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    Jay had some pretty weird visions for Diablo that not many people agreed with, so probably the best for him to move on.
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    Quote from Greatness

    Pre launch: "You are going to die, we double the difficulty of inferno"
    Few _weeks_ after launch: Meh, to hard. Kids cant do it. 40% NERF HOOOOOOO
    1.0.4: We have made the game lol easy but then we DOUBLED the nerfs.

    IDIOTS.. you had one chance to fix it and you remove all challange and makes it a kid game. There will be nothing to do.. Kids farming good stuff and trying to become millionairs of RMAH
    All you involved with diablo 3 should be fired INSTANTLY. Idiots, incompetant idiots. Go home, rethink your life and never ever touch a game development again.

    I had hopes that 1.0.4 would rly be the thing that brought d3 back to me. It wont be. Im out.

    Thank God.... you hardcores ruined D3 for me so badly. D2 was amazing, D3 was slamming your head against the wall until it busted open... (your head, not the wall). One of my most anticipating games ever and it was completely ruined due to people with no lives crying. I don't think i've ever been so angry with the hardcore community, especially as they cried even more claiming it was still to easy. Clearly they will never be satisfied as they will cry when something is to hard for them to beat (like what happened with Yogg+0 in WoW where the hardcore community literally gave up and cried to blizzard about it being to hard), and than they will cry whenever they beat it claiming it was to easy.
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