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    posted a message on Xbox 360 WTT
    GT- LMAOtwirl

    Hey there i have some legs that i would like to trade for some monk stuff or gems/ tomes of JC

    Here is a list of what i have currently:

    -Pledge of Caldeum 60
    2-hand polearm
    1670.2 dmg
    858-1022 fire dmg
    +455 Dex
    10% atk speed
    1.4% chance to fear
    1.04 APS
    1 socket

    -Crystal Fist 60
    1-hand fist
    1407.2 DMG
    741-899 holy dmg
    130 str
    285 vit
    1081 life after kill
    ignore durability loss
    1.40 aps

    -Empyrean Messenger
    1hand spear
    1322.8 DMG
    739-912 holy dmg
    131 str
    127 int
    133 vit
    84 resist all
    26% dmg to elites
    1.2 aps

    -Odyn Son 60
    1hand mace
    1337.1 dmg
    689-841 lightning dmg
    247 dex
    288 vit
    6% atk speed
    50% crit dmg
    29% chance to chain lightning
    1 socket
    ^ actually got that from hell diablo

    Messerschmidt's reaver 60
    1744.9 Dmg
    821-1022 fire dmg
    7% dmg
    201 str
    560 dex
    195 int
    597 vit
    70% crit dmg
    1 socket

    Immortal King's Triumph 60
    310 str
    12% life
    5% crit
    -4% dmg from melee

    Zunimassa's Vision 60
    41 fire res
    12% life
    +111 max mana
    1 socket

    Hllcat waitguard 60
    268 dex
    838 life after kill
    287 LoH
    7yd PuR
    +4% dmg to elites

    Band of untold secrets 60
    334 dex
    284 Vit
    7% atk speed
    12% movement speed
    ignores durability loss
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    posted a message on Inferno Act 2
    wow you guys are progressing quicker than i am. I just killed maghda and i'm sitting at 34k hp, 33k damage, and 260-300 resists. I've been stopping periodically to farm areas such as the areas leading up to alcarnus and finishing with Maghda.

    It has been kind of slow anyway because I'm still running blizzard/hydra and it just isn't working like it did back in act one. Thanks for posting the builds I'm going to go try them out.
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    posted a message on Inferno Wizard Skills Discussion
    I would love to see some changes that would implement some synergy into the wizard spells.

    Also, as stated above, the wizard armors with the exception of Energy armor are pretty useless. Those aren't the only wizard spells that definitely got no attention from me when i was leveling my wiz, some others would be energy twister, meteor, slow time, explosive blast, spectral blades. I wanted to see what they looked like but even in normal mode i couldn't legitimize swapping out a more powerful skill for one of the ones listed above.

    For Energy Twister, i think the spell would work a lot better if it did not have the 360% weapon damage over 6 seconds effect but instead did a lower percentage of weapon damage at once to enemies in the path. Lets say, 240% weapon damage to anything it hits, much like the piercing orb rune for shock pulse but with more damage due to the AP cost. My problem with this spell in it's current state is that enemies don't stay in contact with it long enough and the damage it ends up doing per enemy is very low, especially with the weird paths this spell chooses to take.

    Meteor is kind of in the same boat in the sense that in the time it takes for the meteor to land sometimes you miss your intended target, then you wasted 60 AP. I think that the landing time for this spell needs to be reduced, and the damage or the AP cost needs to be adjusted so you A) get 60 AP worth of damage -OR- B) be able to cast it for a reasonable amount of AP without being forced to rune for the reduced AP cost.

    I see explosive blast and spectral blades being very very fun if anyone could ever build a viable melee range battlemage.

    The spells that we have currently have a lot of potential to give the variety of builds that they promised pre release, I think that eventually you will be able to run almost any build you want inferno and have it be viable and the game still be a challenge. The big reason i think this is because RIGHT NOW is the hard test for inferno difficulty. I think that Blizzard is seeing how people are using each in class in inferno and what builds they are using and more importantly which skills they are NOT using. I'm maintaining faith that they want a wide variety of viable customization with each class and in time they will balance and adjust accordingly to achieve this.

    Edit: You are spot on with inferno feeling unpolished. All through normal, nm, and hell i was engaged in the experience and learning what mobs do and i was able to actually fight the monsters. In inferno, there is only kite kite kite and as a result I am not engaged in that gaming experience and am getting bored very fast. Now i understand there are people out there who play these games to be the best of the best no matter what, but i play to have fun and when the fun stops i stop playing. After making it to inferno, the fun factor just drops off for me. The reasons for this are the effort/reward for killing champions seems to be pretty skewed, and of course the limited viable skills and tedious kite kite kite play style.
    I am having a lot more fun leveling other classes through normal, nm, and hell than i am playing my level 60 character in inferno. I'm certain that other classes are, especially the ranged classes, are all forced into this style of play in inferno so i can only level up so many characters before having to face the inevitable. However, as you stated this entire difficulty is unpolished and in time surely Blizzard will make Inferno just as fun and engaging as the rest of game.
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    posted a message on Inferno Wizard Skills Discussion
    When i got my wizard to inferno i did not look up any sort of builds online i just went with what worked the best for me. After a night of farming act 1 i decided to look up what everyone else was using as "the best" inferno build for wizards and the build i had been using was off by like 1 passive ability. From what i have seen a large number of people have been using blizzard/hydra for act 1. I really don't like the play style I'm forced into in inferno. I find myself having to shoot and run from monsters that aren't even on the screen in order to survive, especially on most champion packs. I absolutely have to use diamond skin and Energy armor and the further i move into inferno i find myself adding Teleport to the list of "must have" abilities.
    I've also been MF farming and i don't know about everyone else but I've been getting 90-95% of level 51-59 blues and rare items. Where are all the level 60 items XD

    A few days ago i did get a blue archon helm to drop off of one of the elites in the silver spire in act 4 but it only had one affix on it. I haven't looked at the item database on the main website but it kinda sucks that the highest tier of armor available has the chance to roll only one affix.
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    posted a message on Let's sum it all up blizzard (Not a whine post btw;) )
    I'm sorry about your graphics card, i feel your pain. You see, 4 years ago i was about to start college and got a great deal on a macbook pro plus it was a no sales tax weekend. Well it has a Nvidea 9400M graphics card so I've played through the entire game with no more than 15 fps and in some areas (most of act 2 and all of act 4) no more than 9 fps. following blizzards directions i have played with the lowest settings on 800x600 resolution so it looks like shit. I managed to get to inferno and have stopped until the optimization patch arrives. With that said, i really like this game in slow motion i can't wait to play it on normal speed.

