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    posted a message on Post Patch: Ball Lightning vs Nether Tentacles
    I've had a thought rolling around on this topic I want to get out. There are only 2 times that Ball lightning and Nether Tentacles are equal

    1) If both ticks do not crit, then that shot is equal to a non crit Nether tent
    2) If both ticks crit, then it is equal to a crit NT

    Consider the following third case: what if one of the ticks crit? Suppose that the first tick of BL was the crit, then the comparison between it and NT would show that NT would do more damage (that tick would have been the full 155%*crit dmg). If it was the second tick that crit, then we have had a dps gain (78.5%+78.5%*crit dmg), compared to a noncrit NT (it wouldn't have crit since it only gets one chance to. But, the probability of getting a BL to be equal to NT crit would require 2 rolls, which would lower its probability dramatically. This I believe is what would put BL behind both NT, and multishot in straight damage.
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    posted a message on WTB: inferno pony recipe
    Looking for someone to invite me to a late A4 game so I can buy the recipe. Please post if you can and cost for making the game.

    Battletag: soulswallowr#1255
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    posted a message on Community's HC progression
    Name: Soulstrike
    Class: Demon Hunter
    Level: 31
    Status: Dead
    Progression: Act III Normal
    Cause of Death: Fields of slaughter, jailer heralds of pestulance + Waller demonic tremors = dead.

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    posted a message on Potential SC and HC build
    I havent been able to stop playing the DH in the beta, as they have so many different tools to use. Here is a potential build for both SC and HC


    I dont think discipline will be an issue, as dropping caltrops + marked for death + 2 vaults to escape should use 29 discipline.
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