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    posted a message on Xbox 360 WTT
    GT- LMAOtwirl

    Hey there i have some legs that i would like to trade for some monk stuff or gems/ tomes of JC

    Here is a list of what i have currently:

    -Pledge of Caldeum 60
    2-hand polearm
    1670.2 dmg
    858-1022 fire dmg
    +455 Dex
    10% atk speed
    1.4% chance to fear
    1.04 APS
    1 socket

    -Crystal Fist 60
    1-hand fist
    1407.2 DMG
    741-899 holy dmg
    130 str
    285 vit
    1081 life after kill
    ignore durability loss
    1.40 aps

    -Empyrean Messenger
    1hand spear
    1322.8 DMG
    739-912 holy dmg
    131 str
    127 int
    133 vit
    84 resist all
    26% dmg to elites
    1.2 aps

    -Odyn Son 60
    1hand mace
    1337.1 dmg
    689-841 lightning dmg
    247 dex
    288 vit
    6% atk speed
    50% crit dmg
    29% chance to chain lightning
    1 socket
    ^ actually got that from hell diablo

    Messerschmidt's reaver 60
    1744.9 Dmg
    821-1022 fire dmg
    7% dmg
    201 str
    560 dex
    195 int
    597 vit
    70% crit dmg
    1 socket

    Immortal King's Triumph 60
    310 str
    12% life
    5% crit
    -4% dmg from melee

    Zunimassa's Vision 60
    41 fire res
    12% life
    +111 max mana
    1 socket

    Hllcat waitguard 60
    268 dex
    838 life after kill
    287 LoH
    7yd PuR
    +4% dmg to elites

    Band of untold secrets 60
    334 dex
    284 Vit
    7% atk speed
    12% movement speed
    ignores durability loss
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    posted a message on We all wanted open beta... We got it.
    I'm going to be gone for the next 6 weeks, by then everything should be alright :)
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    posted a message on Is it still down for everyone?
    i had bids up a full set of mf gear for inferno farming... i think between server maintinences i lost all but 3 pieces. :(
    Not to mention how unstable the ah was when it was up today. I think i have around 200k floating around that never got sent to my stash because it would time out.
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    posted a message on Fast Teleporting Firechains....
    I've found that the range of fire chains is huge compared to the visual.
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    posted a message on "Mirror Skin" the most used Wizard Rune
    wtf is mirror skin
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    posted a message on Teleport + Illusionist -- Never die again?
    the build I'm using to farm act 1 inferno is similar. Im using

    LMB venom hydra
    RMB blizzard (snowbound)
    1 diamond skin (crystal shell)
    2 teleport (fracture)
    3 energy armor (prismatic)
    4 Magic weapon (force weapon)

    passives: glass cannon, galvanizing ward, illusionist

    Ive run into a few champion packs that were a problem in the few nights I've been using this build, but other than that i've been rolling over act one with maybe one or two deaths depending on which affixes i roll on champions. The most trouble i have with this build is invulnerable minions. Since you can't control the hydra and blizzard is an area effect you end up wasting so much damage on minions that it either takes 20 minutes to finally kill the main guy or if the elite also has killer affixes it can be damn near impossible. Also have trouble with fast/teleporter combo or naturally very fast mobs with teleporter.
    Had an elite pack of unburied that had extra health, illusionist, jailor, arcane. It was brutal, the hallways in the cathedral are so small its incredibly hard to maneuver around those large mobs esp with illusionist, I don't have a force move key so i ended up getting caught on the massive hit boxes a few times.

    On the bright side, unless its a borderline impossible champion pack this build decimates it. Ive also been running this with the enchantress because i was tired of seeing my templar on the ground. If you can blizzard snare a group in her erosion ability you can do some serious damage and she doesn't die as often as the temp.
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    posted a message on Why Diablo 3 will not last as long as Diablo 2.
    The gear does suck. I love the diablo loot grind don't get me wrong, but with 5 stacks of nephalem valor when i was farming the end of hell of gear i would get stuff that i would get maybe one useful piece of equipment out of 50. They said multiple times about how diablo is about the loot explosions and how they want us farming elite packs and not bosses, but from my experience the elite packs are anticlimactic, they only drop one magic item maybe two in some cases. When i kill a boss at 5 stacks of nephalem valor they drops anywhere from 4-5 blues and 2 rares. Now, elite packs can get crazy hard with affixes, but if you run into a challenging pack and you know you're only going to get a crappy magic item for killing them then there isn't really any incentive and kind of sucks a lot of the fun out of killing those challenging packs.