    People are too impatient, this game is still very young blizzard will iron out the kinks in time.
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    posted a message on We all wanted open beta... We got it.
    I'm going to be gone for the next 6 weeks, by then everything should be alright :)
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    posted a message on Is it still down for everyone?
    i had bids up a full set of mf gear for inferno farming... i think between server maintinences i lost all but 3 pieces. :(
    Not to mention how unstable the ah was when it was up today. I think i have around 200k floating around that never got sent to my stash because it would time out.
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    posted a message on [SPOILER] What did you think of the story/ending?
    Not exact quote but 'since justice has been met this day i will return as wisdom'. So, there is no aspect of justice now and only wisdom. I'm sure this will be capitalized on in a future expansion when trouble arises and some antagonist needs to be brought to justice so to speak.
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    posted a message on Fast Teleporting Firechains....
    I've found that the range of fire chains is huge compared to the visual.
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    posted a message on "Mirror Skin" the most used Wizard Rune
    wtf is mirror skin
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    posted a message on Teleport + Illusionist -- Never die again?
    the build I'm using to farm act 1 inferno is similar. Im using

    LMB venom hydra
    RMB blizzard (snowbound)
    1 diamond skin (crystal shell)
    2 teleport (fracture)
    3 energy armor (prismatic)
    4 Magic weapon (force weapon)

    passives: glass cannon, galvanizing ward, illusionist

    Ive run into a few champion packs that were a problem in the few nights I've been using this build, but other than that i've been rolling over act one with maybe one or two deaths depending on which affixes i roll on champions. The most trouble i have with this build is invulnerable minions. Since you can't control the hydra and blizzard is an area effect you end up wasting so much damage on minions that it either takes 20 minutes to finally kill the main guy or if the elite also has killer affixes it can be damn near impossible. Also have trouble with fast/teleporter combo or naturally very fast mobs with teleporter.
    Had an elite pack of unburied that had extra health, illusionist, jailor, arcane. It was brutal, the hallways in the cathedral are so small its incredibly hard to maneuver around those large mobs esp with illusionist, I don't have a force move key so i ended up getting caught on the massive hit boxes a few times.

    On the bright side, unless its a borderline impossible champion pack this build decimates it. Ive also been running this with the enchantress because i was tired of seeing my templar on the ground. If you can blizzard snare a group in her erosion ability you can do some serious damage and she doesn't die as often as the temp.
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    posted a message on [SPOILER] What did you think of the story/ending?
    I don't get how Mephisto and Baal magically ended up in the black soulstone. I know they said that Adria "tagged" them and whatever but i think that's just Metzen covering his tracks.
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    posted a message on 150 hours and...
    I like the first part of act two, after you kill Maghda it starts to get borrrring. Now, with acts 3 and 4 i can't really give a substantial review of because with my Mac and it's 9400M nvidea card i hover around 5-15 fps in act 3 and 0-10 fps in act 4, so i've never played through those acts by myself and i had no idea what was going on the first 3 times i played through them. For me though, i hate the Oasis in act 2, mainly because i can't get more than 5 fps in that zone. You guys have fun playing the game ill be waiting for the mac optimization patch should be "Soon" according to the mac team.
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    posted a message on Why Diablo 3 will not last as long as Diablo 2.
    The gear does suck. I love the diablo loot grind don't get me wrong, but with 5 stacks of nephalem valor when i was farming the end of hell of gear i would get stuff that i would get maybe one useful piece of equipment out of 50. They said multiple times about how diablo is about the loot explosions and how they want us farming elite packs and not bosses, but from my experience the elite packs are anticlimactic, they only drop one magic item maybe two in some cases. When i kill a boss at 5 stacks of nephalem valor they drops anywhere from 4-5 blues and 2 rares. Now, elite packs can get crazy hard with affixes, but if you run into a challenging pack and you know you're only going to get a crappy magic item for killing them then there isn't really any incentive and kind of sucks a lot of the fun out of killing those challenging packs.

    I also wish that they would fix affix values of magic, rare, and legendary items. Lets say magic items can roll from a stat from values of 1-100, Rares can roll from 50-150 and legendaries can roll from 100-200. I got a legendary the other day that i couldn't use because it was a 1-hand crossbow, but the stats that it rolled were worse that a magic 1-hand crossbow that i had in my bags. If legendaries are going to be so rare and exciting to get, why should they not be some of the most powerful items in the game? I understand having a large affix pool on magic and rare items because they are fairly common and farmable. But for legendaries i just don't see the point, you can't really farm for a 'perfect' legendary because the chances of getting one so small to begin with. Atleast with the way nephalem valor works you are guaranteed a handful of magic and a few rares from bosses with 5 stacks.
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    posted a message on I demand a Character wipe (reset)
    Quote from Sinistra

    So go post it on the Blizzard site.

    What good do you think this is going to do here, but just start a flame war.

    Exactly, if you have a suggestion put it on the battle.net suggestion forum.
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