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    The gear does suck. I love the diablo loot grind don't get me wrong, but with 5 stacks of nephalem valor when i was farming the end of hell of gear i would get stuff that i would get maybe one useful piece of equipment out of 50. They said multiple times about how diablo is about the loot explosions and how they want us farming elite packs and not bosses, but from my experience the elite packs are anticlimactic, they only drop one magic item maybe two in some cases. When i kill a boss at 5 stacks of nephalem valor they drops anywhere from 4-5 blues and 2 rares. Now, elite packs can get crazy hard with affixes, but if you run into a challenging pack and you know you're only going to get a crappy magic item for killing them then there isn't really any incentive and kind of sucks a lot of the fun out of killing those challenging packs.

    I also wish that they would fix affix values of magic, rare, and legendary items. Lets say magic items can roll from a stat from values of 1-100, Rares can roll from 50-150 and legendaries can roll from 100-200. I got a legendary the other day that i couldn't use because it was a 1-hand crossbow, but the stats that it rolled were worse that a magic 1-hand crossbow that i had in my bags. If legendaries are going to be so rare and exciting to get, why should they not be some of the most powerful items in the game? I understand having a large affix pool on magic and rare items because they are fairly common and farmable. But for legendaries i just don't see the point, you can't really farm for a 'perfect' legendary because the chances of getting one so small to begin with. Atleast with the way nephalem valor works you are guaranteed a handful of magic and a few rares from bosses with 5 stacks.
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    So my wizard is now 60 and just got into inferno a little while ago. Some of the champion/ elite packs that you run into in Hell and of course Inferno are damn near impossible to kill!

    So far my least favorite was this jailor/ mortar/ invulnerable minion Hulking Phasebeast elite i ran into on my way to Azmodan in hell. After a few deaths where i could literally do nothing except watch my wiz get jailed and mortared into oblivion i just logged out and made a new game.

    That was the only time i had ever run into an elite that i couldn't kill, and could barely do damage to because i would die so fast :P

    What kind of hellish experiences are you guys running into with monster affixes and would you say that some combinations for solo play are unkillable?
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    today is a glorious day :)
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    That's cute. What's his name?

    Jk i couldn't resist have fun :)
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    This was me when i was just a wee bun, i always liked the chew on things.

    This was me a little bit older and my best friend Tim. We used to have a great time frolicking through the forest gathering mushrooms and various foliage.

    Tragic story about Tim. One day, we were foraging for delicious greenery and decided to split up when we got in this clearing. I hopped to a nearby oak tree that is known for the variety of mushrooms that grow below it. Next thing i know, a gunshot shattered the peaceful afternoon and my good buddy Tim was strapped to some humans 4-wheeler on his way out of there. I'll never forget that day.
    Soon after i went into this spiraling depression. I was just a small bunny all alone in a big cold world. Tim and I looked out for each other, he kicked a fox in the face for me once! After a few months of being a depressed little bunny, i decided that i have to avenge my fallen comrade.
    I kept a close eye on the local hunters as groups of them would periodically drive in and sit up in weird boxes in the trees, no doubt trying to finish off the rest of Tim's relatives. One day i had my chance. There was a small group of humans, the smallest one looked like the easiest target, so i sat and waited for them to split up. After a few hours, the small one split off from the rest of the group to go relieve themselves on one of my precious trees.

    This was a picture taken from my first successful human hunt. This was a major turning point in my life, i felt that i had finally gained justice for the murder of my deer friend Tim.
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    Quote from Hegemon

    Can we get an ETA on the upload?

    SOON :d3d:
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    Quote from Red_Panda

    I vote people up if I agree or like what they say...-shrug-

    I vote for people with cuddly animals as set as their profile picture.
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    So like many people out there i was not one of the lucky few to receive a beta key for diablo 3 so this weekend i have been playing it like crazy and loving it.

    I have played every class through the entire beta and after that experience there are a couple things that stood out to me.

    Monk- i was very excited about the monk and was really expecting to be in love with this class from all the footage that I've seen. It is very fun to play when you're killing the elite packs and small trash mobs, but on my first run of the skeleton king with the monk i felt like it took forever to work him down. I fought the king at level 8 on every class, and had the hardest time staying alive on the monk.

    Barbarian- maybe melee classes aren't my cup of tea anymore. I was ALL about the melee builds in D2 and had a frenzy barb that i loved to play. I got bored with this class pretty quick. It's a great class if you like smashing everything in to oblivion, it felt too easy for me. of course it is act 1 normal but the barb just makes everything his bitch after the first few levels. Im sure this is a class ill be leveling up as i am sure it will be more fun to play at later levels and difficulties.

    Witch Doctor- I was not expecting to like this class. I hated watching the WD play throughs, i thought it looked stupid. Turns out it is pretty cool. I had the easiest time killing the skeleton king on this character. There was so much CC available to me by level 8 that the skeletons he summons did close to nothing the entire encounter. Between runed grasp of the dead and horrify i don't think i got hit by any of them.

    Demon hunter- Originally this was going to be my main character to level up on release day. After playing it, its fun but it comes in 3rd on my list behind the wizard and witch doctor. Definitely good CC which i really like. Resource management was very easy, never found myself starved for discipline or hatred unless i did it on purpose.

    Wizard- I love this class, in fact i played it through the entire beta 4 times already. from the 1st quest to the last, it's just fun to play. Out of all of the classes i thought that the wizard had the most survivability out of them all, at least at the level range we have access to. I was worried about this class after seeing the damage reduction in this latest build compared to say.. beta patch 13. But i thought the damage was pretty good for the gear i had.

    After all that, I'm set on the wizard being my primary character. And all of this is just from my experience, i may very well be the worst monk player out there :P but I'm glad i got to try them all out and get a feel for the game before release.
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    As a fellow artist, i agree with you. i'm also a senior and after the past few years getting a good knowledge base on what is art and what it not art there is only one answer.

    Art is anything that it man made that is intentionally created with the purpose of evoking an emotion.

    The graffiti, street art, animated movies, video games, dare i say dubstep, are forms of art that are unique and definitive of modern culture.

    That being said, the art world does not view my art form as art at all. I am a potter and have been making pots since my freshman year when i took my first ceramics course ever and have since then become addicted. I focus in functional pottery and have become completely enthralled by the connection that people develop with the objects that i create from essentially a lump of dirt.

    There have been many people over the last few years who have purchased some of my pots, be it a mug, bowl, etc. Last year i was attending a sale and a lady came into my booth who i had seen before at a previous sale and remembered that she had purchased one of my mugs and a few little dessert plates. She looked around for a while and was picking up just about every mug that i had out and sometimes she would pick one of them up more than once and keep going on and on and on.

    I asked if i could help her with anything and she said, you know i bought a mug from you a few months back and have been having my morning coffee out of it every day, and last week i broke it, and it just hasn't been the same since.

    That moment was a major realization for me that strongly influenced my decision to stick with pottery as my primary art form. It is awesome that the smallest little thing, like a mug, can do something for someone such as make their morning coffee a bit better, and cause them to be engaged into my art and form a relationship with my art that is unheard of with other mediums.

    TL;DR i agree with you

    I don't know how you feel about it. But abstract expressionism makes me lolwtf RAGE. I hate it. Jackson Pollock paintings just make me sick. I know i don't understand them, but i really don't want to have to work as a viewer to get something out of a bunch of splatters on a canvas.

    And "piss christ" yeah... thats art.. wtf world.
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