    I also wish that they would fix affix values of magic, rare, and legendary items. Lets say magic items can roll from a stat from values of 1-100, Rares can roll from 50-150 and legendaries can roll from 100-200. I got a legendary the other day that i couldn't use because it was a 1-hand crossbow, but the stats that it rolled were worse that a magic 1-hand crossbow that i had in my bags. If legendaries are going to be so rare and exciting to get, why should they not be some of the most powerful items in the game? I understand having a large affix pool on magic and rare items because they are fairly common and farmable. But for legendaries i just don't see the point, you can't really farm for a 'perfect' legendary because the chances of getting one so small to begin with. Atleast with the way nephalem valor works you are guaranteed a handful of magic and a few rares from bosses with 5 stacks.
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    posted a message on I demand a Character wipe (reset)
    Quote from Sinistra

    So go post it on the Blizzard site.

    What good do you think this is going to do here, but just start a flame war.

    Exactly, if you have a suggestion put it on the battle.net suggestion forum.
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    As of now, my only gripe about the game is how if you don't run X build in inferno then you die regardless of your own personal skill level. There has to be a way to make it challenging without having everything one shot you with an auto attack.

    I also don't use the blacksmith for anything anymore, everything is way too expensive and i never get stats that i need. So, instead of spending tens of thousands on blacksmithing poor affixes ill just go buy it off the AH for wayyy cheaper.

    I wish that they made the blacksmith more fun and useful to use. I spent the gold and pages/tomes to level him up to level 9 but now more than ever i find myself not wanting to risk the materials and the large amounts of gold for the items he offers.
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    posted a message on Whats Everyone Got For Weapons?
    i just hit 60 this morning and I have a 503 dps mace with a ~34-98 damage spell book I'm running a glass cannon build atm with spark flint and force weapon and I'm at 14500 dps. For soloing I still run a semi glass cannon dropped spark flint for frost nova and i sit somewhere around 13.4k dps.

    @Razzi -- Its on the character sheet listed as damage
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    posted a message on Worst champion affix for wizard
    So my wizard is now 60 and just got into inferno a little while ago. Some of the champion/ elite packs that you run into in Hell and of course Inferno are damn near impossible to kill!

    So far my least favorite was this jailor/ mortar/ invulnerable minion Hulking Phasebeast elite i ran into on my way to Azmodan in hell. After a few deaths where i could literally do nothing except watch my wiz get jailed and mortared into oblivion i just logged out and made a new game.

    That was the only time i had ever run into an elite that i couldn't kill, and could barely do damage to because i would die so fast :P

    What kind of hellish experiences are you guys running into with monster affixes and would you say that some combinations for solo play are unkillable?
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    posted a message on Tyrael on history channel
    I swear Tyrael is narrating this special on History channel 2 called "the new face of jesus". I was flipping channels and heard the voice and HAD to stop. I'm not sure if it is the Va who did Tyrael but if it's not it sure is close.
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    posted a message on Mac slow FPS
    its not snow leopard, I have lion and it runs just as bad. It's something on blizzards end that they have to fix. They're aware of the problem and have been "investigating" the issue.
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    posted a message on Can you Upgrade Subtle Essence?
    no way to upgrade, you still can get normal mode materials from NM loot so just sell the normal mats on the ah or if you want make normal mode rares and hope for good rolls. Those have been fetching me 30K-40K all day.
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    posted a message on While you guys are farming Hell...
    Archon is good but the 120 sec cool down is a hefty chunk of time you're missing. Im running 1crystal armor 2frost nova 3hydra 4magic weapon primary: electrocute and secondary: disintegrate

    i haven't had any problems with this build and I'm middle ish act 2 of NM
    bosses are easy just drop your hydra and run around to avoid stuff, on bosses that don't move like belial and azmodan replace hydra with meteor and do the same tactic. works like a charm :)

    edit: i think i died 3 times to belial on normal, i went straight int gear and only have 700 hp when i was fighting him so the bombs one shot me if i made a wrong move or if crystal armor was on cd.
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