't even active on here during the beta and how would you know being registered today? Nerve? Blizzard is the one that had the nerve to release a beta game, you prick. What nerve?

    Do you ask for refunds after watching movies?

    LOL you spoiled child
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    posted a message on Logged in and all my stuff was gone
    sure your in game region didnt change?

    I got freaked out the other day and I thought I lost everything, turns out the region auto changed to EU
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    posted a message on Don't quit your barb just yet
    Quote from Malkishua

    Although I'm pretty scared atm. They said they are looking into Revenge. This could either mean they believe its too strong at the moment or its the key to making our survivability better.

    That was bashiok trolling, he admitted it was a joke.
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    posted a message on SO What do Demon Hunters do now?
    Quote from Zinki

    Quote from chanceoyoy

    Vault + Caltrops

    Clearing Inferno Act 2 with it. It just requires a slightly different playstyle.

    Yes this change sucks for us, but in the long run it's for the best. I saw this nerf coming months ago. :/

    Let me know how those Mortar/Fast/Waller/Invulnerable Minions/etc treat ya with that. ;D Or better yet, Belial. His fight(just him) is easy, but the snakes before hand are almost imposisble to get with this change. Traps don't work well enough, not enough room to kite, they follow you when you smoke screen, Entangling Shot doesn't work well enough, etc. :\ Now I'm stuck and no feasible amount of vitality can help.

    Killing mortars is easy, just keep moving. and if you accidently forget to move you still have a little smoke screen to avoid that hit. Also, admittedly the combo you said above would be extremely hard, however the chances of that combo coming up is extremely rare.

    I'm sick of people saying its impossible when clearly its not, I've gotten mortar mobs plenty of times for the champ pack just in front of belial's room on inferno and still managed to kill them all.

    Quote from Skinnyd

    Quote from Mesija

    Quote from Lucht

    In short:

    learn to play your class.

    -An ex- Force Armor using wizard

    You can not get hit, i am farming start of act 2 elites with 2 sec SS ( i used the dmg fog one ) for 3 days now, the only problematic affix for me is Fast which i cannot kill alone, the other are more then doable.

    1. Learn to kite
    2. find a good place to fight
    3. get some gear

    your kitting Wallers/Teleporters/Jailers etc lmao yea right and your not farming act 2 inferno pics or vids of u soloing champs rares elites etc

    Kiting wallers is easy, just get them to an open space. Smokescreen still works and will let you kite jailers too. As for teleporters, that's mostly luck for a lucky dodge.

    Ever considered your just bad?

    Quote from StudMuffin2113

    Welll.. as many of u probably noticed they took away our one defensive cooldown... Oh sure we can lay a trap. oh sure... we can roll away 2-3 times.. 1/2 the mobs this wont stop and even if it did . we stop running.. they one shot us.

    NOw that i have been farming the last few days for high dex gear and staying around 25-30k HP... does this mean i need to go out and spend 1,000,000 ( yes litterally not figuratively) on every new piece of gear to try to stack vitality as high as possible? and then well just sit in the back and do as much damage as a tanking barbarian oh but at least now we can get 2 shot... instead of 1 shot.. right?

    Anyone ... Anyone.... have any ideas of what we can do..

    BTW go ahead and hate.. IDC what u guys say for us to go invis for 20 sec is absolutly nothing compared to being able to go completely invunerable or even take 40+ hits and going 1/2 hp. there are even some fights that it doesnt even work for and we are completely 100% vunerable to 1 shot because they go invis to... or fly into the sky if we go invis. If your not a demon hunter going threw inferno solo.. GTFO and dont comment you may think you know what its like but u odviously dont.

    I've pretty much completed Act 2 except for Belial before you ask.

    You have tones of slowing abilities, such as 60% caltrops which will get you through almost any normal mob. As for rares, vault does work, people just dont like the way it works and wont use it.

    If you think staying invis for 18 seconds (SS + prep + 10% disc passive + disc on a quiver) is fair, I think you should consider your a little wrong. People were able to kill the butcher in 20 seconds (inferno) because they could chain it. Imagine how balanced PvP will be if you could stay invisible for 18 seconds too.
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    posted a message on Vitality vs Dexterity
    if im going solo I prefer a xbow because its not like ill be standing still and losing attacks per second anyway. (inferno)
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    posted a message on Solo Inferno butcher sub 20 seconds.
    I just tried this - while my DPS is no where near what his must be so it took me about 4 mins, nether tentacles seems to be a must have for this fight along with prep and SS (extended) so you can hide for long periods of time (he stays still).
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    posted a message on What the future patch should contain
    Quote from lorens91

    Let's think...

    For starters, many a UI improvement -
    • ability to lock skill bars so you won't just accidentally drag skills away from them mid-fight (this one is even in WoW, like seriously -.-),
    • second chat panel that doesn't get spammed with quest text and other gibberish,
    • ability to get rid of the 'NEW!' flashes in skill window,
    • ability to compare linked/AH items the same way you can compare the ones within your own inventory,
    • ability to compare rings/weapons with both equipped rings/MH and OH weapons.
    • AH bugs like error 33122 and the like (wherein you try buying an item, but you get an error message while your gold is still taken anyway)
    • ability to bind move button as a toggle
    • ability to rebind game menu button so we could cancel dialogs/cut-scenes with some more convenient button
    • AI could use a fix so followers/minions don't happily run into all kinds of high-damage foe missiles but that'll probably take years to fix lol

    -you can lock your bars again bu turning elective mode off (doesn't change your skills)
    -you can turn off quest chat in your chat by going to the options menu and looking around
    I agree with everything else
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    posted a message on Soul ripper's are DH's worst enemy?
    mortar, poison, arcane, minion, jailer soul rippers on inferno would = win
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    posted a message on Where in inferno are you guys farming?
    What class are you?
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    posted a message on High MS
    Yeah, I had the same problem this time yesterday too
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    posted a message on Game breaking templar bug
    Is that still breaking games? I am unsure on whether I can give him a better shield yet
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    posted a message on Opinions Before/After Launch (Long)
    Extremely addictive - Im having trouble trying to get uni work done |:
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    posted a message on Nightmare is hard
    Quote from Rafalouz

    I sure hope it gets harder
    I'm lvl 18 with my wiz, and although i'm having a lot of fun, there's no real difficulty in normal
    2 or 3 arcane orbs and everybody is dead

    Near the end of act 3 it starts to ramp up
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    posted a message on I've defeated the Error 37 boss!
    Quote from Mac_an_tSaoir

    Blizzard, never put a log in que, always 1 step behind, creating more work for themselves.

    for it to only be used once? After 3 days I doubt we would have problems again because everyone would be getting on with their lives.
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