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    Quote from AudioCG
    Diablo 2 was narrated from one persons perspective, and the actual boss characters had almost 0 dialog, its kinda hard to have "bad dialog" when you dont actually SAY ANYTHING.

    The one, ONE exception is Baal's cutscene, and that was what? 2 Lines?

    - I remember the moment when Diablo said "Not even death can save you from me". The final fight had begun and there was never a need to interrupt the battle with verbose gloating and explanations of battle mechanics.
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    Quote from Fallacy

    Thought this game wasnt going to have exploits, or build specs, or level areas, thought it was going to be original on a an old gaming scheme, well i was wrong, time to uninstall.

    - Will you also stop posting on this forum?
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    verb (used without object)
    1. to introduce something new; make changes in anything established
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    Being able to beat Inferno is 75% about the gear you have or eventually acquire, 20% about your build and 5% about your ability to hit those 1-4 keys better than the next guy.
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    Quote from Leeodin

    I'd like them to be achievable. I know this sounds silly to say. But I really don't like the achievements which ask just way too much of the player. I prefer skill based ones like mentioned above, rather than *get every class to lvl 60 and beat inferno in both SC and HC*. That would do my nut in to be honest.

    - When a game asks players to kill one million skeletons or gain billion gold pieces, don't people feel existential angst spending years of their life to accomplish such an arbitrary made-up goal? Their friends will have careers and marriages, travel the world and have breathtaking experiences. Players spend time in their basements trying to get a game to award them a fucking badge. This sort of indulgence is truly frightening.
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    Quote from Nuvian

    Not everyone cares about the weapon speed or damage range, the DPS display is a fast way for people to determine the effectiveness of a weapon.

    - There is no fast way to anything. You can't give a simple answer to complex question. The answer is going to be false.
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    Quote from ansl

    Yes, it got dumbed down to appeal to a larger audience.

    - Where does this come from? Diablo II's attribute system was utter shit. You either went full vitality or you gimped your character. What is that meaningful choice you made there?

    And OP did you play Diablo 2? What was the leveling like there... let's recap

    Level 1: Put 1 point in Firebolt and choose it as your attack
    Level 2: Put 1 point in Warmth
    Level 3: Save point
    Level 4: Save point
    Level 5: Save point
    Level 6: Put 1 point in Fire Ball and replace Firebolt with it.
    Level 7: Save point

    Yep, tons of customization!
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    Open beta, wootsauce!

    Sorry this is just a stress test, you're not going to play tonight :miniD:

    Post here all the errors you get when attempting to login and play, I'll start!

    "There is a temporary outage of the Battle.net service. Please try again later. (Error 75)"
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    When I first heard that there would be PvP achievements in Diablo III, I became interested. The first thought I had was: "Sweet. I'm going to gear up in the most epic way and beat all the opponents I get". No doubt Diablo III's PvP is going to be fun and exciting, but there's no way it can be said to be competitive.

    There's one primary reason why Diablo isn't competitive:

    The playing field has to be as equal as possible for all players. What we're interested in sports in general is the ability of players and not external conditions. The external conditions are factors that skew results and invalidate them. 100m dash world record 8.82 seconds! Oh by the way at the moment of competition there was +15m/s wind in favor of contestants. Result like that is not going to be marked down in pages of history. In E-sports issues like latency and hardware are so important that contestant have to physically attend LAN events to provide equal playing field for everybody.

    E-sport games are built bottom-up to be played competitively. Counter-Strike development team for instance spent tons of effort to make as error-free code as possible. With jittery animations, choking netcode and warped up targeting the game would never have gone far. In Starcraft the races were carefully balanced to provide interesting strategy variations. The matchmaking could provide players with equal opponents and there was support for statistics and replays.

    So where does Diablo III's prospects for E-sport fail?
    They fail as Diablo III was never built for competitive playing. Core gameplay is slaying monsters and collecting loot in order to have a better character. The very fact that your character becomes permanently stronger as you collect loot from monsters puts Diablo III in difficult position as far as E-sports go. You no longer have equal playing field between players. You no longer measure player skill, you measure the conditions at which the players enter arena. Jay Wilson understands this in his interview. You might change duration of how long disables and debuffs last in order to save PvP from being broken, but there's no going around the design that the damage you do and defenses you have depend on your gear.
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